Hand Shadow Puppet Chart

Handshadow Puppet Chart

This Hand Shadow Puppet Chart made me look. Tempted to buy one for the kids room.



Forebruary is a wall calendar that you do not need to replace. Ever. The movable frame above the surface contains every month needed. The red stripe is not just decoration but highlights the weekend. A beauty. Congrats to the designer Ilya Birman.

(thanks Rusty)

The Reframe

My friends at Holstee just launched a fantastic new project called The Reframe. They’re taking on the sad fact that so many beautiful cards we receive live a sad life, long forgotten in some shoe boxes. Let’s celebrate them with Reframe, made from reclaimed wood of deconstructed abandoned houses in Detroit. The frames are designed to display and easily slide in any 5×7-inch card or print.

Totally backing this Kickstarter campaign! Join me?

Elephant by Stina Persson

Elephant Stina Persson

Stina Persson just launched this limited edition Elephant print over on Wonderwall. A beauty. (You can change the currency on the site in the pulldown on the very bottom of the site.)


Wall (Standing) Desk

Wall Desk

This is a quite beautiful Wall Desk. And if you place it high enough it could make for a great standing desk!


Level Wall Shelf


The Level Wall Shelf is most probably more sculptural than useful, but it sure is stunning. By Barcelona based designer Roger Moliné.



Currently drooling over this giant face-lit Lucky sign. A beauty, no?

$2,500 and it’s yours, made to order.

USA Chalkboard Map

usa chalkboard map

Lovely and functional USA Chalkboard Map.

(via Apartment Therapy)

Office Reminders

reply all52102-1200x1200-1325084946-s1

I am currently doing a desk swap with Fast Company’s Digital Executive Editor Noah Robischon and these two posters are on ‘my’ desk. A good reminder, no? Made me chuckle.



Unihook is a super simple coat hook that installs with a single nail, no need for a stud or anchor. Congrats to the designer, Pat Kim.

(via stilsucht)

Vintage Film Canisters

Vintage Film Canisters

A hommage to the old analog photo days: Vintage Film Canisters Print by Peter Hamilton.

Heart Print

Heart Print

I saw this Fluoro Heart Print at the National Stationary Show. It’s all sorts of stunning and fluorescent. #Wishlisted



Prisms is a beautiful 13″x16″ Giclee Print by Magna Paint.


it's going to be ok.

I saw this minimal letterpress print by Ladyfiners Letterpress at the National Stationery Show. Must get one for the studio.

The True New Yorker

The True New Yorker

This quote by John Updike was part of my change of address card 13 years ago, when I decided to stay in NYC longer than just the initially planned 3 months. Congrats to the designers Michael Tabie and Karen Goheen of Two Arms Inc.

Isn’t it supposed to say “The True New Yorker *secretely* believes…”

Traffic Mobile

Traffic Mobile

If I was looking for a mobile for a boys room, this one by Tom Schamp would get my vote.

Hashtag Banner


Yep, I am totally ordering one of these customizable Hashtag Banners. Perfect for our #Tattly birthday bash in July!

Do Good Work

Do Good Work

Do Good Work Letterpress print by Inkstomp.

A Visual Compendium of Cameras

A Visual Compendium of Cameras

The Visual Compendium of Cameras is a meticulously illustrated catalog of 100 landmark cameras, culled from over a century of photographic history. A beauty.

(via explore)

Units of Measure Poster

Units of measure
Units of Measure

I just received one of these stunning ACRE Units of Measure Calendar Posters in the mail. It beautifully features traditional units of measure like degree celsius, kilogram and hectare as well as less well-known units of measure like astronomical unit, decibel and aperture.

Old School Ruler Growth Chart

ruler growth chart

I absolutely love this old-school ruler growth chart by Little River Designs.

Any Road

fifty five hi's

A quote by Lewis Carroll, designed by Ross Moody, available over at 55 Hi’s.

Hand-painted Saw

Hand-painted saw

This hand-drawn saw by Zachary Smith is a beauty. Jude Landry is the lucky owner.


space is the place

Ever think about space? Space is the Place.