Jon Setzen on The Great Discontent

“I’ve had shitty jobs and internships: folding t-shirts at radio stations, working in a stock room at Nordstrom, delivering pizzas, and all of that. It’s important to have those shitty jobs so you understand when you actually find a good job.”
– Jon Setzen

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  1. What a great quote! I often tell my online dating clients that those shitty “practice” dates are important for a similar reason.

    Not only do you realize that your stringent height and weight standards weren’t as important as conversational ease, but you behave like less of a weirdo yourself when you’ve gotten your awkwardness out on dates that didn’t end up mattering as much. :)

  2. Working at a screw factory in Rüttenen, Switzerland, at a Mongolian BBQ, at a sandwich place, picking berries, apples, milking cows. Yes, it gets way better. Plus, I’m kind of proud I can still program CNC technology. Now that I’m a shrink.

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