Andrew Neyer

Andrew Neyer

I need to hang this print by Andrew Neyer above my computer so I remember to drink water throughout the day. Oh, healthy habits…


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  1. Also a good reminder that the glass is always half full.

  2. Andrew Neyer’s work is SO GOOD.

  3. This would remind me to schedule no more than 60% for planned activities, allowing a 40% margin for life’s fun and challenging surprises. Most of us live with the glass full to the point of surface tension, so even one little drop, whether a yummy something or a painful one, spills over the edge.

  4. Well, don’t feel too bad about crushing coffee all day. A recent study suggests that may be hydrating. Check it out!

  5. Simple but nice design:) The water in the cup looks kind of pure in the color of blue.

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