Friday Link Pack

Peek at the making of Kelli Anderson’s stop-motion film, inspired by Marie Caudry’s original artwork for Plants.

- Talk to Your Team (but Make It Quick)

- “The Next Black” – a documentary about the future of clothing just launched. Watch it on YouTube!

- In this video from the Washington Post, several members of the Washington Ballet demonstrate their most challenging moves.

- Virtue dolls remind you of your better nature: Kindness, Calm and Bravery. Cute.

- A tiny Austrian town is reinventing bus stops. (via Joanna)

- First there are book clubs, now there are documentary movie clubs. Love the idea behind Influence Film Forum.

- Pungas, 3D printed sneaker accessories. My kids would love this.

- Flocabulary teaches academic content through Hip Hop. Brilliant.

- Brooklyn based BAM is hosting a Radio Love Fest June 4-8th. This looks so good.

- Shake combines the simplicity, convenience, and collaborative spirit of a handshake with the protection of a legal agreement. Interesting!

- Just Keep Making. Yup!

- Laser Cat is live. This Hungry Castle guys are something else.

- “Your cover letter, like your CV, should be tantalizing, with personality and enough information to make me want to hear the rest of your story.” The best cover letter.

- Prom couples, a photo experiment. (thanks Bas)

- It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the US! 3 day weekend! Yay!

- Is it better to buy or rent?

- A letterpress printed card + 1 Tattly = Tattly Cards.

- XO Group in Manhattan is looking to hire a UI Designer. You might get to work with my friend Lori. She’s cool.

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  1. Instant Laser Cat fan here

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