Brooklyn Internets

This made me laugh: Brooklyn Internets. Don’t know why this is funny? Here.

♥ / MODULE R: Nothing will be the same again.

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Based in the creative capital of Brooklyn, New York, MODULE R is the world’s first storefront for customizable art and design. Our collection consists exclusively of pieces that are transformable, reconfigurable, expandable, stackable, interchangeable, interactive and modular. As a concept store we cross design categories, collecting accessories, art, books, cookware and furniture, as well as toys, jewelry, lighting, screens, shelving, and wall and floor coverings. Well-known global brands sit alongside pieces from up-and-coming creatives, including some of our favorite Brooklyn designers.

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White Balancing Blocks

Who said building blocks are just for kids? is a simple way to publish a subscription email newsletters. Consider me intrigued.

(via Michael Galpert)

Friday Link Pack

– Video: How to Make Rainbow Pancackes

20 Ways to Repurpose Old Sweaters.

The Infinite Jukebox: For when your favorite song just isn’t long enough.

– PIVOT! CONVERSIONS! Sh*t Entrepreneurs Say

– Seriously impressed by the new airbnb neighborhood guides. Great way to research a city before booking a place. Check out NYC.

– Did you know you can now buy movies on Vimeo?

– 3D artist and motion designer JR Schmidt reconstructs New York City in LEGO using an assortment of maps and satellite imagery to set the elevation and color of the blocks.

1980s watches. I remember many of these.

– Want it? Get it!

– Lytro is surprising us again, now introducing perspective shift.

– “No matter how complex, no matter how unique, your passwords can no longer protect you.” Interesting Wired Article: Kill the Password: Why a String of Characters Can’t Protect Us Anymore App Turns Instagram Pics Into Printable Artwork

Speak at CreativeMornings NYC, LDN, MIL or GEN!

To celebrate the end of another fantastic CreativeMornings year, we would like to turn the mic to our audience. We’re inviting anyone interested in New York, London, Milan or Geneva, to apply to be a December CreativeMornings speaker. Three people will be chosen (for each chapter) to give an eight minute talk on Friday December 14th.

The application deadline is November 30th, 5pm EST. The application form can be found here.

We did this ‘experiment’ last year and I would like to share Larry Legends talk in which he explains why PEOPLE > CRAFT. Larry Legend is the founder of House Of Legend.

Let’s help Galapagos Art Space!

DUMBO has been hit hard by the devastation of the hurricane. Galapagos Art Space, our generous host of countless CreativeMornings, got completely flooded. (Above.)

On behalf of CreativeMornings, we are running a SmallKnot campaign to help raise money to pay for damages. If you’ve been to a DUMBO CreativeMornings at Galapagos, please consider supporting the campaign. Let’s help Robert Elmes, the owner, get back on his feet. Let’s show him that his generosity with CreativeMornings (and so many other event organizers) didn’t go unnoticed.

DUMBO, let’s help Galapgos!

I Heart NYC

A huge part of Manhattan and most areas of Long Island are without power after hurricane Sandy. Electricity is such a huge part of our daily lives. My heart goes out to everyone affected. When I see kind moments like this, I can’t help but smile and think I <3 NYC.

Did you come across any other acts of kindness during the aftermath of Sandy? Post them in a comment below!

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Sometimes being a startup founder can be lonely – big companies seem to get the big discounts at hotels and elite status that’d really help you out, and it’s hard to find others going down a similar road.

At least it was before you could get a membership with FoundersCard. The card grants you access to elite status with airlines like Virgin Atlantic, Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa, Gold Status with Hilton Honors (instead of spending 36 nights at Hilton hotels), and discounts with Virgin America, Apple, ZipCar, over 150 hotels worldwide, 6 months of MailChimp for free and over 90 other startups. Also included is access to FoundersCard events – all-expenses-paid events all over the world featuring hundreds of other founders. However, it’s open to anyone with an entrepreneurial vision, so it’s not wholly limited to the heads of startups.

To get in at 40% of the regular price for life ($295 versus $495 a year), you can apply at using the code FCSWISS12.

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Classic Carafe and Cup

A minimal, classic carafe. Just what my desk needs.


Friday Link Pack

One final push before our CreativeMornings Kickstarter ends on Monday Morning!

The 9 warning signs of an amateur artist (via explore)

– Need some email newsletter design inspiration? Here you go.

– New Yorkers, are you ready for the DUMBO Arts Festival?

– Simple Genius: A Condom You Can Open With One Hand

– A Video Compilation Showing The Origin of Popular Memes

Shelter of Nostalgia by Worapong Manupipatpong

Shit Apple Fanatics Say

– My studiomate Rob Weychert wrote an interesting post about how Rdio has changed his music listening behaviors.

