Collaborative Fund

What visuals come to mind when you think of an investment fund? Clean, boring, blue (!) logos and websites? Yes. But you have to rethink that from now on. Check out this new investment fund called “Collaborative Fund” by Craig Shapiro. Not only am I am impressed by its mission but am floored by the awesome branding and website. (Check out the navigation!) Kelli Anderson is the mastermind behind it all. Check out her blog post about the design process.

Pentagram (new website)

Congratulations to Pentagram for their new site.

(Yay, they are linking to Michael Bierut’s CreativeMorning talk!)


The first official exhibition of the london based gallery ‹between› featured 10 young designers and design studios around the world. They were all invited to think and respond to the meaning of the word ‹between›.

Swiss designer Marcus Kraft contributed a triptych which was an attempt to translate Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity into a piece of concept art: Sometimes, one second can change your whole life. On the other hand, a whole year can feel very boring, unimportant and dull. What if one year is as long as one day or even one second? — Maybe there’s no difference at all.

Milton Glaser on using design to make ideas new

From the TED archives: The legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser dives deep into a new painting inspired by Piero della Francesca. From here, he muses on what makes a convincing poster, by breaking down an idea and making it new:

Milton Glaser on teaching

Fundamentally I teach because it makes me feel good. It helped me certainly clarify my own objectives. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing someone’s life affected in a positive way by something you’ve said.

— Milton Glaser on why he teaches

Milton Glaser (by Hillman Curtis)

I still can hardly believe it but Milton Glaser will indeed be our January NewYork/CreativeMornings speaker. This documentary about Milton is by Hillman Curtis. Check out his entire Artist Series here.

2011 diary

If you’re into paper timers, you should consider this playful 2011 diary by Swiss Julie Joliat with more than 50 connect-the-dots puzzles. But that’s not all, it also contains a lot of useful information, like maps, popular holidays, wine chart, monthly and weekly plannings. (It’s currently sold out but more should arrive early January!)

The Kindness of Strangers

During a lovely conversation with a young German designer, we both agreed that well established designers here in NYC are down to earth, humble and approachable. Something that is entirely not the case in Germany, she said. And I agree. I am regularly amazed at how lovely and humble so many of these super-established designers in our industry are. I never forget when I met Steff Geissbuehler for the first time. He sat down with me and we had a 20minute chat and bonded over our common Swiss roots.

Or take Michael Bierut who so generously agreed on giving a CreativeMornings talk in January of this year. Not only did he give a talk but a brand new talk on clients. (Anyone who knows how much time it takes to put a talk together must be equally humbled by this as I was!)

The list goes on, add Steven Heller, Debbie Millman, Paola Antonelli etc.

One of my readers pointed me to this wonderful article called The Kindness of Strangers by Jessica Helfand. I love the part where Jessica talks about Milton Glaser:

I have heard that Milton Glaser will never accept a social invitation if it means canceling a class, because his students come first. This makes him a rock star in my book, and makes me wonder if we should start teaching ethics in design school. If charity begins at home, how can we proclaim new and progressive agendas of social change without examining ourselves, our students, our profession?

Here’s to the rockstars in our industries that stay humble and approachable!

The Kindness of Strangers, by Jessica Helfand

The Great Gatsby

My friends over at The Heads of State just released this amazing 4-color letterpress print titled “The Great Gatsby“. Inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, this poster is comprised of the business cards and personal stationery of the movers and shakers that attended Gatsby’s parties in the summer of 1922. Masterfully printed by Studio on Fire in Minneapolis, this 4 color print comes hand signed and sealed on 140 lb. French Poptone Sweet Tooth.

A beauty!

Edits by Edit

Some of the posters over at EditsyEdit put a smile on my face. Each designer was asked to represent a musical genre using one element and one typeface (stating the genre). My favorite: Twist by Hey Studio.

Olimpia Zagnoli | Small Talk

On November 10th, 2010, Olimpia Zagnoli was invited to give a lecture at AIGA/NY about her work and the sources of her inspiration. The below video is short version of what she talked about, for people who couldn’t make it to the NYC event.

This is fantastic, Olimpia! Thank you so much! I missed your talk that night!

