This SlideRunner takes an indoor staircase into a giant slide. Amazing, right?


Custom Made Hand Mosaics by Anne Derian

Mosaics, Anne Derian

Anne Dérian, an architect by trade, is the force behind these beautiful mosaic art pieces. Originally from France, Anne now lives in Berlin and does mosaics on commission basis. In times where everything is about speed, I find incredible beauty in the slowness and thoughtfulness that the mosaic process represents. I’d hire her in a heart beat.

Luckey Climbers

Luckey Climbers

A Luckey Climber is a three dimensional sculpture designed for children to climb on.

Made of bent plywood platforms that are suspended by steel pipes and cables, climbers are visually elegant works of art that are also part jungle gym and once alive with children they become what Thomas Luckey called “fountains of children.“

Absolutely love this.

(Also, made me think of this episode…)

Upside Down Russian Home

Upside down home

A russian home built completely upside down. Made me smile.

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Studio Gang’s WMS Boathouse


The WMS boathouse in Chicago could easily turn me into a row fanatic. It’s that stunning.

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Black White Residence

Black White REsidenceBlack White Residence

These images over on Ignant of the Black White Residence by David Jameson took my breath away. It is located in Bethesda, USA, inhabiting the masonry shell of an existing house. Just look at that living room! Click here to see the full house tour. Stunning!

Pegboard Shelving

pegboard shelving

I am dreaming of an entire wall in my studio set up with this pegboard shelving system. Made by the Hornsby Berowra Men’s Shed, discovered over on Apartment Diet.



Diogene is a stunning cabin by Renzo Piano. It is Vitra’s smallest building ― but largest product. Diogene is not meant as an emergency accommodation, but a voluntary place of retreat. Simply wonderful and yes, luxurious.

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Zen Bedroom

Minimal Bedroom

Beautiful minimal bedroom with built in storage designed by Studio Oink. Definitely will circle back to this image when we are tackling the project of building loft beds in our kids rooms.

Dymaxion House (1946)

Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion House is all kinds of fascinating, especially the conveyer belt linen closet!



Hotello is a portable space, containing all the necessary elements for a minimal room: a desk, a lamp, a stool, a shelf, a locker. Hotello consists of a metal structure that supports double curtains (translucent and sound absorbant) as well as all the furniture needed to work and rest. Designed by Roberto De Luca and Antonio Scarponi.

Oddly charming.

Powerstation gone Rollercoaster?


Love this proposal by Atelier Zündel Cristea to turn an abandoned London power station into a playground and museum.

Famous Architects Dressed as their Buildings

Famous Architects Dressed as their Buildings in 1931. I heart this.

Mr. Mourao

Given the fact that I am an architect at heart, these drawings by Mr.Mourao are making me swoon. Tempted to buy a print!

The Modern Family: Part One

What a stunning house to raise kids in. It’s located in Carmel, California, designed by Lake|Flato Architects.

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Hidden Bed

This is the Murphy Bed of my Dreams. Completely Hidden.

Value of Architecture

The original Pennsylvania Station was razed in 1963. (Collection of the New-York Historical Society, negative number 59044)

A passionate NYTimes article addressing the calamity that is Penn Station:

“To pass through Grand Central Terminal, one of New York’s exalted public spaces, is an ennobling experience, a gift. To commute via the bowels of Penn Station, just a few blocks away, is a humiliation.

What is the value of architecture? It can be measured, culturally, humanely and historically, in the gulf between these two places.”

Restore a Gateway to Dignity, by Michael Kimmelman

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Spaces, Etc.

These sculptural objects by New York based designer Ron Gilad are minimal three-dimensional outlines of various familiar shapes. As minimal as they are, they form spaces, rooms, shapes. It’s fascinating how our mind finishes what his artwork has started.

Spaces, Etc, by Ron Gilad

20 Essentials

20essentials is a Belgium based pop-up concept with a selection of carefully picked products by a ‘little more’ or a ‘special twist’. The products are different in their concept, shape, material and functionalities and are an attempt to meet 20 of our most basic, daily needs, such as sitting, sleeping, transport, …

20 Essentials is located in Knokke, Belgium. Wish I could stop by. Lovely idea.

(Thank you Pieterjan)

Rainbow Panorama

Olafur Eliasson’s Rainbow Panorama Installation makes me want to book a flight to Denmark asap. RAINBOWTASTIC, as my color-loving studiomate Jessi would say!

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Rainbow Bank

This ‘rainbow bank’, as my reader Kirsten calls it, makes my heart beat a little bit fater. It was designed by Emmanuelle Moureaux. It’s called ‘Sugamo Shinkin Bank’, a credit union located in Shimura, Japan. Te design, an offset volume of rainbow-like layers, is the third branch designed by Moureaux, with the first two located in Tokiwadai and Niiza. Read the original designboom post.

Stunning Bookshelf (shot by Selby)

Karl Lagerfeld’s bookshelf system is crazy impressive (and big!) It’s an older shot by Selby, who just came out with Edible Selby.

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Winy Maas on the Balancing Barn

In this short film made by Dezeen and Oliver Manzi of WopFilms, architect Winy Maas of Rotterdam firm MVRDV talks about Balancing Barn, a house in Sussex Suffolk, England, completed late last year.

At some point in my life, I want to live in a house like the Balancing Barn and own a real Calder Mobile.

Suspended Staircase

photo credit: Rainer Detzlaff

How stunning looking is this suspended staircase? It is part of a home designed by SoHo Architektur.

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