numbers by the fabulous hoefler & frere-jones


Numbers. Yes, just numbers. Oh, so pretty! My favorite? REVENUE!

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Draplin, America is Fucked


Why America is Fucked, from the upcoming Draplin Project (slightly painful language, but yes, I agree with his main message)

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what would you like to be today?


The “Year Of Creativity Box” is an AdmCom initiative meant to encourage people to reinvent themselves every day and stimulate their creativity. It contains 366 illustrated business cards which show 366 different, imaginativeprofessions (one per day in 2008), all of them addressed to the person who receives the box.

maria forde


Maria Forde’s work made me smile.

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Art school made me do this


Art school made me do this, Rutger de Vries

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Coudal + Field-Tested Books come to NYC


After years of heading out to all those many bookstores and bars to see their writer friends on their whirlwind book tours, Coudal realized that, after publishing the Field-Tested Books Book, they could do that too. So they’ve planned two big readings, one in Chicago, and the other in New York City on the 28th among the palm trees and the summer breeze on the rooftop of The Delancey. More info here. See you there!


Michael Fakesch‘s website had me look. Designed by

The all new Keep Calm Gallery


The Keep Calm Crew redesigned their site and added some beautiful new prints. I especially love the Every Cloud has a silver ligning print by Lucas & Hayley.

font conference

This has made my day. Thank you Carl!

marc horowitz gives free advice

Marc Horowitz signed his name on a US map and then drove that route. Along the way he “improved” 19 towns that fell along his signature’s path. These “improvements” include starting an Anonymous Semi-Nudist Colony in Nampa, Idaho and burying an entire town’s problems in Craig, Colorado. Hilarious.

I think this counts as the “World’s Largest Virtual Signature.” Guinness if you are listening, hear THAT!

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Western Spaghetti by PES

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A Word For That


In case you wondered: “What does one call the use of random non-alphabet characters to indicate cursing ?”

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crescendo C2 maximus


Crescendo C2 maximus is a desk to fall in love with. What a beauty. (enter minimalist design appreciation sigh here)

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FOZI tripod


FOZI tripod is a simple solution to use your camera, iPod and iPhone on the go. Now, which of the 6 colors to chose?

Authentic Jobs + Kiva


It’s been a few months now that I’ve been invited to join the fine Network of Authentic Jobs – a targeted destination for designers, developers and the companies seeking to hire them. I know of friends of mine that were able to fill their freelance positions within a matter of a day once posting on Cameron’s board. If you are looking for a new gig or for the right person to help you with your project, definitely have a peek at the Authentic JobBoard.

I am thrilled about the fact that Authentic Jobs is donating 1% of its total revenue to help entrepreneurs throughout the world. This process is being facilitatet through a site called Kiva, which lets you lend to a specific entrepreneur in the developing world. Fantastic.

How a page gets created

Matt Willey recently recorded his decision-making on a feature design for the Royal Academy magazine. It provides a very useful insight into how page designs get arrived at, one that anyone who’s ever designed a magazine will recognize.

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Feist goes Sesame Street


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swiss trash bags with typography


This swissmiss is still transmitting from the swiss alps and loving it. I couldn’t help but take a picture when putting out the trash bags. Garbage bags here in Speicher have huge giant Helvetica A’s printed on them. In order to throw out the trash here you need to buy region specific garbage bags which have a disposal-tax included. Each region has their own garbage bag design. Would be fantastic to see them all in a collection. Flickr anyone?

Rectangular Tray with Butcher Block


The rectangular tray measures 12″ W x 1′-6″ D x 1 1/2″ H and comes with a bamboo butcher block cutting board. Mae of solid corian and bamboo. Corian is indestructable, heat resistant, scratch resistant and stain resistant! It is easy to clean and soft to the touch. FTF Studio is a pioneer in using Corian for accessories and has become proficient in creating hand finished home products that result in a versatile & forgivable surface for the home, kitchen and bath. So pretty, but oh how painful is the pricetag…

Design Angst


Saw this poster over at A Cup Of Joe.

book labels


This book label design by Valerie Madill made me look. Interesting concept for vast personal or big public libraries. No?

people push pins


Look! People push pins!

The Boys and the Subway



The Boys and the Subway put a big smile on my face. Anyone with little kids and living in NYC can probably relate. Well done Christoph.

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Seen on Cool.