LaLa Lunchbox

LaLa Lunchbox is a brandnew iphone app that lets your kids plan their own lunches and teaches them to make smarter food choices!

Kids get to personalize and design their lunchboxes with fun monsters and colors, and then plan their lunches for a whole week at a time. They simply swipe their choices into their lunchbox from a large selection of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and snacks. Along the way, they learn that a balanced lunch includes items from each category. Parents can easily personalize and edit the items available to their kids.

G and I have been trying to teach our 6 year old, Ella, about the importance of a balanced diet. I am pretty sure she’ll enjoy playing with this app and feeling in control over what goes in her lunchbox. I’ll give LaLa Lunchbox a try, hoping it will not overcomplicate things!

(Thanks Harley)

Laser Cut Seaweed

Laser Cut Seaweed Sushi. Stunning, right?

Pizza Chopper

This Pizza Chopper would have come in handy last night. A beauty.

Funny Food

Funny Food: 365 Healthy, Silly, Creative Breakfasts will turn carrots into airplanes; boiled eggs into jugglers, and pears into guitar players. At this point, I am willing to try anything, to get my 2 year old something else than just plain beige foods. Here’s a video of some of the pages in the book.

(Thank you Keren)

Consider me Hungry

I was browsing The Whole Food Diary and stumbled upon this Blueberry Pancake recipe. The result? Hungry!

(thank you Daniel)

Chef Sleeve

(Photo via the green head)

As the iPad has become my regular companion in the kitchen, I give the Chef Sleeve my two thumbs up! Slide your iPad in it and voila, it is protected from spills and greasy fingers.

(via Fab)


These breakfast/cutting boards made out of melamine made me look and smile. They are by Anstalt, a Zurich based design studio. Order them here. (site is in German only)

Liquid Conversion Chart

Thank you Erik Spiekermann, for creating this US Liquid Conversion Chart from US fluid ounces to milliliters.

Vegan Recipes on Punchfork

Punchfork is my go-to-site when I need some cooking inspiration. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend you download their app. And, vegan folks rejoice, they just added a Vegan Category.

Yummyfun Kooking

My daughter is completely obsessed with Yummyfun Kooking, a seriously adorable, quirky cooking show made for kids. (I love watching the show myself.) Ella loves the show so much, she asked me to sign her up for actual cooking classes. And I admit, that makes me happy.

So, here’s a brand new episode that Claire Crespo, the chef in the show and mastermind behind it all, *just* launched:

Ah, so apparently I can’t embed it, but you can watch it here.

Check out Claire’s website at (warning: Flash Site) or buy her DVDs over on Amazon.

And here’s the Series Trailer:

Letterpress Cookie Cutter/Stamp

Graphic designer/typenerd parents rejoice and turn your next cookie baking event into a letterpress lesson with these Letterpress Cookie Cutter/Stamps.

Ice Cream Clouds

Check out this Tutorial to make Ice Cream Clouds, illustrated by Melinda Josie. Download the recipe as a PDF here.

(Thank you Nate)

Pasta Ti Amo

If I had walls for artwork in my kitchen, I would order these typographic prints right now.

Le chef a toujours raison = The chef is always right
Pasta, Ti Amo! = Pasta, I love you


I wrote about Punchfork before and was thrilled to learn that they just introduced an iphone and iPad app. I am in heaven!

It’s a fantastic way to discover the latest recipes and dishes that are trending on popular food blogs like Smitten Kitchen, Simply Recipes, 101 Cookbooks and more.

Also, check out (Makes me want to get rid of all my cooking books.)


brocolli vimeo from Matthew Moore on Vimeo.

How broccoli becomes broccoli – a timelapse by Matthew Moore. My thoughts after watching this: Respect Le Broccoli!

(via curiositycounts)

Happy Chopper

Who wouldn’t like to chop onions on a cutting board that is smiling at you? Exactly.

Split Decision Pie Pan

If dessert time at your house sounds like this, “I want apple pie”. “No’ let’s have pecan pie!” … then you’ll need the Split Decision Pie Pan. Why bake one, when you can do two at the same time. The ingenious Split Decision Pie Pan includes two inserts for creating either a traditional full size pie, or two halves.

Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer

The Hermetus Bottle Opener is not your usual bottle opener. The resealing function is what sets this gadget apart.


Home Made

This Home Made Cookie Stamp made me laugh!

Robot Measuring Cup

It’s a robot built out of measuring cups. Yep. Very cool.

Zucchini Fritters

Zucchini Fritters? Yes, please.

Kitchenware that made me smile

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of these Kitchen Utensils over at designed by Raia Studio. From left to right: Sud Green Dish Brush, Gaby Green Cheese Grater and Marshall Green Potato Masher. For the next three days you can get them over at Fab.

I admit though, that I am afraid my kids would want to play with them, not ideal, especially in the case of the grater.


Punchfork uses real-time data like tweets and Facebook shares to measure which recipes are grabbing the attention of users. Their proprietary rating system assigns each recipe a popularity score from 1 to 100. The higher a recipe’s score, the more it has been talked about and shared on the web.

Traditional recipe sites list page after page of search results in no discernible order. With Punchfork, you see only the highest quality recipes, presented in a beautiful magazine-like visual layout. has me incredibly excited: I love you Internet!

(via brainpicker)

Cake Pops

(images via IndieFixx)

Ever since I tasted a Cake Pop I have been wondering how to make them myself. That’s where the Cake Pops Book by Bakerella comes in. Ordered!