Friday Link Pack

- The best public pools and swimming holes in the world

- Rich Kids of Instagram. They have more money than you and this is what they do.

- I admit, I am impressed by Urban Outfitter’s Home Catalog, photographed by The Selby

- An old-school dustpan after my own heart.

- Cool: Vimeo is hiring a Web Designer.

- I think I’ll adopt this little guy for our studio couch.

- A nice looking Teak desk for kids.

- Baby Countdown Wheel Card

- I am sure you always wanted to decorate your Converse sneakers with lettuce. Right? (Really? Who buys this stuff?)

- A dining table that fits into a mailable envelope.

- Transferware – a product of mid 18th century England

- Rooster Pancake Mold.

- How to get employees thinking like entrepreneurs

- Remember this: It’s easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back

- Turn your iPhone into a Holga with this.

- Your Logo is not Hardcore

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  1. Speaking of decorating your Converse sneakers:

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