Friday Link Pack


- Nicholas Felton’s Reporter app launched today. If you’re into data, personal data, this is for you. I want to download it just for the App icon alone. A beauty.

- True facts that sound false

- Sammy Screamer is a cute little movement sensor that’s controlled by your smartphone. Protect that cookie jar! :)

- Who says archival boxes have to look boring?

- I want one of these with my age. Why stop at 6?

- How Brooklyn Neighborhoods Got Their Names

- How do trees survive winter? This episode of Minute Earth explains.

- ‘Secret’ is a stream of anonymous posts. Wow. (via)

- Long Read: How the Brain Creates Personality: A New Theory (via)

- New York is about success. Maybe that’s why it’s no longer the world’s cultural capital. MOBY on why he left NYC.

- Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad on Storytelling with Sound. If you don’t listen to Radiolab yet, go here.

- This Tattly Hack made me smile.

- Pay It Forward: Why Generosity Is The Key To Success, by Sean Blanda

- These photos took my breath away: Portraits of the world’s remotest tribes

- Here’s your chance to join Team Tattly and become friends with Sheila the Dog. We are hiring a Head of Wholesale.

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  1. I love that gif!

  2. You find the the BEST stuff. I look forward to your link pack every week, and I’m never disappointed. Seriously. You should be Queen of the Internets.

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