Invisbile Bookend

Paul Cocksdge created the Invisible Bookend, a visual illusion, allowing you to display books without any additional support. Two swissmiss thumbs up.

A Pantone Christmas

These Pantone Christmas Ornaments make my designer heart all kinds of happy.


Anyone who’s ever been to my house knows I am a big fan (and proudly own) two Mr.Tedi Pillows. They made out of re-purposed shirts and are 100% awesome. Annika Jermyn, the creator, just emailed me to let me know that there’s a new cousin in town, TediFace. The family is growing. Hooray!


*This* is the christmas tree I would like to see in my home. It’s called Branch, is produced in England, made of sustainably sourced Ash and the brainchild of Demelza Hill.

Felt Plant Pods

Felt + tiny plants = Total decorating win

Egg Thief

Soft boiled eggs were a big sunday breakfast tradition in my house, growing up. I couldn’t help but chuckle seeing this thief egg cozy.

White Balancing Blocks

Who said building blocks are just for kids?

No.1 Tray

A minimal tray after my own heart. Designed by FTF Design Studio.

Pik Vase

Not a big fan of vases, unless they are sculptural like this one. The Pik Vase is part of the modern craft collection by the trio behind France’s Y’a Pas Le Feu Au Lac, a popular phrase that loosely translates as “no need to hurry.”

Kaleido Trays

This tray system just moved to the very top of my ‘personal wishlist’. The Laleido Trays are a brainchild of Clara von Zweigbergk.

Nature Cushions

These Nature Cushions by Nord are all kinds of zen.

Fou Lard (Bacon Scarf)

I just nearly fell off my chair. In a package that was just delivered here at my studio, I discovered a Silk Bacon Scarf, named Fou Lard. We just all had a good laugh, but my Studiomates agreed, this is so utterly ridiculous it’s awesome. Fou Lard is a brainchild of Swiss designer Natalie Luder. The scarf is made of 100% silk, digitally printed and hemmed by the artist herself. Available on her site for $170. Bacon lovers unite!

Rainbow Felt Garland

This Rainbow Felt Garland is quite something.

Pennant Pillows

These Pennant Pillows made me smile.

(via designsponge)


Love pillows? Love type? Then Typies is for you.

Swiss Clock with Swing Arm

Love this retro Swiss Clock with swing arm wall mount that allows clock to be quickly and easily mounted to the wall. #want

West Elm Market

Now look at this! West Elm Market is a completely new concept from West Elm filled with clever, hard-working, time-saving, clutter-busting solutions for everyday living. The first store, West Elm Market Brooklyn, will open October 25th in DUMBO. Yay to this!

Love that they have a Made in the USA category.

Tree of Ideas

I stumbled upon this Tree of Ideas over on Etsy. What a lovely idea! Would love to create one for my kids.

Make Your Own Banner

Spell out your custom message with this personalized banner using re-useable letters. Includes 100 multicolored letters with spacers, links, and hanging strings. Oh, the possiblities!

Thing Wine Rack

Love this stackable, modular wine rack by Thing. Makes me want to have a wine cellar in my basement.

Mr. Mourao

Given the fact that I am an architect at heart, these drawings by Mr.Mourao are making me swoon. Tempted to buy a print!

Twig & Leaf Place Markers

Growing up in Switzerland, my parents had lots and lots of dinner parties and they usually put me in charge with the place markers. I remember getting all crafty. I wish I would have thought of something like these birch looking Twig & Leaf Place Markers made me smile.

Prolonged Dachshund

I absolutely adore this illustration by Lucie Sheridan.


Les Briques

Love these simple catch-all boxes. Think keys, coins, lipstick, etc. Created by the French studio YPLFL. Available for purchase here.

(via shoeboxdwelling)