Project Thirty Three

ProjectThirtyThree is a blog dedicated to vintage record jackets that convey their message with simple shapes. Fantastic!

(via @SkinnyShips)

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  1. What a beautiful site! Here’s proof that creativity existed long before Photoshop.

  2. These are very nice! : )

  3. Been collecting Command Records stuff for a while. If you get a chance, *listen* to “Bongos, Flutes & Guitars”. It’s amazing.

  4. very cool! just checkin out your page and i saw the persuasive percussion vynil! i bought it in a random shop in Montevideo, Uruguay where i leave, and i said to my self with this cover design and the title must be a great album and defeneltly it is! hihi how small the world is no? cheers!!!


  5. I have that Bongos/Flutes/Guitars album, it is really good too!

  6. ffffff thats amazing !!! plz enjoy them for me good vibes!!

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