The Phone Cone

The Phone Cone

Retro Cassette iPhone Speaker

Retro Cassette Player Styled Portable Speaker For iPhone

This retro cassette player iphone speaker made me chuckle. Probably sounds horrible, just like the original I had when I was a kid, sans iphone.

Habit List

Habit List

I have been trying to change up my daily routines a bit and form new habits. So, when Jessica told me about Habit List last night I made sure to download it asap. It looks just like the app I’ve been waiting for to help me stay focused and on track with my new daily goals. It’s the little things that make a big difference, isn’t it?

Astronaut Smartphone Stand

smartphone austronaut

This Astronaut Smartphone Stand made me look.


Spencer Mini iPad Sleeve

spencer mini ipad sleeve

The Spencer Leather Sleeve for the iPad Mini is a beauty. Winter Session hand-finishes each product in Denver and sources sources the vegetable-tanned leather from the Horween Tannery in Chicago. It’s also available for the big iPad.

(Love Zady’s mission. Zady aims to combat the fast-fashion craze by providing a platform for only those companies that care about timeless style and solid construction.)

Pencil Stylus

The folks behind the wonderful Paper app just launched their very own stylus called Pencil. Looks stunning!


Love that the beginning of the Coin product video was filmed at Poketo. Also, cool (1st world problem) product.

PA1 Mountable Bluetooth Speaker

PA1 is a minimal mountable bluetooth speaker. Two thumbs up!

A Retro Dock for Radio Lovers

Retro Dock

Do you consider yourself a nostalgic radio buff? Then this iPhone Radio Dock is for you. It comes with a downloadable public radio app, which finds up to seven public radio stations within a 50-mile radius. You might want to know that the dock utilizes your phone’s built-in speakers, so, it’s really just an adorable, wooden iPhone holder. Made me smile nonetheless.

(Thanks Steve)


Nothing gets me more excited than watching friends going from telling me about an app idea to launching it. My studiomate Raul and his Tinybop Team have been hard at work and are about to launch a series of educational apps, the first one is simply called The Human Body. The app, designed by no other than super-talented Kelli Anderson, allows kids to explore and interact with the human body, teaching them what we’re made of. The app is about to be released in 48 languages around the world and I am certain it will make huge waves.

I’ve had many conversations with Raul about what we consider a successful kids app. While we of course agree on smart interactions, beautiful design and all, we also agree that kids should be never exposed to touts for in-app purchases or any other kind of advertising. Raul promised that kids will neve be exposed to any of that in any Tinybop app. This deserves a YAY!

Get a sneak peek of the app on their brand new site and sign up for their newsletter to be the first to know when the app is ready to play.

I can’t wait to Tinybop!



Kii is a compact charger-connector that fits on a keychain allowing you to plug in to charge or sync devices from any computer without having to carry a charger or tote around a cable connector.

(via Doobybrain)

Impressive iPad Finger Painting

Watch Seikou Yamaoka reproduce the “Girl With A Pearl Earring” on an iPad mini. Stunning, right? In case you’re wondering, he seems to be using the $2.99 app, Art Studio.


Felt App

I just received a ‘handwritten’ card that was sent via an app called Felt. I could not tell that it was written on an iPad. Oddly impressive.

Pizza Compass App

Pizza compass

Here’s an app the world has been waiting for: Pizza Compass. As the name indicates, it guides you to your next slice of Pizza nearby. Brilliant.


Two days ago I had the pleasure to meet all of this year’s Shopify Competition winners. One of the winners, Ryan French, left a huge impression. He is a student at the University of Washington, majoring in Applied Computational Math Science and the inventor of the GameKlip.

The GameKlip attaches your Android phone to a PlayStation3 controller and allows you to use a real controller to play your games on your smartphone. I’ve tried it, it’s all kinds of fantastic.

Ryan has single handedly built this business and created everything himself; the clip, the packaging, the site and he even currently still ships the items himself.

If you are a buyer for a big retailer, please reach out to Ryan. He is currently looking for large retailers to carry his product. He deserves to be picked up by a big chain.

The Pocket Spotlight

The pocket spotlight

The Pocket Spotlight is the next best thing to sun-controlling superpowers. It is a a continuous light source you can mount to your phone’s headphone jack, your camera’s hot shoe or off-camera in your hand.

Moves App

Moves App

The Moves iPhone App tells you how much you move (or not). Moves automatically records any walking, cycling and running you do. The app is always on, so there’s no need to start and stop it. Love it!

How Does Google Glass Feel

Really fantastic video showing what Google Glass feels like. Truly wonderful to see an experience through someone else’s point of view.

Phone Calls with Subject Lines?

SayWhat App is built on a simple and yet brilliant idea: It lets you introduce the subject of your call, set the mood and check the availability of the 
person you’re calling before or while placing 
the call.

(via Daniel Pink)

Revo Smartphone Holder

This Revo Smartphone Holder makes total sense to me. (I am a chronic iPhone dropper.) Also, love the ability to hang it on a hook.

Buetooth talking glove!

hi fun high glove

Ever wished you could answer a phone call with you gloves, not having to take the phone out of your pocket. Well, then let me rock your world. Check out the Bluetooth Talking Glove.

The thought of having to charge one more thing, especially my gloves, is making me shiver. But it sure is a good conversation piece.



My favorite discovery so far at the New York International Gift Fair is Whooz, the best thing for multi iphone households like mine. G and I always often blame each other for stealing each other’s iphone chargers. No longer, then now, they are clearly marked. G’s has a dude’s face on it and mine a lady’s face. G was chuckling when he discovered the chargers in our kitchen yesterday. Congrats to Sativa Turner for the fun idea!

Pivot Power Mini

The Pivot Power Mini looks like one smart little device: It transforms a single socket into two grounded outlets, and two USB ports.

Vool. The Wooden Laptop Stand.

Vool is a beauty of a wooden laptop stand brought to you by a member of Dopludo collective. It is made of pine that is grown on an eco conscious farm near the Finnish-Russian border. Simply beautiful.

(thank you Don)