Oldest Living Things In the World

Earlier last week I got my hands on Rachel Sussman‘s Oldest Living Things in The World Book. It is absolutely stunning.

Since 2004 Rachel has been researching, working with biologists, and traveling all over the world to photograph continuously living organisms 2,000 years old and older. The work spans disciplines, continents, and millennia: it’s part art and part science. (In November of 2010 Rachel told her story at CreativeMornings.)

Her book contains 125 photographs, 30 essays on her 30 subjects, original inforgraphics, and contributions by New York Times science columnist Carl Zimmer and world-renowned curator Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Available on Amazon.

I Feel So Online

I feel so online

I feel so online print by Jean Jullien. Made me smile.

Fiercely Curious

Fiercely Curious

Fiercely Curious lets you buy local Brooklyn art online. Love this idea. I believe in the buying local, not just when it comes to my veggies.

Who Dares Wins

how dares wins

So good.

Hand Carved Pencil Case Objects

Hand Carved Pencil Case Itemspencil-case-full-collection2

London-based sculptor and illustrator Camille Barnard created these wooden, hand-carved Pencil Case Items, transforming the seemingly mundane into sculptural objects. Absolutely love this.

(G would approve of the drill)

Giant Origami

life sized elephant

Sipho Mabona has taken Origami to extremes. He’s folded this life-sized (!) elephant out of one sheet of paper. So much respect.

Citrus Fest

Citrus Fest

Citrus Fest by Emily Blincoe. Lovely.

Silver Cloud

silver clouds

My cloud obsession is not slowing down. How stunning are these handmade porcelain clouds? So much YES!

Andrew Neyer

Andrew Neyer

I need to hang this print by Andrew Neyer above my computer so I remember to drink water throughout the day. Oh, healthy habits…


Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold

Gold foil stamp heart poster by Bethany Lesko. Beautiful.

Lucid Mirror

Lucid Mirrow Adam Frank

I happend to stumble upon Adam Frank’s Lucid Mirror at NYNOW and it took my breath away. It’s a stunning décor mirror that places luminous 3D sunrays illuminating clouds behind the plane of the reflective surface. Viewers can ‘touch’ the illusion with their reflected image.

The above image doesn’t do it justice. It’s magical. Believe me.

You Need Nothing


From the idea that some of us have everything, Pim de Graaff from The Netherlands created Nothing. His Nothing is a piece of wood with a black finish that reminds people to enjoy everything they already have. Absurdly poetic.

Making of Nothing. Get Nothing.

One day…

Alexander CalderAlexander Calder Stabile

Owning a real Calder Mobile or Stabile has been one of my life dreams ever since I can remember. Nothing makes me stop and wonder like his kinetic sculptures made with delicately balanced or suspended components. A girl can dream…

PET Lamps

PET Lamp

Hélène Le Drogou was concerned with the plastic waste that contaminates the Colombian Amazon and decided to do something about it. She collaborated with Industrial Designer Alvaro Catalán de Ocón and talented textile artisans from Cauca and started making these stunning PET Lamps. I love people that don’t complain but instead go ahead and make things better.


The Bulan

The Bulan

The Bulan (“moon” in Indonesian) was designed by San Francisco artist Elle Luna. It accurately represents 2014’s moon phases and is made in Bali by friends and master Batik artisans employing centuries-old hand painting and hand dyeing techniques. Produced in a limited Edition of 100.

Lucid Stead by Phillip K Smith |||

Fascinating. Totally fascinating.

(Thank you Cara)

What Wood You Say?

What Wood You Say?What Wood You SayWhat Wood You Say

What Wood You Say makes for a fab hand made gift. Here’s how it works: You pick the words and a color set and he gets to work: Matthew Hoffmann hand draws, paints, cuts, finishes, assembles, and frames your hand made holiday gift.

What Wood You Say are made from solid mahogany, and framed in a ready made white 10″ x 10″ shadow box, without glass. Each piece is completely unique. Allow 2 weeks, plus shipping time.

Lovely idea!


Sure I like Fun Print

This print by Will Bryant made me smile! Sure, I Like Fun!

Laser Cat Aims to Project Your Art on The Moon

Laser Cat from Hungry Castle on Vimeo.

Last week I had the honor to meet the fine gentlemen behind Laser Cat: Kevin O’Callaghan and Hungry Castle. Their excitement over Laser Cat, a collaboration between them and ADC was refreshingly adorable. The project aims to get us creative types to submit personal art to Laser Cat so that he can show it to the world. We all got into this game because we loved art but many creatives have lost touch with their art because of the nature of the business. Laser Cat is hungry to change that.

Make Laser Cat happy by sending in Drawings, Ceramics, Sculptures, Paintings, Photography, Cat Photography or Film. The more art he’s fed the stronger he grows. 100 submitted artworks gives him the power to project on walls, 1000 means he can cover buildings and if he’s fed 1 Million artworks then Laser Cat will be able to project art onto the moon. (!!!)

You have until November 30 to feed Laser Cat. The launch of the biggest art show ever will take place on Miami Beach at the Bass Museum next April 7-9 as part of the ADC Annual Awards + Festival of Art and Craft in Advertising and Design.

Yes, this all is a bit strange. But that’s ok.

Warby Parker Feature

Warby Parker Feature

I am so honored to be featured on Warby Parker’s fabulous blog. A big thank you to Liz Furze.

Hand-Painted Letterform Demonstration


Watch master pinstriper Glen Weisgerber demonstrate the roundhand lettering technique.

(via This Is Colossal)

Leaf Man


Flower artist Azuma Makoto is the force behind the beautifully absurd ‘Leaf Man’ series.

The Invisible Dog Season 5

Lucien Zayan, one of my all-time favorite people, runs a fantastic cultural space on Bergen street called The Invisible Dog.

Five years ago, while visiting from Paris, he fell in love with the run-down building, convinced the owner to let him restore it into its original beauty. Lucien saw the potential and single handedly scraped off layers of paint, emptied out 5 floors filled with industrial components and a basement filled with junk. And by doing so he has turned what used to be a sleepy Cobble Hill street into a happening, cultural highlight in Brooklyn.

The value he is providing by running The Invisible Dog is tremendous. It’s a no-brainer for me, to back his Kickstarter and help fund The Invisible Dog’s fifth season. Can’t wait what they’ll come up with this year. Lucien, you ARE the king of Bergen street!

Join me and back Lucien’s Kickstarter!

Love one of his Kickstarter rewards giving you naming rights to his epic elevator. Trust me, that elevator is something special.

Cutie and The Boxer

Earlier tonight, I had the pleasure to enjoy an early screening of Cutie and The Boxer, a raw and moving documentary on DUMBO based artist couple Ushio and Noriko Shinohara. Congratulations to Zachary Heinzerling for so candidly capturing the struggles and joys of this couple. Cutie and a Boxer is a true reflection on love, sacrifice and the creative spirit.

Big thanks to Marc and Sara Schiller of Wooster Collective for the screening!