What is good Design?

What is good design is one of these questions I am being asked constantly. The sheer complexity of the answer usually makes me break out in a nervous sweat. And so far, nobody nailed the answer better than Dieter Rams in his Ten Principles for Good Design.

What is your reference that you keep coming back to?

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  1. I read somewhere that good design is ‘no more, no less’ or something along those lines. It has stuck with me and I feel it fits just right in the definition. Obviously it’s open to a little interpretation, but that’s part of its beauty.

  2. We tend to tell our clients that you know good design when you see that quality time and sufficient thought were put into something when you look at it. Sometimes it’s not a lot of time or thought, but it it was high-quality and sufficient, that makes up for it.

    Anyway, great video!

  3. Good design?

    Clean, simple, straight-forward – yet refined and polished.

    Less is usually more, but less is a product of starting with all it could be then editing out what is extraneous – you can’t just cheat your way to good design by not putting in time and thought. Having experience certainly helps.

    You know it when you see, touch or feel it!

    It fits. It works. It focuses. It is efficient.

    It does what it should do and doesn’t try to do too much.

  4. I believe all those answers are subjective. To me good design is any design that sells profitably.

  5. I always come back to Milton Glaser’s “Ten Things I Have Learned”, #5 being “Less is not necessarily more. Just enough is more”. The others are great too but more about what makes a good designer which I guess goes hand in hand with what makes good design.

  6. Excellent video. This topic is an ongoing debate and exploration of what design is and what it can be.

    Nick Leon’s words on joining creativity and innovation struck a chord with me. Often times I see work that is a good example of creativity OR innovation, but the best work is certainly a marriage of these two.

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