Give The Joy Back

I am feeling this sentiment.

Leaf Print

I’d hang this Floating Leaf Print on my living room walls.


This Feelings banner would look good in my living room.

It’s Ok To Feel Things

I agree with this message.

Don’t Just Stand There

Timely letterpress printed message by Paper Jam Press.

Start With Yes

Start with yes!


So many feelings.

Low Budget…

This poster sums up my approach to starting companies.

Good Vibes hooks

These hooks come with good vibes. Made me smile.

Manual Collection

Agata Bieleń’s Manual Collection made me look.

Woodblock Prints

Click through to see the beautiful Block Shop Woodblock Prints! I want them all!

(via Design Crush)

Ice Cubes

I love this limited edition Ice Cubes Silkscreen Print by Christoph Niemann. I also recommend his archive of Sunday Sketches.

Painting by Michael Wall

This painting by Michael Wall is stunning. I would give it a home.

Geometric Print

Beautiful print by Geometry Daily.

Be Brave

This beautiful photo caught my eye while browsing my Instagram stream. I know, I posted the Be Brave banner before. I really do love it. I think it’s time I finally hang one in my home.

Hello Coat Rack

Oh, this HELLO coat rack would look good at my entrance.

From Weird to Great

Love this message and poster design by James Victore.

Cobalt Pretzel

I find this Cobalt Pretzel Print quite charming.

Banana Split

YES to this Banana Split Poster.

Hey Wow!

Hey! Wow! By Daniel Freytag.

Line wave

Linewave Print, by Berger & Föhr

The Habit Of Reading

“To acquire the habit of reading is to create for yourself a refuge from almost all of the miseries of life.”
– W. Somerset Maugham

(Available as a print, here.)

Plant Prints

Don’t have a green thumb or can’t have plants for another reason? Put some plants on your walls. Leaf Print 1 and Leaf Print 2.


There is always tomorrow.