This World

This World

This World print by Wasted Rita.

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Portraits in Creativity: Maira Kalman

Portraits in Creativity

The talented and delightful Gael Towey recently started a short film series called Portraits in Creativity in which she documents artists and their inspirations, revealing the courage and curiosity that propel the creative act.

Last night she launched her latest short film on illustrator Maira Kalman. It’s a deep yet humorous glimpse into Maira’s world, a woman I hugely admire. Watch it.

(In 2012 Maira gave a beautiful Maira’s CreativeMornings talk)

Blue Bird Woodcut Sculpture Prints

woodcut birdseastern blue bird woodcut sculpture print

How incredibly wonderful are these blue bird woodcut sculpture prints? They are the brainchild of Nic Annette Miller. They are woodcuts printed onto mulberry paper and individually hand-colored, then glued onto 3/4″ thick plywood, sawed out and sanded. Totally hand-made in Brooklyn.

Side-Project Man

side-project man

Given that I believe in the importance of side-projects and in recognizing your own superpower, this illustration of Side-Project Man by Andy J. Miller made me chuckle.

Jen Mussari’s Brooklyn

My talented studiomate Jen Mussari is currently featured as a finalist in My Life in VOGUE. I am totally voting for her. Join me?

Don’t Be A Bear

dont' be a bear

The Don’t Be A Bear project was started as a 2013 illustrated resolution. Jared Rippy created a new bear each day of 2013 as a reminder to avoid the pitfalls of a bearish attitude. Love this!

Reply To That Email Already

reply to that email already
Adam J. Kurtz sent me this giant handwritten note in the mail. Can’t stop smiling.

Andrew Neyer

Andrew Neyer

I need to hang this print by Andrew Neyer above my computer so I remember to drink water throughout the day. Oh, healthy habits…


Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold

Gold foil stamp heart poster by Bethany Lesko. Beautiful.


Sure I like Fun Print

This print by Will Bryant made me smile! Sure, I Like Fun!

Ok, Everyone…

back to work

In case you read my previous post and have been playing Smileball since, it’s time to go back to work. Illustration by the talented Jeff Rogers.

Elephant by Stina Persson

Elephant Stina Persson

Stina Persson just launched this limited edition Elephant print over on Wonderwall. A beauty. (You can change the currency on the site in the pulldown on the very bottom of the site.)



Its no biggie

A Tumblr filled with incredibly charming animated gif drawings, by Thoka Maer: It’s No Biggie.

Cat on Skateboard

Cat on Skateboard

This shrink plastic brooch “KATZI” by danadamki is hand painted with permanent markers on shrink plastic, baked, shrunk and varnished. All of danamaki’s shrink plastic brooches are individual artworks. Etsy find of the day!

Very Semi-Serious

Very Semi-Serious is a documentary aiming to go behind the scenes of the New Yorker. It introduces the past, present and future generations of cartoonists who have inspired, baffled—and occasionally pissed off—all of us for decades.

Totally backing this Kickstarter. Let’s make it happen.

(Thanks Joanna)

Yay Internet!

yay internet

Last week I asked my studiomate Jen if she could draw a Yay Internet. Above is what she came up with a few hours later. Watch the animated version over on Made me smile.

(Thanks Rusty)

Let’s Draw People Together

Drawing at the Whitney

Jason Polan is inviting you to draw people with him this coming Sunday, at a Whitney Museum event. Cookies included. Total winner.

Who’s your Favorite Illustrator?

Last night, I sent out the above Tweet, asking for Illustrator recommendations. The response has been incredible. In fact, I found so many talents on that thread that I figured I should share it here, on my blog. Thanks to everyone that responded. I can’t help but feel that the internet is quite a magical place.

Feel free to add your favorite illustrator as a comment below.

Like Knows Like: Lisa Congdon

What a lovely short feature on the very talented Lisa Congdon.

Lunch Bag Gone Art Work

Sandwich Art

David Laferriere has been drawing illustrations on his kid’s sandwich bags since 2008. While he won’t win the go-green award, he sure deserves the creative dad of the year award. Made me smile! Make sure to see the entire Flickr set.

(thanks Keef)


helveticat print

A typeface made out of cats? I am not even a cat person but this is making my head explode: Helveticat. Congrats to Bethany Lesko, the designer.

Every Last Drop

Conserve Water Every Last Drop

Really lovely and well made site illustrating the importance of water conservation. You can also watch it as a short video. Congrats to the makers, Nice & Serious.

Parallax Scrolling FTW!

(via Maria)

LEGO Vines

The launch of Vine, the Instagram of video, has been fascinating to watch over the past few weeks. Obviously everyone is trying to figure out what works, but users like Mark Weaver sure found a unique way to play with the format. His LEGO Vines are my personal favorites. Imagine a stop motion art project using Lego bricks and Vine. See the growing archive over on

Daily Dishonesty

Daily DishonestyDaily DishonestyDaily Dishonesty

Simply wonderful: Daily Dishonesty project by NYC based designer Lauren Hom. You can buy them as prints. I know some folks who would make perfect recipients for the Bacon is a Food Group print.

(thank you @shopbrika and via missmoss)