iPhone Desk Phone

Phone Dock Transforms The iPhone Into A Desk Phone. Brilliant!

(thank you Kevin)

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  1. Woah, crazy. I love it. (Also, I’ll hold out for an older-looking style…)

  2. It reminded me this old joystick :

    beautiful object,
    I’m not sure it’s really practical to use…
    we even cannot prop up it on the shoulder… ^^

  3. so we finally went from cordless phones to the iphone only to integrate that one back into a cordphone? i don’t get it …

  4. skype-able too is it? i quite like this :)

  5. I like.
    I’d like it more if it wasn’t attached to that giant hunk of aluminum. And even more if were able to sit vertically. Because, as the website says, I don’t have enough room on my desk.

  6. A phone in a phone. How very meta. And kind of silly?

  7. This is one of the coolest gadgets I’ve seen in a while!

  8. Seems a bit backwards steps? What next, an adapter to connect the iPhone to a tin can and string? hmm.. or a Morse Code app?

  9. I think this is the phone for my life now.

  10. Let us know if this goes anywhere, will you please?!

  11. keeps the radiation away from your brain. totally useful.

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