Revo Smartphone Holder

This Revo Smartphone Holder makes total sense to me. (I am a chronic iPhone dropper.) Also, love the ability to hang it on a hook.

Buetooth talking glove!

hi fun high glove

Ever wished you could answer a phone call with you gloves, not having to take the phone out of your pocket. Well, then let me rock your world. Check out the Bluetooth Talking Glove.

The thought of having to charge one more thing, especially my gloves, is making me shiver. But it sure is a good conversation piece.



My favorite discovery so far at the New York International Gift Fair is Whooz, the best thing for multi iphone households like mine. G and I always often blame each other for stealing each other’s iphone chargers. No longer, then now, they are clearly marked. G’s has a dude’s face on it and mine a lady’s face. G was chuckling when he discovered the chargers in our kitchen yesterday. Congrats to Sativa Turner for the fun idea!

Pivot Power Mini

The Pivot Power Mini looks like one smart little device: It transforms a single socket into two grounded outlets, and two USB ports.

Vool. The Wooden Laptop Stand.

Vool is a beauty of a wooden laptop stand brought to you by a member of Dopludo collective. It is made of pine that is grown on an eco conscious farm near the Finnish-Russian border. Simply beautiful.

(thank you Don)

The iPhone Cable Trigger

The iPhone Cable Trigger is a remote shutter release for iDevices. Handy for those times when you want to take a photo without touching your phone, and for starting and stopping video sans camera-shake.

3 Way Camera Strap

I love how this 3 Way Camera Strap adapts to your needs.

Palm Top Theater

Palm Top Theater transforms your iPhone into your own personal 3D theater. Fun!

Back-up Battery with a Hand Turbine Power Generator

BoostTurbine2000 from Etón is a durable back-up battery with a hand turbine power generator. It enables you to charge your mobile device even when the power is out. In one minute the hand turbine power generator can produce enough power for a 30-second call or a few critical texts. When fully charged, BoostTurbine2000 fully charges most smartphones. Smart.

(via brainpicker)

Robot Headphone Splitter

This must be the cutest headphone splitter roaming mother earth.

(Thanks Kevin)

3D Printed Maille iPhone Case

I had the honor to sit next to Ping Fu at last night’s Cooper Hewitt National Design Awards Gala and she handed me a an absolutely amazing 3D printed iPhone Case by Freshfiber. I put it on my iPhone and have been fiddling with it nonstop since. The interlinked rings create an incredibly fascinating texture. The rings move seperately from each other so you can jiggle them.

The case was designed by Janne Kyttanen and you can buy it and lots of other cool 3D printed designs over at Freshfiber.


A little over a year ago I received a Jambox as a gift. I admit, I would have never bought one myself, but I can wholeheartedly say I *love* it. It’s versatile, mobile and sounds great to my ears!

Especially now that the new iPhone came out and I can no longer plug it into the dock of my other audio device, I can clearly see the advantage of the bluetooth connection to Jambox. Consider me a fan!

The Bobine

Bobine is an iPhone cable that also acts as a flexible tripod. Brilliant.

Pocket Solar Charger

Going somewhere where you won’t find any outlets? This pocket solar charger (site is in German) might come to the resque. Nifty.

The SlingShot

The SlingShot is a sweet looking stabilizing grip for your phone that also folds out into a tripod. No doubt, MacGyver would probably use it.


Grip for iPad

I recently got myself the STM Grip iPad Case. It is fairly slim and comes with two kickstand settings for typing and viewing. My iPad feels well protected from my rambunctious 2 year old, so I’d say mission accomplished. Two swissmiss thumbs up.

(If you’re looking for an extra fun kids proof iPad case, there’s no better one than the iGuy)

Jessica Hische on your iPhone

If you’re a fan of Jessica Hische’s Drop Caps you might want to check out her iphone cases over on uncommon. #awesomegiftforanytypenerd

B&M Wool Felt Macbook Sleeve

What a beauty! This 100% wool felt Macbook sleeve by B&M, was designed to fit the Apple range of MacBooks, Macbook Pros and *NEW* Macbook Airs perfectly. Snug as a bug in fact. It sums up the B&M design philosophy perfectly; there are no frills, no noisy velcro, no exotic superfluous add-ons and no cumbersome zips or fasteners.

(thanks Rusty)

The iPhone Scuba Suit

Planning a beach or pool vacation? Then I’d consider investing in one of these iPhone Scuba Suits. It’s a 100% water-proof case that’ll allows you to take cool underwater photos.


Supercool looking iPhone case made out of recycled skateboards? Yes, please!

(Thank you Claire)

Crafty iPhone Case

Bekka just walked in and proudly showed me her new iPhone case. It is sporting a cross-stitched heart on the back of it. A customizable, cross-stitchable iPhone case? Yes, please!

I love products that merge technology and craft!

Stilla – a gyroscopic camera

I haven’t seen an app that made me go “wowwweee” in a long time. Stilla just did.

Stilla’s photo results resemble a crystal, a 3D object made of facets blending into each other as you turn it in your hand. You can share these fully interactive 3D objects with everyone online, in the browser, full screen. It works best with the latest versions of Chrome, Safari or Firefox. (Yes, in this order.)

Stilla is a modern interpretation of the photo you keep in your wallet. A moment to hold in your hand. See for yourself, go to and rotate the example photo.

Book Cover Disguise for Your Wireless Router

Here’s a fab tutorial on how to make a Book Cover Disguise for your wireless router.

My iPhone = My Camera

Let’s admit it, you take most of our photos with your iphones these days, right? So, why don’t we then all put a case around it that will make it look like a camera? That’s exactly what SNAP! does.

I realize, this is slightly silly, but in my book, silly is good.