Friday Link Pack

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- My studiomate Raul found a poem at his son’s school.

- Contents May Have Shifted, by Erin Kissane

- Tim Cook’s Apology for Apple Maps

- Casetagram allows you to create your personalized iPhone case – created with your own Instagram pics. (via Andrea)

- Remembering Arnaud Mercier.

- My friends and studiomates of Oak are looking to hire a developer who loves design

- Did you ever have to convert a PDF into a Keynote document? Then you will love PDF to Keynote. It just saved me.

- How To Handle a Bully

- This biodegradable urn turns into a tree after you die.

- Switzerland is doing a good job with their commercials. The most recent one is all about how the Swiss will help you forget about time when you visit. Made me chuckle.

- Books as Data, by James Bridle

- Gotye – Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra

- The DUMBO Art Festival is happening this weekend.

- Typekit and Google teaming up for a new free font service.

- Valet is Josh Spear’s latest venture, a collection of hand-picked benefits and guidance for the discerning 21st-century traveler.

- Hey Brooklynites, consider supporting The Invisible Dog Kickstarter. Good people!

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  1. God I love your link packs on Friday, being 24hours or so ahead where I am they’re my Saturday morning treat :)

  2. Agree to that comment – wonderful links!

  3. LOL! The kid president video clip was hilarious. “Now excuse me, I’ve got some dancing to do.”

    Thanks for sharing, I needed that laugh.

  4. Hello!!Thanks for this information and i love it…

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