The Line by Saul Steinberg

The Line, the original a 10-meter-long drawing with 29 panels that unfold, accordion fashion, is Steinberg’s manifesto about the conceptual possibilities of the line and the artist who gives them life. His drawing hand begins and ends the sequence, as the simple horizontal line that hand creates metamorphoses into, among other things, a water line, laundry line, railroad track, sidewalk, arithmetic division line, or table edge; near the end, the curlicues etched by the iceskater’s blade remind us of the role calligraphy plays in Steinberg’s art.

The Line by Saul Steinberg

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  1. I ‘ve recently bought this book with the same “line-concept”:

  2. Saul Steinberg is one of my heros. I had seen some of this in books–it will be nice to have the whole book–thank you for posting it.

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