Dot: 360º video capture for the iPhone 4

I am obviously late to the game with the Dot: 360º video capture for the iPhone 4 Kickstarter campaign, as they already met their goal. How exciting is the product idea? The thought of owning one makes me giddy. Hat tip!

I love that a hug is included in the $99 pledge. Ha!

(thank you Kevin)

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  1. Wow, that’s the very reason why I love iphone 4.

  2. Love this! I don’t even need this functionality but I want it!

    (PS. Love your blog…always read it for daily inspiration. :)

    PPS. Like how I closed the parenthesis with a happy face?

  3. The technology these days……..8( )

  4. Sony Bloggie anyone!?

  5. wow awesome :) loved it

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