PS: I am kinda bummed that I wasn’t born with a bump on my head!

The Heads of State

My friends over at The Heads of State (Jason is a former studiomates member) just launched their brandnew site and shop. Seeing their work is quite humbling, to say the least.

Just a few cards

What a fun surprise! Paul Octavious is visiting our studio today! He is a fantastic photographer, runs a design studio in Chicago called Broken Pencil, is the force behind GeniusVomit (?) and also just came out with a site that sells cards called My favorites are by James Nick Felton and Kyle Steed. See below:

Get your holiday cards over at:

Damien Correll

Why did it take me so long to check out Damien Correll’s portfolio? What a talent! Hat tip!

Fancy Custom Dock Icons

Two readers asked me about Jessica Hische’s fancy custom doc icons that they spotted in an earlier post today. She created them herself, you can download them here and watch the video below explaining how to change your dock icons.

How to Change your Dock Icons from Jessica Hische on Vimeo.

Jessica is one talented lady. We miss her here in studiomates land.

Please note: When sh says “left click” in the video she really mean “right click”.)

Olimpia Zagnoli

I admire Olimpia Zagnoli’s work. She is a 26 year old illustrator, based in Milan, Italy. She has an adorable logo, an amazing sense of color and, of course, drives a yellow Fiat. Best of all for us NYC peeps: We will get a chance to meet her at an upcoming AIGA/NY Small Talk event here in the big apple.

Milton Glaser Podcast Interview

Milton Glaser is among the most celebrated graphic designers in the United States. He has the distinction of one-man-shows at the Museum of Modern Art and the Georges Pompidou Center. In 2004 he recieved the lifetime achievement award from the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum. As a Fulbright scholar, Glaser studied with the painter, Giorgio Morandi. In 2010 Glaser was awarded the National Medal of Arts, he is the first graphic designer to receive this award.

Listen to Debbie Millman’s podcast Interview with Milton Glaser over on DesignObserver.

Kelli Anderson

So, I admit it, I am over portfolio sites. I can’t remember when I was last completely excited over seeing one. Until just now. Kelli Anderson emailed me and thanked me for blogging the Handkerchief Wedding Invitation Design a few weeks back. She pointed me to a blog post explaining the entire process. I then clicked to her portfolio site and clicked and clicked and clicked. I am impressed and am sending a big giant hat tip over to Kelli.

ps: Check out the Google Map inspired navigation on the homepage. Quite amusing!

Ten Things | Milton Glaser

How did I never come across the Ten Things I have learned by Milton Glaser? Did I study Graphic Design under a rock? I must have.

(thank you savita)

Writer for iPad

Whenever fellow Swiss Oliver Reichenstein comes out with a new product/service/site I pay attention. Given that Oliver is a smart young man and obviously works with a talented bunch over at iA, I am quite excited about using Writer for iPad. I yet have to extensively play around with it, but I am liking their approach and concept.

Read their story about the Writer of iPad.


Display documents mid-20th century, modern graphic design history through a curated collection, feature articles and bookstore.

The team of KindCompany is behind this beauty of a site.

(Thank you Randy!)

Quipsologies Redesign

Quipsologies underwent a beautiful redesign. (Glad to see I am not the only one embracing dotted lines. Welcome to the family, Armin!)

They added a little silly widget poking fun at blogger’s obsessions. Bloggers like Coudal, Kottke, Draplin and moi. Made me smile.

Handkerchief Wedding Invitation

If I wasn’t married already, this is the invitation I’d want: Map on handkerschief featuring directions to the wedding venue. Location font is based on iconic “Greetings from …” postcards. Congrats on the fabulous idea and the upcoming wedding, Youngna.

Design + letterpressing by Kelli Anderson
Fabric printing by Spoonflower
Sewing, folding, ironing, envelope typing, stamping by Youngna

UPDATE: Kelli, the designer just sent me a link to her blog post where she explains the entire process in detail. What a talent.

Paul Rand Retrospective

For Paul Rand’s posthumous induction into The One Club Hall of Fame, Imaginary Forces created this short film, combining original animation with a videotaped interview of Rand himself, that encapsulated his unique and timeless contribution to the design community.

(via mfa in interaction design)