Crest Brass Bottle Opener


What a beautiful bottle opener this is! Wow! How perfect when a mundane object like a bottle opener has such decorative and sculptural qualities.

Lumio Book Lamp

Lumio Book Lamp

The Lumio Book Lamp is the most magical product I have come across in a long time. When I opened it in my studio yesterday everyone went wwwoooooaaaah! It is truly stunning.

When shut, Lumio masquerades as an elegant wood hardcover book. When opened, it magically transforms into a sculptural light illuminated by a high-performing LED.

Sending a virtual hug to the inventor Max Gunawan. And just like that, Lumio has become my favorite object.

Smiling Cloud Pillow

Cloud Pillow

This Smiling Cloud Pillow wins. Totally ordering one for my couch.

Lucid Mirror

Lucid Mirrow Adam Frank

I happend to stumble upon Adam Frank’s Lucid Mirror at NYNOW and it took my breath away. It’s a stunning décor mirror that places luminous 3D sunrays illuminating clouds behind the plane of the reflective surface. Viewers can ‘touch’ the illusion with their reflected image.

The above image doesn’t do it justice. It’s magical. Believe me.

Pool Bedding


Here’s the perfect bedding for the swim fanatic in your life; Pool.

(But my favorite is still the Astronaut)

Airportag Pillows


Gasp! These Airportag Pillows are the perfect gift for the globetrotting friend. (I am so ordering the JFK and HND one)

(Thanks Sara)

Monocle Nendo Watanabe Globe

Monocle Globe

What a beautiful modern globe. It came out of a collaboration between Monocle and Nendo Watanabe. Major cities are marked in bold type on a black and silver background. I’d give it a home!

New York Specialty Coffee Map

new york specialty map

The New York Coffee Map features over 100 of New York’s best cafes serving specialty coffee. It is printed on high quality recycled paper in a limited edition of 500. Well done, Blue Crow Media.

White Apple

white apple container

Thinking about putting a White Apple next to my Apple.

Superfront Handles

superfront handles

The Trunk by Superfront is a beautiful 2,5 mm thick leather handle for drawers etc. Also a big fan of the Loop.

Fairy Ring Cushion

IKEA Stool Pillow

We have these IKEA kids stools at home and I love them. I just discovered these Fairy Ring Cushion pillows that are made for them. Adorable.

Geometric Wooden Ornament

Geometric Wooden Ornament

How beautiful is this Geometric Wooden Holiday Ornamet by FlaneursPocket?



I am a huge fan of soft boiled eggs on Sunday mornings. This is the most stylish egg holder I have come across so far: Eierbecher Set Eiche. #wishlisted

Pie Chart Rug

pie chart rug

Can’t help but think of the spinning Mac Beach Ball when looking at the Pie Chart Rug by Donna Wilson. Would be a fun rug to have in a Mac filled design studio. Made me smile.

Moon Night Light

Moon Night Light

I am slowly but surely developing a slight obsession for all things ‘moon’. This Moon Night Light is fueling the fire. (Also comes as Earth)

Hello Doormat

Hello Doormat

8-bit Hello Doormat. I approve.

Labors of Love

Dow Watcha Like

Do Whatcha Like, another lovely letterpress print Paper Jam Press.

Hello Sign

hello sign

This Hello sign would look mighty good on our studio walls.

Cross Blanket

Cross Blanket

It’s getting chilly here in NYC which reminded me of Pia Wallen’s beautiful Cross Blankets.

XL Miffy Lamp

XL Miffy Lamp

I would have LOVED one of these giant Miffy Lamps as a kid.

Desktop Factory

Desktop Factory

Not a big fan of desktop organizers, but this one won my heart: Porcelain containers shaped to look like a post-industrial urban neighborhood of warehouses and factories. Congrats to the designer Héctor Serrano.

Rainbow Cloud Quilt

rainbow cloud quilt

What a beauty of a quilt. Congrats to the designer Sherri Lynn Wood who developed a bias strip curve patchwork technique for this quilt. Free-cut continuous bias strips were machine pieced to create the curved lines. Large curved segments were then hand appliqued to the strip pieced back ground.

Whale Bookends

whale bookends

Absolutely love these whale bookends.

Geotail Satellite Model

satellite model

My studiomate Frank just pointed me to these beautiful Satellite Models over on The Ghostly Store. The one pictured above is GEOTAIL. According to Wikipedia, it was sent up in 1992 to observe the turbulent wake that Earth’s magnetosphere pulls behind it and how the solar wind penetrates through. By keeping an eye on the weather in space, GEOTAIL helps protect those of us here on Earth from unexpected disruptions to our vital communications and power networks.