Coat- and Shoe Rack Zeugwart

Wardrobe Zeugwart

Zeugwart is a minimal, freestanding coat/shoerack. Designed by Alexander Schmied.

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  1. Nice design for small spaces

  2. Unless it’s somehow fastened to the wall (and even then…) it’s definitely not child friendly. :)

  3. What an awesome solution for a small entry way or mud room. I love it!

  4. Clever. I think I’ve seen some pallet wood versions of this somewhere, but this definitely looks nicer.

  5. Reminds me on the ‘Step Up’ from the Belgian designer Tore Bleuzé :

  6. Yes indeed.. it is really similar to the Step up of Mookum! The step up is on top of it more reasonable in price.

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