Help Japan Poster by Zac Neulieb

Wow, this Help Japan Poster by Zac Neulieb is powerful. $22.50 printed on semi-gloss photo paper, 100% donated.

(Via ThisisColossal)

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  1. That is really powerful. Not sure how I feel about keeping it as a piece of art; probably because the event is still fresh. With that in mind, I now wonder how many things (poster/flyers, photographs, art books) I may have that document disaster. Intriguing!

  2. There seems to be a very fine line between condemning Bing for its Twitter appeal and applauding initiatives like this – which I honestly don’t understand. Why don’t we just stop thinking about our business for a moment and simply do what Japan needs the most: donate. Without posters. Without artwork. It’s that simple.


    but it’s for a good cause, so what the heck :)

  4. seen a lot of ‘Help Japan’ posters around…
    This is the best concept and execution by far!

    Cool stuff

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