rainbow in your hand


Rainbow in your hand flip book. Fantastic. Poetic.

(via senorita puri)

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  1. Wow!

    Tried to buy it from the Utrecht.jp site but my lack of Japanese failed me. Is it available anywhere else?

  2. What a simple yet brilliant idea!

  3. Here’s a video.


    As for Utrecht, there doesn’t seem to be any delivery or payment methods available outside Japan.

  4. Hi. Thanks for the compliments!

    You can it from places like POLITE CARD(http://www.politecards.com/) and HEEZA(http://www.heeza.fr/catalog.php?lang1=1) in Europe.

  5. I’m trying to reach the creator of the rainbow flipbook.


  6. They are available on our site in the US (shameless plug). As near as I can tell, we are the only place they are available in the US so far.

  7. We deliver these anywhere in the world:


    Price includes shipping thanks!

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  9. Thank you for the information about “rainbow”

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