Jack Cheng on time tagging his to-do list


Jack Cheng’s latest article on why he time tags his to-do list.

Beard Bird


Beard Bird by Marc Johns. I love this man’s immagination.

Dear happy internet traveler…


Dear happy internet traveler... A 404 Error page by Orangecoat that made me smile. Check out this collection of 404 Pages over at

Custom Digital Portrait Silhouette


Custom Digital Portrait Silhouette.

Art jumping at MoMA


Finally! Photos from Monday Nights’s art jumping at MoMA. That can’t be all? Did you go and take your own? Share the link in a comment below.

Grid based art by Daniel Lefcourt


Grid based minimalist art from Daniel Lefcourt.

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Ferm Living Tea Towel


This lovely Ferm Living Tea Towel makes dish washing a little more fashionable.

A conversation with Kevin Kelly

While at the Web 2.0 conference Kevin Kelly was musing aloud on ways in which our web culture encourages new attitudes toward social-isms. We are constructing Socialism 2.0, he joked. Joshua Ross of O’Reilly media filmed the conversation. Other topics covered in this rambling encounter: the thin line between the wisdom of the hive mind and stupidity of the mob; the difference defaults make; what technology wants; how technological evolution differs from biological evolution, and living in an always-on society.



Twilert is a Twitter application that lets you receive regular email updates of tweets containing any keyword: your brand, product, service, name, a topic, etc.

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CritBuns are back ! Now with softer Cheeks


Being the CritBuns fan that I am, I was happy to learn that they are now back, softer than ever! t’s a new, baby-butt smooth formula designed for cheek-to-cheek comfort. CritBuns were inspired during an arduous design critique when Joe Gebbia was studying at RISD. Since then, they’ve been adopted by moms with aching backs, dads needing a comfortable office chair, and yoga classes during meditation.

They come in blue, and retail for $24.99 at the MoMA Store, or direct on Critbuns.com.



A flickr Collection of Bento boxes prepared by the posters girlfriend. I hope he proposes to her, she’s a keeper!

BB, this Laputa Robot with Fox Squirrel Bento! is dedicated to you. Hilarious.

(thank you Julia)

Surfing For Seniors

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Joel Barhamand | Stuck in a Strange Loop


I agree with HeadingEast: I like Joel Barhamand’s series Stuck in a Strange Loop, because who among us has not at some point been stuck in a strange loop? (While I love the overall design of Joel’s site, it bugs the hell out of me when sites go fullscreen. A big no-no in my book.)

Eco Dollhouse | Eco-Centric Play Gift Idea


How fantastic is this Eco House? Dolls and kids can add the rewards of saving energy to pretend-play fun when they set up housekeeping in this ecologically friendly home that includes a windmill, rain barrel, solar panels, recycling bins, shower, and motor bike.

affordable gift idea: Hanging Toiletry Bag


This well-organized toiletry bag rolls up into a neat, easy-to-pack shape and unfurls to reveal a removable Velcro mirror, four zip pockets and a loop for hanging. And all that for a mere $20. Yay for an affordable gift that I might just order for myself as well!

Nooka Zon


Michael wrote up a post about the Nooka Zon. Matthew Waldman, the mastermind behind Nooka, was my first boss here in NYC and I remember the morning when he walked into the studio and showed me a sketch of his first Nooka. Wonderful to have seen Nooka evolve into such a big brand.

graphic designers and their favorite books

How did I miss this one? Goodness blog asked a group of outstanding graphic designers to recommend a book that they have found particularly inspiring or meaningful to their development as a creative person. (no graphic design books) Lovely idea.

Little Fury | NYC design studio


This morning I attended the AIGA Breakfast Club and had the pleasure to meet Tina Chan and Esther Mun, the unbelievably talented and much admired forces behind LittleFury. So wonderful to meet the designers behind the pieces you hold in such high regard. Hat tip and bow!

Give me something to read


I agree with basement, I am a big fan of the Instapaper iPhone app. It basically let’s your mark things to be read later. Now there’s Give Me Something To Read, a site (and feed) that bubbles up popular Instapaper articles pegged for reading later. Yay!

all week long barrettes


love these! adorable handmade felt barrettes embroidered in different colors with the days of the week.

Balloon Tank


german panther, 2007, Luftballon/Luft/Kleber (balloon/air/glou),

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Photoshop Type Time Savers

Photoshop Type Time Savers from Viget Labs on Vimeo.

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Moovboot of Australia are the ultimate stylish waterproof winter boot.

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olympus zoom ads


olympus zoom ads. made me laugh.