Radical Candor

Radical Candor

HHIPP: “Radical candor is humble, it’s helpful, it’s immediate, it’s in person — in private if it’s criticism and in public if it’s praise — and it doesn’t personalize.”

Fantastic read: Radical Candor — The Surprising Secret to Being a Good Boss

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Teaching Kids About Online Safety

This is a rather chilling educational piece by Think U Know on teaching kids about online safety.

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Sesame Street Tattly

Mr. Snuffleupagusthe-sesame-street-character-set-web2_grande

Last Friday team Tattly launched a collaboration with Sesame Street! (Yes, my head is nearly exploding!)

I am personally in love with Mr. Snuffleupagus but will wear a Cookie Monster any day! See all Sesame Street Tattly here. So much excitement for this collaboration! Please allow me a YAY!

psst..: Take 35% until the end of day today with Discount code THANKS35

♥ / Get your work recognized globally!

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The Type Directors Club TDC62 Communication and Typeface Design Competitions Call for Entries is open.

Enter your typographic focused design work into the world’s most prestigious typography competitions. The winning entries will be published in the annual Typography 37 and exhibited in eight traveling shows that tour worldwide including Seoul, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Taipei, London, Spain, France, Germany, Japan, Poland, and Russia. As well as at the 2016 ATypI and TypeCon conferences.

The competition is open to professionals and students for works produced or published during 2015. Entries can be submitted in more than 20 categories! Enter by December 11th, 2015 and avoid late fees.

Enter now!

A Tribute to 20 Years of Masterful Storytelling from Pixar Animation

With this supercut, van Dijkhuizen uses a segment from Toy Story director Andrew Stanton‘s TED Talk to play over clips from Pixar’s movies, reminding us of all the great things they’ve done for storytelling and animation.

Edible, but Ugly

To combat food waste, Imperfect Produce, a San Francisco Bay Area start-up, sells fresh fruits and vegetables that never make it to grocery store shelves.

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Bacon Ornament

Bacon Ornament

This is the Christmas Tree decoration of my dreams: Bacon Ornaments!

♥ / Postable

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Postable snail mails your holiday cards for you. You can write them on the website and they take care of the rest. The card collection is truly stellar with designers like Rifle Paper Co. and it’s all 100% recycled.

Here’s how it works
– Pick a card
– Upload a picture or write a message
– They print, stamp, address and mail everything

It’s especially great for company holiday cards (and they even have a neat little tool for collecting people’s mailing addresses).

Go to postable.com and receive 20% off your cards with code SWISS20 until 12/31

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Fountain Pen

Fountain Pen

This fountain pen is a beauty. Yes, please!

Claustrum Tape Dispenser

Claustrum Tape Dispenser

What a curious looking tape dispenser this is. I love it when objects are intriguingly weird in their form.

The Thanksgiving Reader

“I think that we can’t go around measuring our goodness by what we don’t do—by what we deny ourselves, what we resist, and who we exclude. I think we’ve got to measure goodness by what we embrace, what we create, and who we include.”
– Robert Nelson Jacobs

This is a page out of The Thanksgiving Reader, a new side project by Seth Godin and a few of his colleagues. It’s a bonafide Thanksgiving Family Tradition Experiment. And I like it. Check it out here.

The Thanksgiving Reader



Interesting: Prototypo is a parameter-based font generator.

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Valid Criticism

“Valid criticism does you a favor.”
Carl Sagan

Geometric Twin Houses

Geometric Twin housesGeometric Twin HousesGeometric Twin Houses

These stunning Geometric Modern Twin Houses in Upstate NY by Architecture studio WOJR made me gasp!

Friday Link Pack

According to Wikipedia, the phenomenon known as the Overview Effect is described as the moment an astronaut views Earth from space and has a cognitive shift in awareness largely due to viewing earth as whole. This cognitive shift is often followed by an increase in human awareness and natural habitat and conservation of the earth’s resources.

– LOVE this: Long Distance Couple Stays Connected through Split Portraits of Parallel Experiences

– I am ok with this minimalist Jewelry Box

– I agree with Chris Glass, these patches are super fun.

– Dance your PhD

AnyIntern: 35,000+ curated tech internships and work experience

– My heart is bursting: My friend Maggie Doyne made CNN hero of 2015. So fully fully deserved!

– Love TED Talks? Here are five sites with talks that are just as good.

– I am a fan of all things Floyd. This minimal bed frame is really really love.

– ‘Son of Concorde’ can go from London to New York in THREE HOURS will fly in 2021 at speeds of over 1,200mph.

– Ha! I Finally Visited The Louvre And This Is What I Saw

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3322540/London-New-York-THREE-HOURS-Son-Concorde-fly-2021-speeds-1-200mph-reveals-Airbus.html#ixzz3rzNiWP9U
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Lady Gaga on saying NO! (via)

China from above.

Cats getting spooked by cucumbers. Hilarious.

A graphic history of Typewriter.

– Woah! Time capsule for the year 2957 discovered at MIT

– Video: 14 Delicious Ways To Cook Potatoes (via)

– 30 Years Ago, Mr. Snuffleupagus Shocked ‘Sesame Street’

– I love coming back to this Should I Check My Email flow chart.

An Italian company went email-free for a week and rediscovered the value of talking. Go figure. (via)

– This made me laugh: Man records entire Vegas vacation with his GoPro pointed the wrong way.

Holiday gift guide for designers. The Emoji Masks made me laugh.

– Yum! Caramelized Onion and Tomato Focaccia!

Portable Standing Desk.

– It’s been a sad week for rdio and Aether Cone lovers like me.

– Tattly is looking to hire a Design Director. Come work with me!


“Nothing ever is. Everything is becoming”.


self help (via)

The Startup Playbook

The Startup Playbook

Team Y Combinator generously shares insightful startup advice in their Startup Playbook. I want to hug them all for this. I feel like I just hit gold!

(via Jocelyn Glei’s fab Newsletter)

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Maker’s Row is modernizing “Made in USA” for the 21st century by developing and uniting a community of over 9,000 American manufacturers and over 85,000 brands looking to produce products here in the United States.

Our Academy courses take the guesswork out of the manufacturing process to share practical takeaways at any experience level.

Go to makersrow.com and receive 25% off any plan with code SWISS11 until 11/19.

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Hummingbird Bike

Humminbird bike

The Hummingbird is the lightest folding bike on the market. It weights a mere 6.5kg (~14 lb). Totally wishlisted!

Iceland Baggy Leggins

iceland baggy leggings

I am a grown woman and I want a pair of Iceland Baggy Leggins in my size.

Beyond Work

Beyond Work

Curtis James’ beautiful Beyond Work project is driven by a simple purpose, to unearth the working loves of people who’s jobs are often invisible, and for the stories that come out to inspires all to make the world of work respectful, humane and kind place that rewards people with more than money.

So. Much. YES!

DesignMatters with Simon Sinek

Beautiful DesignMatters episode with a person I truly admire: Simon Sinek.

Emotional Baggage

emotional bagggage

This luggage tag made laugh: Emotional baggage.