guillermo brotons | graphic designer


Here’s some Friday smiles from last years London College of Communication MA graduate Guillermo Brotons. ‘48 students, 24 nationalities, 28 languages spoken. All the students in my course were asked to finished the sentence My circle is in their mother language to create a collaborative project that is also a language guide of the class. The cover (pictured) of the book is also a poster, with all the students’ mouths on the front and their names and the languages they can speak on the back.’

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…. typography is everywhere.


Bucks New University | WORKSHOP POSTER // MARCH 2008, by Craig Ward.

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Food for Thought Lunchbox


This “Food for Thought” lunch box has been specially designed to hold fruit whilst protecting it from bruising or overheating. Children will be able to enjoy lunchbox fruit at its best which will in turn enocurage them to reach their 5-a-day target. A unique, colour changing thermo-spot on the underside of the box helps achieve this by indicating when food has overheated. This handy lunchbox also comes with 2 plastic pots, designed for holding grapes, nuts or diced fruit. It’s also dishwasher safe, but if you want it to last longer, then you should wash it by hand.

My friend Jennifer uses it for her 4 year old and it’s so cool!

flower girls


Check out all the different Flower Girls by Elsita. Fantastic.

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A field Guide to Weeds


A Field Guide to Weeds masquerades as a 19th century pocket guide, but a guide in which the weeds themselves have taken over.

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History of Graphic Design


Outlining lectures in Graphic Design History by Nancy Stock-Allen for the Moore College of Art & Design and The University of the Arts in Philadelphia

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and the golden medal goes to…


I’ve decided to start handing out golden medals to swissmiss readers. The first one goes to Joe Bauldoff for not only being a loyal reader, but also for leaving the most amusing comments on many of my posts. Congratulations Joe! Make sure to check his fantastic blog.

A Baby’s Day


This A Baby’s Day card is perfect for new parents. Made me smile!

gregory iPhone cozy


Gregory iPhone cozy

iPhone GUI psd file


Michael discovered an iPhone layered psd file. Excellent!

The Incredible Book Eating Boy


Henry loves books–eating them, that is. The more books he eats, the smarter he becomes, prompting him to devour them at an alarming rate. Henry imagines that if he keeps eating at his current pace, he could eventually become the smartest person on earth. Unfortunately, he starts to get sick from eating so many books, and everything he has learned becomes all jumbled up. The Incredible Book Eating Boy

Discovered through fabulous Jennifer and her daughter P.

FF Netto


With FF Netto, Daniel Utz has stripped letters of any historical detail, leaving them with the barest, clearest forms possible. This makes FF Netto ideal for wayfinding, where quick recognition is essential. A series of simple and useful icons and arrows add to its utility for information design, and intelligent borders let you group the pictograms using just a few keystrokes.

A-Z shelving


A to Z Shelving

katherine streeter | illustrator


Just discovered and loving the collage-style illustrations by Katherine Streeter.

Roman Klonek | Illustrator


Beautiful Woodcuts by Roman Klonek.

Five best iPhone tricks

If you’re one of the seven million people (and counting) who have bought an Apple iPhone, you might be finding the transition from a physical keyboard to a virtual one a bit tricky to get to grips with. To make life a bit easier, Telegraph has chosen their top five keyboard shortcuts and iPhone tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your iPhone.

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finding faces


Nersh pointed me to his ‘faces collection’ on flickr. Not a new idea, I know, but some of his finds totally made me smile.

Windrider Bicycle Clips


These bicycle clips are made of reflective PVC and shaped like the wings on the sandals of the mythical Greek god Hermes. Easy to put on and take off, they keep pant legs free from the bicycle chain. Set of two.

Muji Wall-Mounted CD Player


Finally available in the US: Muji Wall-Mounted CD Player

Life is like a bicycle….


In a letter to his son, Einstein wrote, “Life is like a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep on moving.”

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Ian Bagukas


Raul points us to Ian Baguskas. His favorite of these is titled Haenyeo. He writes: Haenyeo translates as ‘sea women’ and is the name used for the female divers of Jeju Island. For about 3 centuries the woman have been diving up to 80 feet to collect octopus, abalone, and sea weed and until recently drove the economy of this island known for it’s many rocks, winds, and women. Korean tourism promotes the haenyeo as mermaids but it’s a a hard scrabble life and partially because of this, their numbers are declining precipitously. Only around 5200 are thought to be left, down from 20,000 in the 60’s and 40,000 in the 30’s. More than half are in their 60’s.

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Taking the Plunge: Learning CSS

If you’ve been thinking of learning CSS but have become lost in the seemingly endless number of CSS tutorials that exist, you may want to read on. Webchicklet has compiled her favorite CSS-related sites that specifically help the CSS newbie grasp the essential concepts.

Taking the Plunge: Learning CSS

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Julia Dault


‘Untitled 1′ by Julia Dault.

A new Hillman Curtis movie: David Byrne & Brian Eno

Hillman Curtis recently shot a short film with David Byrne and Brian Eno on their great new record”Everything That Happens Will Happen Today”. The film is included in the deluxe CD package, designed by Stefan Sagmeister and available at

(thank you Hillman!)