Friday Link Pack

I’ve had the pleasure to meet Robert Chapman, CEO of Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc., a $1.5 billion global manufacturer of capital equipment and provider of engineering consulting. He runs his company with the belief that *everyone* counts and that everyone deserves to be heard. Robert is a truly inspiring person, aiming to change how companies are run.

- 3D Glasses Pillow: Geek Chic Home Decor

- Man fights Goose with Lightsaber.

- A Mac app that automatically changes your desktop wallpaper to the satellite view of where you are, right now. Cool. (via @papermuse)

- James Victore is organizing a one day symposium on creativity around “Your work is a gift.” Lovely notion.

- My friend Jennifer Ward does some serious magic with kids interiors. Know anyone that needs a kids room/basement or kids related business designed, send them Minor Details’ way!

- Becoming a better entrepreneur

- Using projected Skype video to make long-distance family portraits

- Brydge turns your iPad into a Laptop

- Live in a MUJI house for 2 years. For free.

- Cookie Earrings. Yup.

- Method, in San Francisco, is looking to hire a Lead IXD

- Yikes.

- Moleskine Reporter Bag.

- What is art? A collection of favorite definitions, from antiquity to today.

- Are you a Brooklyn based artist? You should consider signing up for GO, a community curated open studio project.

- 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity (via nikkirap)

- Cut-out-and keep dolls of cool film and TV characters

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  1. have you seen this amazing vídeo about work + youngs + love? =)

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