play station


John stopped by and our little Ella pointed at him at one point and said: Swing! Swing! I didn’t get it until I looked closer and yes, indeed, his t-shirt sported a tree with a swing, titled “Play Station“. Made me smile!

Your Photos, Off the Shelf at Last

You’d be forgiven, then, for raising an eyebrow at the offer made by a California company called It says it will professionally scan 1,000 photos for you, the same day it receives them, and put them on a DVD for $50.

Your Photos, Off the Shelf at Last, by David Pogue

small talk with a web designer


Flow chart of a ‘small talk with a web designer’, by The Man In Blue

(thank you petra and kevin)

Learn how pixels are assigned RGB values using a bayer filter system

“This video explains how pixels are assigned RGB values using a bayer filter system. It is one of the many bonus lessons on my new DVD, Photoshop Crash Course which will teach you how to think in Photoshop terms. This particular video was made to help explain how pixels are assigned colors and why this is important when working in Photoshop.”

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Unmentionables Ready Booklet


With this handy booklet in your pocket, shabby waiters, chatty strangers and loud-cell-phone-talkers have finally met their match. Unmentionables Ready Booklet. Made me smile.

cloud light


Oh, I think we have a winner: Nimbus Cloud Light.

dog ears flapping in the wind

My friend Sean posted this video of his dog battling the wind while driving. Made me smile.

Animal Bicycle Seat Cover


Bicycle Seat Covers: Protects and keeps a bicycle seat dry and adds a bit of whimsy to the world of cycling! Design: Tilo Ahmels, Germany

photogram alphabet


Dutch Photogram Alphabet

(thank you Joanna)

mini tag books…


Made me look: Mini Tag Books, by Erin Zamrzla.

Historia de un Letrero (The Story of a Sign)

The beginning is a little slow, it’s worth the wait though. Very touching.

(seen on dotmatrix)

Children Left Alone at Home, Worriedly

Many parents with young children dream of the day they can walk out the door without a baby sitter, turning a stroll with the dog or a trip to the bank into an exhilarating adventure. But unlike so many aspects of child care that are clearly laid out by pediatrician’s decree or government regulation, this is a rite of passage without clear guidelines. New York, like most states, has no law stipulating an age of aloneness, though parents can be charged with reckless endangerment if tragedy befalls children while they are home without supervision.

Children Left Alone at Home, Worriedly, by Lisa W. Foderaro

thelma’s stuffies


Thelma’s stuffies have a lip thing going on. Oh my! Plastic Surgery gone stuffed animals?

bandari peg bear


One-of-a-kind peg bear softy. That’s one stylish fella!

Thought Leadership by Design


Thought Leadership by Design is a concise, timeless volume of contemporary quotes on the powerful, evolving nature of Design and its vital influence on society, business, technology, education, and most importantly: Everyday life.

Thought Leadership by Design, by Nate Burgos

The Daily Figure


The Daily Figure is a series of daily figurative doodles by Kyle T.Webster. Had me look and reminded me of my days in art school… If you like what you see, check out his store.

Finish Line doormat


Congratulations -— you’ve made it through another day! The Finish Line doormat is there to welcome you home.

Startup, Inc – What You Need To Know Before Starting A Company

Often people start a company without any clear idea of what a company is. Entrepreneurs closet themselves in the garage and start writing code. While the modern tech world could not exist without obsession, artistic inspiration and crazy engineers, there’s more to a startup than passion. Alex explores the basics behind corporate entities, stock, financing, and the key non-technical infrastructure every company should have.

Startup, Inc – What You Need To Know Before Starting A Company

You can use paper more than once! Yes!

Amautalab has teamed up with National Geographic to spread the word about taking care of our earth, in a language that appeals to our little ones. Wonderful. Can’t wait to show our little Ella tonight!

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dissasembled appliances


Photographs of disassembled household appliances, by Brittnybadger. Above: Electric Knife and Iron.

(thank you Kelly)

If you are feeling down….


Look Up by Alex Ostrowski

Silhouettes By Frank Chimero


Frank Chimero thought it’d be fun to make a small book comparing his silhouette to a bunch of other famous ones. Once he had chosen some famous silhouettes, he realized, “Oh geez, all these guys are geniuses. I’m just an idiot.” So that’s what the book became about. It puts him in bouts against Dylan, Duchamp and Hitchcock, and contrasts their profiles through diagrams. He thinks he never really stood a chance, did he? Silhouettes.

Does it have heart?


Inspirational design posters from designer/illustrator Frank Chimero.

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Access Pandora From Anywhere in the World


Wired shows us how we can listen to Pandora outside of the US. Charlotte, there is hope! (that’s my sister in Switzerland!)

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