– Analog way of keeping track of your Hallowe’en costume history.

– Want to join Team Tattly? Here’s your chance.

– A badass Mini NookaNooka Hello Kitty

– 60 years of Presidential attack ads, in a single video.

Statistical Atlases of Everything (liquor, Methodists, malaria…) in 19th-century USA (via @curiousoctopus)

Worst College Majors for Your Career (via coudal)

– How to Make Your Own Cotton Candy Machine for $45

Cool Lunch

Now this is a modern take on a portable mini cooler bag. Designed by Jakob Wagner for Menu A/S Denmark. Two swissmiss thumbs up.


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RE:DESIGN/Inspire, Chicago, September 23+24
Stop. Look. Listen. We’re driven by deadlines, controlled by clients, and tied to our desks. How do we stay sane and, most of all, inspired when we’re so hurried? What can replenish our creative reservoirs? It’s time to get re-inspired. Join a luminescent group of inspirers for small-scale discussions in Chicago this September.

RE:DESIGN/CD, Portland, October 29+30
Back to School: The (Re)Education of the Creative Director. Digital technology, social networking, social change. The landscape of design and advertising is evolving constantly and irrevocably. What’s new? What’s the same? What must we let go of? What do we need to (re)learn? Your (re)education begins here.

RE:DESIGN Conferences focus on small-scale conversations led by design industry leaders, and attendance is limited to 150. Learn more at

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Jessica Hische on your iPhone

If you’re a fan of Jessica Hische’s Drop Caps you might want to check out her iphone cases over on uncommon. #awesomegiftforanytypenerd


“I see software as the testing ground for the future, a place where we can put on our training wheels and get our ethics right and develop cultural and social norms for how technology should relate to humans.”
– Jonathan Harris

From Jonathan Harris’ CreativeMornings talk.


“Human attention is a finite resource, the same way that oil is and energy is.”
– Jonathan Harris

A quote from Jonathan Harris’ CreativeMornings talk.

Blurring Lines

“Traditional ideas about what is opinion and what is news, what is advertising and what is editorial, and the separation between content makers and consumers, are evaporating each day.”

Digital’s Ever-Swifter Incursion –

(via Amrit)

Happy 4th of July

Thank you Karen for the Strawberry Shortcake

Happy 4th of July everyone! I am taking the day off! Hope you’re all having a great day, no matter where you live!

Not Knowing

“Being the person that always knows and always has an answer, doesn’t leave a lot of room for learning. And for people to have the energy to teach yourself. The more I work, the closer I get to *not* knowing and to understanding that what matters is the responses not the pre-determined idea.”
– Andrew Zuckerman

(via On Curiosity)

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Tired of turning away web work? Shillington’s one-week web development and design course is for practicing designers who want to compliment their existing knowledge with web design and basic coding. With locations in the US, UK and Australia, Shillington’s global team could give you just the edge you need to win that next job. Find out what you could learn in just one full-time week, and see what graduates have to say about the Shillington experience.

Look for Shillington courses in New York, the UK or Australia.

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Book Sculptures

Stunning Book Sculpture by Guy Laramee.

(via Kottke)

Retro Cat + Dog

Irresistible retro looking Stuffed Cat and Dog by Jane Foster. What kid wouldn’t want to cuddle with these?

Sunshine Map of Europe

Simplified Wikipedia Map of Sunshine Duration in Europe according to national data.

(via Brianpicker)

Friday Link Pack

Loriot, one of my favorite German Comedians from back when I was a kid.

– Do you live in NYC? Make sure to stop at the 4th Annual Epic DUMBO Stoop Sale in the “Bridgehole”, this saturday from 11am-5pm

A teeny tiny firetruck

– Watch the video on this page to see where in Switzerland I am from: The Appenzellerland Region is stunning. (Thank you sis)

– Seth Godin’s Long Lost Broken Speech.

RSS-to-Email Overview for Bloggers

– CNN Money is looking to hire an Interactive Designer

– I simply love Melissa Easton, she even manages to turn a visit to Home Depot into a visual firework.

Paperback Swap is your source for swapping and buying books online

– If I had a small dog, I would buy this Dog Pillow.

Beach Season!

10 Kid-Friendly Ideas for Backyard Fun

– This Sweet Talker is quite an adorable Sugar Dispenser

– I simply love Picplum’s photo printing service. This means, I get prints of my favorite photos and my family in Switzerland does as well. Best $ spent.

Teeny Tiny Luxury Home On Wheels

– The Crazy Swiss: They’re moving a 6,200 tonne building 60 metres. No joke.