Friday Link Pack

- How to Get a Job at Google

- Human Loop De LoopLink

- An iphone app that can help you get pregnant or avoid pregnancy: Kindara.

- This Craft Tape Dispenser by Lakeshore makes my kids so happy.

- 550 (!) Free Audio Books. No catch!

- This egg holder made me laugh.

- Mexican Wrestling Bottler Opener. Made me smile.

- “While You Were Steeping” with Geoff McFetridge

- Good Job, you’re still alive.

- Always going back to this advice by Georg Lois: Be courageous!

- This Plant Watering Cloud is all kinds of adorable.

- Love this simple pitcher.

- Marshmallow Clouds!

- Wow, this is something else: Dad makes butterfly pancakes for his kids.

- A recent study suggests that “coffee … provides similar hydrating qualities to water.

- I started using Contactually this week. It helps me organize and nurture my contacts. How? Contactually reminds you automatically when you’ve fallen out of touch. Brilliant!

- I am an astronaut at heart. I should buy this brooch.

- The Problem of Facebook

- Watch University of Toronto’s Professor Stephen Morris knock over a 1-meter tall domino that weighs over 100 pounds by starting with a 5mm high by 1mm thick domino. Yup!

- I usually don’t post about beauty products, but this Superbly Smoothing Argan Hair Pak by Kiehl’s is rocking my world.

- Sometimes you just gotta let go.

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  1. I really like your Friday link pack, something to look forward while I have my coffee on a Saturday morning – thank you!

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