Big Questions


I truly love the concept behind this book: Big kids questions answered simply by truly great minds. A sample question would be: If you’re on a boat, with no food or water, what do you do? The answer is by Roz Savage, first woman to row three oceans. Or, Why is space so sparkly? Answered by Martin Rees, an astronomer.

Get it here: Big Questions from Little People: and Simple Answers from Great Minds



My three year old, letter obsessed Tilo, is seriously in love with his Alphaberry by B. Toys. I am usually not a big fan of toys that teach the alphabet, but this one won me over.

Internets Banner


I am a big fan of Banter Banners and this new INTERNETS one made me chuckle. Now, if only it came in just white. Which reminds me, you can make your own. Hmm…

My son Tilo has the Magic Surround one in his room.

Letters Puzzle

letters puzzle

Tilo’s recent obsession with everything ABC makes me want to splurge and buy this Wooden Letter Puzzle.

DIY Stories

DIY STories

DIY, the fantastic maker network for kids, launched Stories today. I would have *loved* this as a kid. So much.

Geometry Stamp Set

geometry stamp set

This German Vintage Rubber Stamp Set from the 70s is full of wooden stamps, each one being a geometric shape and painted in a solid colour. #wishlisted

Cord Taco

Cord Tacos

Cord tacos will help you clean up all of those wires in your bag. The premium leather taco greatly changes the look from messy to cool and organized.

Bike Horn

Bike Horn

I am so totally getting this old school bike horn.

Astronaut Bedding

astronaut bedding

How incredibly fabulous is this astronaut bedding by SNURK? Made me smile, ear to ear.

(Via coolmompicks)

Solar System Hard Candy Lollipops

Solar System Hard Candy Lollipop

These Solar System Lollipops made me rejoice. They’re a Laughing Squid find from last year. They’re available at the Vintage Confections Etsy shop.

EGG Helmets

EGG HelmetsEGG Helmets

These Dutch EGG Helmets make me want to be a kid.

Woven Heart Card

Woven heart Card

A lovely Woven Heart Card Tutorial over at MiniEco. Ready for Valentine’s day this Thursday?

Pigeon Post

Pigeon PostPigeon Post

I just guffawed when our mailman Peter walked in the door with a plastic pigeon on his shoulder. My awesome friend Bridget sent me a Pigeon Post. My day has been made. It can’t get any better. Carrier Pigeon Post. Hilarious!

Valentine’s Multi Tattly Pack

Valentine's Multi Tattly PackValentine's Multi Tattly Pack
Valentine's Multi Tattly Pack

Want to send some small Valentine’s notes that go beyond just a card? Consider the Valentine’s Tattly Multipack: The set contains 24 cards, stickers and Tattlys with four different designs. My daughter used these in school last year and scored some major points.

Chief Financial Officer

Everything’s better with a rainbow on it: Chief Financial Officer coin purse, designed by Ana Benaroya.

Open Book Bin

Love this open book bin by Land of Nod.

String Theory Games

I have no idea if my kids would actually enjoy playing with this string sheep, but I sure wouldn’t mind having it lay around in the apartment. Pretty, no?

Heartshaped Straws

If there’s one thing kids are completely obsessed with, it’s straws. Now, these heart-shaped straws would push my daughter completely over the edge.

Cloud Pencil & Eraser Set

A cloud shaped eraser that holds a rainbow of pencils? YES!!

Friendship Bracelet Tatty

Team Tattly just launched friendship bracelets (blue / pink) designed by Julia Rothman. My daughter is going to go nutty over this one.

Crazy Face Magneticbook

Magneticbook opens to reveal a blank face which can be customized with magnetic features. My kids would *love* this.

Toca Hair Salon 2

If there is one kids’ game I find myself playing a lot, it’s the Toca Boca Hair Salon. I admit I giggled in anticipation when I learned that they just came out with a new version today with more hairstyling fun. My favorite new feature? The curling iron!

If you want to buy iPhone and iPad apps for kids, have a close look at the Toca Boca universe. These guys are doing it right!

Itty Bitty Project

The folks of Kiss Me I am Polish took a refreshing stab at kids t-shirts. The result? Itty Bitty Project, a t-shirt series that lets the kids customize their tee. I love the idea, but am afraid the pieces will be lost in no time. But hey, I might be wrong!

Another f***ing Tote

No need to explain – it’s another f***ing tote. Made me chuckle.