DIY 3D Hearts

boxed 3D hearts

A tutorial that teaches you how to make 3D paper hearts? Yes, please.


eco glue

One of the best things about attending a gift fair is to meet the founders behind products I like. Take Eco Kids for example. I already liked their products but meeting the founders, Kip and Cammie sealed the deal. My loyalty to a product or service grows exponentially when I share the same passion and outlook on life with the founders. Their products are all made in the US, eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Check out their online store. I personally love their eco-glue (pictured above) and the eco-dough.

DIY Animal Craft Jar

These DIY animal craft jars are just amazing! I will have to finally get myself a Glue Gun and make these with Ella one of these upcoming weekends. Brilliant!

(via coolmompicks)

Dog Camera Cozy

This Dog Camera Cozy just put the biggest smile on my face. Congrats to Sarah Goldschadt, the crafty mastermind.

Touchscreen Glove Kit

Have a favorite pair of gloves but wish they’d be touchscreen friendly? Touchscreen Glove Kit by to the rescue!

Balloon Rocket

This weekend, I will be making Balloon Rockets with my kids. You can find more projects like this over on Toys from Trash by Arvin Gupta.

Pom Pom Bookmarks

A tutorial on how to make simple Pom Pom Bookmarks? Yes, please.

Knitting Clock

This Knitting Clock by Siren Elise Wilhelmsen is quite a poetic way of showing the passing of time. Made me smile.

(via Stilsucht)

Potato Stamps

Martin Schmid, Art School Teacher at Schule für Gestaltung in St.Gallen, Switzerland sent me the above image of type potato stamps he did with his students. Each student did two letters. It put a big smile on my face and yes, I am totally going to do this with Ella.

Tree of Ideas

I stumbled upon this Tree of Ideas over on Etsy. What a lovely idea! Would love to create one for my kids.


Zurich based Antonio Scarponi is currently running an Indigogo campaign trying to raise money for ELIOOO, an instruction book on how to build a hydroponic system to grow plants, herbs, or vegetables in your apartment, using IKEA components.

Hydroponics is a clean, sustainable, and efficient way to grow vegetables using water instead of soil. Hydroponics has enormous advantages compared to traditional agricultural methods. It uses only 10% of the water needed with traditional agriculture, allowing for higher production in smaller spaces.

CustomMade connects consumers looking for fine custom home furnishings and unique goods with the skilled Makers who create them. On CustomMade you can get anything you want, custom made, just the way you want it. Fantastic idea.

Check out these galleries of book cases, custom beds and tables. Obviously I am not fond of many of the ornate designs, but, it shows that anything is possible.


New Makerbot! Woohoo!

I could tell something exciting wascooking yesterday, based on Bre’s teaser Tweets. A few hours later he announced the MakerBot Replicator™ 2 Desktop 3D Printer. (that’s a mouthful, boy. SEO anyone?)

If you’re not familiar with Makerbot: The Replicator is like a mini factory for your desk that lets you build anything. A 3D printer and dream come true for anyone who likes to make things. To get a glimpse of what people are actually building with Makerbot, check out Thingiverse.

As if that wasn’t enough, Bre and his team also opened a brick and mortar store in Manhattan.

Congrats Bre and Team!

Things To Make

My studiomate Bekka Palmer has a staggering 3,198,808 Pinterest followers. It’s quite something. Well, she is quite something. Fabulous for all kinds of reasons. I just discovered her Things To Make Board and I can’t wait to get crafty with Ella (6). Thank you Bekka.

Geometric Pendants

I found these Geometric Pendants on Etsy, they are ready to be painted! Sounds like a fun art project I can do with my six year old. #wishlisted


Put a Shark on your wall, Pixel by Pixel. How? Watch this video!

Paper Rocket Garland

Yes to this Paper Rocket Garland.

DIY Pompoms

One of my favorite newsletters, by far, is the one by Mini Eco. This tutorial made me have major flashbacks of the countless pompoms I made as a kid in Switzerland. Red pompoms were my specialty! (Of course!) I wish Etsy would have been around back then, I could have dabbled in entrepreneurship early on!

So, here you go, learn how to make a pompom!

Artsy Graphite Pencils

My friend Julia brought me a multipack of these lovely Graphite Pencils from Moderna Museet in Stockholm. Each one features a quotation to fit any mood or situation and are made from laquered quality graphite. Lovely!

Blurb Instagram Books

Blurb’s Instagram Books make me so happy. Can’t wait until my son’s It’s Hard Being Two Tumblr has enough images to make a book out of it. We live in such an exciting time. The fact, that anyone (with a computer and internet connection) can create books on the fly, is simply amazing.

I love the internets.

DIY LEGO Key Holder

This DIY LEGO Key Holder just made my day!

Freeze A Rainbow

I am pretty confident I’ll be reaching supermom status once I make a batch of these Rainbow Popsicles for my kids.

Decal Transfer Tutorial

Lovely DIY waterslide decals Tutorial.

Book Cover Disguise for Your Wireless Router

Here’s a fab tutorial on how to make a Book Cover Disguise for your wireless router.