Friday Link Pack

Bette Davis talks about kissing scenes

- Veerle teaches us how to create patterns in Illustrator CS6

- What to do when lost in the woods

- Old-School Looking Toothpaste Tube Wringer

- The Perfect Blog Post

- DIY Wall-Mounted Clothes Drying Rack

- I love Zach Klein’s Cabin Porn Blog.

- The Manual, Issue #3 is out!

- Pixar Story Rules. (via Jason)

- Why you should spiral cut your wiener (via Chris)

- Just a two more days left to purchase a Tattly Subscription

- Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Press. YES!

- Instead is a micro-donation app for non-profits that encourages people to live within or below their means in order to give to the charity of their choice.

- is looking to hire a Product/Interaction Designer

- Jonah Lehrer: Cities Are the Knowledge Engines of the 21st Century

- Things Ciara’s Three Year Old Says

- Color Wheels are wrong? How color vision actually works (via valerie casey)

- Birds with Arms

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  1. You have to love Bette Davis!

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