Friday Link Pack

Kermit takes a course in Visual Thinking.

- A conversation between Debbie Millman and Erik Spiekerman? Yes, please. (via ze Hische)

- An Ampersand Bottle Opener.

- Data Nerd + New Parent? This is for you.

- We had one like these tv’s growing up. Now, my kids can at least ‘admire’ it as a pillow.

- Concrete Surfing? Surfers on motorized surfboards going down NYC streets.

- Manmade rainbows.

- Timehop launches an iOS app that takes you back in time to see your photos and social updates from *this exact day* in history. (via Amrit)

- Harvard University is now on SoundCloud, sharing audio content that explores life, thought, science, business and art. (via Amrit)

- Browse the Behance Network based on Pantone Colors.

- A big thank you to Jordan Galloway over at Brooklyn Based for this feature of yours truly.

- As a professional photo retoucher, Amy Dresser’s attitude is not to make an image perfect; but keep the character and remove what might be distracting. Watch Amy’s interesting talk at Luminance a few weeks ago.

- Amazon in SF is looking to hire a Head of User Experience.

- Geometry Daily now offers prints. This is dangerous. (Tumblr seems to be down at the moment)

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  1. Apparently data nerd + new parent is a popular combo!

  2. Tweeted by @LaraSee, retweeted by @GreatDismal.

  3. so if i’m doing the math right, are you a multi-milliionaire now, swissmiss?? wow.

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