Friday Link Pack

Debbie Millman interviews Massimo Vignelli, directed by Hillman Curtis.

- Flickr released a new iPhone app this week. I love it. It’s all kinds of impressive.

- Oh, and there’s another app that made me happy this week, Google Maps!

- Candy Cane Leggings anyone?

- Oh Snap Tote Bag. (thanks nate)

- Is the Internet awake? An approximate view of day and night in the top 25 countries by number of broadband internet users – relative to eastern standard time. (via Michael Galpert)

- Screaming and painting. Yup.

- Resource: The 10 best podcasts for designers.

- My favorite raincoats from Sweden: Stutterheim. (Yes, they are pricy but man, they last and are super comfortable)

- Cute. Jelly fish bath light.

- A collection of patterns and modules for responsive designs.

- Here’s a workaround for Twitter shutting off IFTTT. (via anthony de rosa)

- Foldify lets you create 3D figures on iPad. Then print and fold them from paper. (via chrisglass)

- These pillows by Ed Miller are perfect for a kids room: Circus, Robots or Traffic Signs.

- Visualizing 50 years of concerts by The Rolling Stones. (via davidbauer)

- NASA’s Pretty Confident the World’s Not Going to End Next Week

- Do you know about the new Tattly Gift Cards that come with complimentary custom message written by illustrator Jen Mussari?

- Craftsy is looking to hire a Mobile Developer.

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  1. Thank you for posting “Screaming and Painting”. As a painter, I find it is very therapeutic.

  2. Such a great collection! I especially loved the podcasts your shared. They were totally awesome!

  3. Thanks for sharing the Jelly fish bath light! I shared it with my sister and it was the perfect last minute Christmas gift idea for her friend. Can’t wait to see it in action.

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