Petting Zoo

Petting ZoopzSS_WWW-01

While visiting NYC last week, Christoph Niemann stopped by Studiomates and I got to see his brand new kids iPhone/iPad app called Petting Zoo. At the time he had just submitted it to the App Store, but it is live now! YES!

Interacting with Petting Zoo made me laugh, squeal and giggle. Yes, it’s *that* much fun to play with. Trust me, download it, and laugh away with your little ones (or alone). I can’t wait to show this to Tilo tonight!

Bed No.1

Bed No.1blueroom kids bed

I love this minimal kids bed by Swiss Blueroom. Add a few pillows and it feels more like a couch. Hello there, teen years!

(thank you Barbara)

Astronaut Bedding

astronaut bedding

How incredibly fabulous is this astronaut bedding by SNURK? Made me smile, ear to ear.

(Via coolmompicks)

Solar System Hard Candy Lollipops

Solar System Hard Candy Lollipop

These Solar System Lollipops made me rejoice. They’re a Laughing Squid find from last year. They’re available at the Vintage Confections Etsy shop.

EGG Helmets

EGG HelmetsEGG Helmets

These Dutch EGG Helmets make me want to be a kid.

Woven Heart Card

Woven heart Card

A lovely Woven Heart Card Tutorial over at MiniEco. Ready for Valentine’s day this Thursday?

Wall of Paper Hearts

wall of hearts

How about orange created a charming DIY to create a wall of paper hearts. Valentines day is just around the corner, folks!

Alphabet Baby Dress

Baby Alphabet Dress

Love this baby Alphabet Dress. Also available as leggings.

(via coolmompicks)

DIY 3D Hearts

boxed 3D hearts

A tutorial that teaches you how to make 3D paper hearts? Yes, please.


eco glue

One of the best things about attending a gift fair is to meet the founders behind products I like. Take Eco Kids for example. I already liked their products but meeting the founders, Kip and Cammie sealed the deal. My loyalty to a product or service grows exponentially when I share the same passion and outlook on life with the founders. Their products are all made in the US, eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Check out their online store. I personally love their eco-glue (pictured above) and the eco-dough.

Valentine’s Multi Tattly Pack

Valentine's Multi Tattly PackValentine's Multi Tattly Pack
Valentine's Multi Tattly Pack

Want to send some small Valentine’s notes that go beyond just a card? Consider the Valentine’s Tattly Multipack: The set contains 24 cards, stickers and Tattlys with four different designs. My daughter used these in school last year and scored some major points.



I wish I would have known about Chewbeads when my kids were little. It’s jewelry that looks cool but is also ok to chew on for babies. I saw them across from our booth at the NY Gift Fair yesterday. They’re minimal, and stylish, I would wear them now, even though my kids are over their teething stages.

Chewbeads are 100% Silicone and made with non toxic ingredients and are dishwasher safe.

Bicycles Zipper Pouch

I would totally sport this Bicycles Zipper Pouch.

String Theory Games

I have no idea if my kids would actually enjoy playing with this string sheep, but I sure wouldn’t mind having it lay around in the apartment. Pretty, no?

Bandit Fox

Bandit Fox. We all need one.

Heartshaped Straws

If there’s one thing kids are completely obsessed with, it’s straws. Now, these heart-shaped straws would push my daughter completely over the edge.

DIY Animal Craft Jar

These DIY animal craft jars are just amazing! I will have to finally get myself a Glue Gun and make these with Ella one of these upcoming weekends. Brilliant!

(via coolmompicks)

Crayon Creatures

Turn your children’s drawings into figurines with

(via Albert Wenger)

Friendship Bracelet Tatty

Team Tattly just launched friendship bracelets (blue / pink) designed by Julia Rothman. My daughter is going to go nutty over this one.

How to make LEGO bendy:

My Sugru obsession just reached a new high after seeing this video. Sugru + LEGO = world domination!

Merry Christmas

(Thank you David)

Santa Tracker

I don’t know about your kids but mine are counting the seconds until Santa arrives. Google’s Santa Tracker will help.

Itty Bitty Project

The folks of Kiss Me I am Polish took a refreshing stab at kids t-shirts. The result? Itty Bitty Project, a t-shirt series that lets the kids customize their tee. I love the idea, but am afraid the pieces will be lost in no time. But hey, I might be wrong!

Streamliner Yellow Taxi

I am pretty sure my 2 year old, Tilo, would approve of this modern yellow taxi by Playsam.