Prolonged Dachshund

I absolutely adore this illustration by Lucie Sheridan.


Human Communication

Human communication interpreted by Wendy MacNaughton.

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English Is Not Easy

English Is not Easy is a beautifully illustrated guide to the English language by Luci Gutiérrez. I unfortunately couldn’t find a place that sells it online. I would love to get my hands on a copy.


I fully agree with Marc Johns.

The Desktop Wallpaper Project

Designed by Jen Mussari

My current favorite over on Bobby Solomon’s The Desktop Wallpaper Project is by our lovely studiomate Jen Mussari!

She believed she could…

Love the messsage of this print, by CygneNoir on Etsy.

Bodies of Water

These Body of Water illustrations by Tamsyn Mystkowski made me giggle.

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The Illustrated 99% Conference 2012

The wonderfully talented Wendy MacNaughton was brought in to illustrate the most recent 99% Conference, just a few weeks ago. It was lovely seeing her throughout the conference, with her notepad, sketching and documenting.

For those who don’t know 99% is Behance’s annual conference about “making ideas happen” – its name inspired by the Thomas Edison quotation, “Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration.”

Below is a selection of Wendy’s visual observations:

See all sketches here.

Death By Chocolate…

Gemma Correll‘s Death By Chocolate made me chuckle.

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Alex Girard Memory Game

Ammo books recently released this lovely Memory Game by Alexander Girard.

The Secret Lives of Clouds

The Secret Lives of Clouds, by The Krafty Fox

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Abstract City

This is one of the many wonderful illustrations you can find in Christoph Niemann’s latest book called Abstract City, a collection of visual essays. If you’re as much of a fan of Christoph’s as I am, you might enjoy his humorous CreativeMornings talk.

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Swedish designer Stina Persson designed these iPhone/iPad wallpapers which are available for download via Granimator. Beautiful.

(Did you know she is a Tattly Contributor?)


Couldn’t help but chuckle at this Illustration by Leif Parsons for The New York Times.


Are you a bike enthusiast? If so, you’re probably going to like the Tattly we launched yesterday: Red Bike by Katie Evans, Let’s Ride by Mike Lowery, Pixel Bike by United Pixelworkers. Yay for spring and bike weather!

Asteriks vs Commas

Something I always suspected, now confirmed by Marc Johns: Asterisks are more dangerous than commas.

Study No. 1+3

These prints by fellow DUMBOnian Damien Correll make me swoon. #mustorder #ordered


In love? Then this little guy is for you: Enamorado Tattly by Blanca Gomez.

3D Boy Print by Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers is one of my all-time favorite children’s books illustrators and I was thrilled when he said yes to a print-collaboration. You can purchase 3D boy in my shop and I am sure it will make a great addition to any kids room, or even an office. What do you think?

Drawing the NYC Marathon

The wonderful Christoph Niemann did the impossible yesterday: He ran *and* live-sketched the NYC Marathon at the same time. He drew with good old analog paper and pencil, then snapped a photo and tweeted it out to the world. I followed his stream with sheer amazement all day. I laughed when he ‘upped the ante’ and pulled out a canvas and oil paint at the end. Gotta love Christoph’s sense of humor. Hat tip!

You might know Christoph Niemann from his NYTimes Abstract Sunday Column, his I LEGO N.Y. book or a CreativeMornings talk I posted a while back.

You can follow his entire Marathon experience on his two twitter accounts: @abstractsunday and @abstractsunday1 (Looks like Twitter has a restriction on how many photo tweets you can upload a day, he had to create a new Twitter account mid-way through)

New Kids Tattlys

We just launched 4 new Kids Tattlys: 3D Boy by Oliver Jeffers, Childhood Memories by Domogenous, Octopus and Rocket Man by Jim Datz.

You’re wondering what Tattlys are? Designy Temporary Tattoos!

American Flag Map

This American Flag Map by TheseAreThings is a beauty.

Comic Sans Fighting Back

While I am not crazy about the foul language in this stop animation, I am completely in love with the fact that Comic Sans fights back. The last sentence made me laugh out loud. The original monologue was written by Mike Lacher but the animation is by Joe Hollier who also created this amazing stop animation called My Visual Diary.

I didn’t see it coming

The Title of this song by Belle & Sebastian pretty much summed up my last two days: I didn’t see it coming. Beautifully animated by Lesley Barnes. Hat tip!

(Tattly was featured on Laughing Squid, Gizmodo, Gawker, Oprah, Kottke, ItsNiceThat… and many more!)

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