Flip Clock for your iPhone


Flip Clock just made my day. It’s FLIQLO but for your iPhone.

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exploring fractions


As children investigate and compare these puzzle pieces, they get a tactile lesson in fractions and math concepts. Beautifully simple!

The DO lectures


The idea behind DO is a simple: That people who Do things, can inspire the rest of us to go and Do things too. So each year, they invite a set of people down here to come and tell what they Do. They can be small Do’s or big Do’s or just plain amazing extraordinary Do’s. But when you listen to their stories, they just light a fire in your belly to go and Do your thing, your passion, the thing that sits in the back your head each day, just waiting, and waiting for you to follow your heart.

Yay for The DO Lectures! swissmiss here is a firm believer in being a DOer and in so inspiring others!

(how awesome is the animated DO logo?)

Please fix the iPhone


Please Fix the iPhone gives a collective voice to those that want to smash their iPhone into a wall when it is impossible to do simple and intuitive tasks that we have all been doing for years on other phones. The site was the natural result of FullSIX’s fascination with the iPhone and our desire to build innovative sites that provide added value and an immersive experience for users, not to mention an excuse to spend even more time playing with our phones! Now anyone is free to go to the Please Fix the iPhone site and vote on problems that need to be fixed, or even add new wishes to be addressed, and to see all the wishes that Apple has granted. Every vote counts, so rally around the site, vent your frustrations and make your vote heard.


It’s the Economy, Stupid!

What most of the doom-and-gloom reports on our economy don’t provide is perspective—a historical survey of an economy that’s been through more than a few ups and downs in its day. Here’s a farsighted view of how our temperamental economic machine works, and a close-up of how it stands today.


View GOOD Sheet: It’s the Economy, Stupid!

art is everywhere


Art is everywhere” is a project of awareness to stimulate the imagination through art.

Interactive Map About Voting Technology in Use Across the U.S.


Most of the country (56%) will cast ballots into optical scanners, which are more vulnerable to hacking than antiquated voting gear like punch-card readers. Only electronic models are more vulnerable than optical scan, coloring some states red. Voting Machines in the USA.

urban family biking


Taga is a new style of bike, which just scored a Eurobike 2008 Award and the Kind and Jugend Innovation Award.



Co-op is a free web-app that helps small teams answer three questions:

1) what is everyone doing now
2) what are we working on today and
3) what have we accomplished yesterday.

It works like Twitter, but for you can keep your conversation private, and Co-op has time tracking built right into it, with a seamless integration with Harvest.

Or what about just using it just for fun with a small circle of friends?

(thanks saha)

Light Blubs From Pieke Bergmans


Light Blubs From Pieke Bergmans

Switzerland Places Ban on the Humiliation of Plants

Switzerland Places Ban on the Humiliation of Plants, by Meg Hamill

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Judge a book by its cover…


Judge a book by its cover and then see if it matches the amazon rating.

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30% off your October Authentic Jobs Listing


Cameron from Authentic Jobs, a site where employers can post freelance and full-time opportunities, has given me permission to offer swissmiss readers a 30% discount on job listings (offer expires October 31st). Just use promotion code SWISS31 when you place your listing and you’ll get 30% off your full-time or freelance listing. Authentic Jobs offers a full money-back guarentee (even when using the promo code), so there’s no risk to you.

caPITalism by germar wambach


Hey friends on wall street, look, here’s a t-shirt for you: capitalism by Munich based Germar Wambach.

Rock, Paper, Scissors. How we used to Vote!

Americans used to vote with their voices—viva voce—or with their hands or with their feet. Yea or nay. Raise your hand. All in favor of Jones, stand on this side of the town common; if you support Smith, line up over there. In the colonies, as in the mother country, casting a vote rarely required paper and pen. The word “ballot” comes from the Italian ballotta, or little ball, and a ballot often was a ball, or at least something ballish, like a pea or a pebble, or, not uncommonly, a bullet. Colonial Pennsylvanians commonly voted by tossing beans into a hat. Paper voting wasn’t meant to conceal anyone’s vote; it was just easier than counting beans. Our forebears considered casting a “secret ballot” cowardly, underhanded, and despicable; as one South Carolinian put it, voting secretly would “destroy that noble generous openness that is characteristick of an Englishman.”

How we used to vote, by Jill Lepore

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Art is in our head!


This is art: “paintings” by Irina Blok. (Irina is looking for a gallery that would like to host this exhibit.)

nightwood: reincarnated furniture, textile and home


Saturday night I had the pleasure to chat with Myriah Scruggs and Nadia Yaron the lovely ladies behind NightWood, a Brooklyn based home décor business specializing in its own reconstructed furniture and textiles. Their ‘upsycling’ concept is not only appropriate of our times, the pieces are simply stunning. I am all for one-of-a-kind designs!

Election 2008 decision-helper

A vintage picture to get into weekend mode…


Happy weekend everyone!

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The 2008 Presidential Ballot Tee


No, this isn’t a PSA about how you need to vote on Nov. 4 – we figure you’ve already made arrangements for that. In the meantime, get some practice. Buy the 2008 Presidential Ballot Tee, pick up a sharpie, and see how good it feels to make a choice.

(thanks to Alain for modeling)

Danish Bike Helmets that look like Hats


These new Danish helmets look like regular hats. I agree with Joanna: YAY! I want one!

(what’s that YAKKAY logo supposed to be? A rabbit / anteater?)

Surfing the Internet Boosts Aging Brains

New research suggests that the simple act of Googling may be good for your brain health. Surfing the Internet Boosts Aging Brains, by Tara Parker-Pope

Bowling Pin Light


Bowling Pin Light turns off when you knock it over (gently). You might just want to get 12 10.

The Creative Family


“Between work and school, music lessons, and sports practice, there is less and less time to connect as a family. Those few moments together are often spent making meals, doing homework, or watching TV. In this inspiring book, Amanda Soule, a young mother of three, presents simple ways to use arts and crafts and other forms of creativity to deepen family connections. Read more about The Creative Family
over at urbanpreschool.

The Creative FamilyHow to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections, by Amanda Blake Soule