The Blade

The Blade

I gave a small presentation at Yale Art School yesterday and after the event I had the pleasure to meet Njoki Gitahi. She introduced herself and handed me a gift, the above necklace. I was a bit speechless. She made it!

I told her to put it up on her site and take orders asap! So, if you agree with me, and think that she needs to put The Blade in production, let her know!

(And no worries, it doesn’t have sharp edges!)

Dress Responsively

This T-Shirt celebrating responsive web design made me chuckle. Don’t know what RWD is? Here.

(Thanks Nate)

Brooklyn Internets

This made me laugh: Brooklyn Internets. Don’t know why this is funny? Here.

Itty Bitty Project

The folks of Kiss Me I am Polish took a refreshing stab at kids t-shirts. The result? Itty Bitty Project, a t-shirt series that lets the kids customize their tee. I love the idea, but am afraid the pieces will be lost in no time. But hey, I might be wrong!

Fou Lard (Bacon Scarf)

I just nearly fell off my chair. In a package that was just delivered here at my studio, I discovered a Silk Bacon Scarf, named Fou Lard. We just all had a good laugh, but my Studiomates agreed, this is so utterly ridiculous it’s awesome. Fou Lard is a brainchild of Swiss designer Natalie Luder. The scarf is made of 100% silk, digitally printed and hemmed by the artist herself. Available on her site for $170. Bacon lovers unite!

Knitted Necklace

I absolutely love this colorful knitted necklace by Nguyen Le.

(via doorsixteen)

Photoshop Etiquette

A message that is worth spreading in the design community: Name your Layers by Photoshop Etiquette

University of the Future

This T-Shirt by Matt Pisane raises the question: Who needs to go to an actual university if you have the internet?


Love this simple Mountain T-Shirt by Ugmonk.


Do what you love, love what you do. Words to live by. Also available as a print.

Your people / My people

This shirt and its message made me smile.


Pixel States

Your state pixelated on a t-Shirt. Yep, that’s Pixel States.

Hyper Realistic Dog Face T-Shirts

These Hyper Realistic Dog Face T-Shirts made me chuckle.

(via blessthisstuff)


How sassy are these Mini & Maximus Kids Pants?

String Art Necklace

How beautiful is this String Art Necklace? It comes in different colors and gradients, but the red one gets my vote, of course.

Ostrich Pouf

This Ostrich Pouf is an explosion of glamour, according to the ladies. I just met them. They are fabulous, and they got style. So much style!


I realize, I am a bit late to the party, but I simply had to post this HTTPSTER T-Shirt.

Friend of Mine

Zurich based company Friend of Mine makes really sweet belt loop bags for women, men and kids. Each bag comes with a shoulder strap and therefore serves a double purpose. Love it.


Peel & Stick Shirt Pocket

Peel & Stick Shirt Pocket by Ryan Vanderbilt. Silly and lovely at the same time.

Multicolor Stripe

This multicolor stripe tie is quite something. Available on Etsy.

Infinity Scarf Loop

Red + White + Stripes = YES!


My friends over at the Heads of State just launched a sweet new project that will appeal to everyone that has ever experienced a serious case of Wanderlust.

Pilot & Captain is about the good old days of planes, trains, and discovery. What started as a series of vintage inspired travel posters has grown into its own company. For the maiden voyage they have ten shirts from ports of call around the world and a new print series!

Absolutely love this!

Diamond Brooch

Diamond Brooch by LOTOCOHO. Gasp. #wishlisted

Minimal T-Shirts

Super minimal, graphical T-Shirts, spotted over on Vetted. Cross + Circle.