West Elm Market

Now look at this! West Elm Market is a completely new concept from West Elm filled with clever, hard-working, time-saving, clutter-busting solutions for everyday living. The first store, West Elm Market Brooklyn, will open October 25th in DUMBO. Yay to this!

Love that they have a Made in the USA category.

Happy Food Day

Team Tattly is celebrating Food Day by wearing our Vegetable Tattly. Food Day is a nationwide celebration and a movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food.


It makes me happy when I discover web-based tools that help connect like-minded people, in this case, people that care about local produce with farmers. Farmigo is taking CSAs to the next level. The Farmigo online food network provides consumers with an easy way to subscribe to a local farm and get fresh food delivered to a convenient pick up location.

I just learned that Brooklyn Roasting across the street from our office will be one of the drop-off locations. Shopping local, supporting local farmers has never been easier. And, how cute is the name Farmigo?

Modern Welsh Lovespoon

Now these Modern Welsh Lovespoons make for a fantastic gift for newlyweds or newly engageed folks, no?

Vegetable Linen Tea Towel

Absolutely love this Vegetable tea towel by Kate Bingaman Burt.

(via Rusty)

Eat Me Cookie Stamp

A cookie inherently screams EAT ME when I see it. This stamp is for people who need some convincing. Made me smile.

Julia Child Remixed

This Julia Child remix made me smile. She was one inspiring lady! And it happens to be her 100th Birthday today. Maria posted a lovely write up of Julia’s Lessons in Publishing and Perseverance.

(via Coudal)

Peacock Measuring Spoons

Peacock Measuring Spoon. Yes!

Salt Bird

This Salt Bird made me chuckle.

Sombrero Juicer

The Sombrero Juicer by Umbra lets you easily add a splash of citrus to your beverage. Simply place the juicer into the top of your beverage container and quickly juice a lemon or lime right into your drink. Definitely something I can live without but I admit, it made me look.

Flag Conversions Tea Towel

This Flag Conversion Tea Towel is useful and good looking and therefore qualifies to enter my home.

Choice Cuts of Potato

This Choice Cuts of Potato Tea Towel is the perfect gift for the vegetarian in your life.

Eat Your Vegetables!

Team Tattly launched the adorable Vegetable Set yesterday. Didn’t you always want to wear an eggplant tattoo on your arm?

Freeze A Rainbow

I am pretty confident I’ll be reaching supermom status once I make a batch of these Rainbow Popsicles for my kids.

Potluck Baker Set

This Potluck Baker Set makes me want to look up some recipes on Punchfork and go home and cook.

Asparagus Tart

This Asparagus Tart caught my eye, and made my stomach growl. I found it over on The Forest Feast, a blog by Erin Gleeson, a NYC photographer who moved to the woods.

rhubarb + ginger crumb bars

Our newest studiomate, Kelly Carambula, started her first day off with a bang: She brought in these homemade Rhubarb and Ginger Crumb Bars. Little did she know that I have a slight obsession with Rhubarb (along with Brussel Sprouts)!

Kelly *just* posted the recipe on her site Eat Make Read, so now I can try to take a stab at them myself. Woohoo!

LaLa Lunchbox

LaLa Lunchbox is a brandnew iphone app that lets your kids plan their own lunches and teaches them to make smarter food choices!

Kids get to personalize and design their lunchboxes with fun monsters and colors, and then plan their lunches for a whole week at a time. They simply swipe their choices into their lunchbox from a large selection of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and snacks. Along the way, they learn that a balanced lunch includes items from each category. Parents can easily personalize and edit the items available to their kids.

G and I have been trying to teach our 6 year old, Ella, about the importance of a balanced diet. I am pretty sure she’ll enjoy playing with this app and feeling in control over what goes in her lunchbox. I’ll give LaLa Lunchbox a try, hoping it will not overcomplicate things!

(Thanks Harley)

Laser Cut Seaweed

Laser Cut Seaweed Sushi. Stunning, right?

Pizza Chopper

This Pizza Chopper would have come in handy last night. A beauty.

Funny Food

Funny Food: 365 Healthy, Silly, Creative Breakfasts will turn carrots into airplanes; boiled eggs into jugglers, and pears into guitar players. At this point, I am willing to try anything, to get my 2 year old something else than just plain beige foods. Here’s a video of some of the pages in the book.

(Thank you Keren)

Consider me Hungry

I was browsing The Whole Food Diary and stumbled upon this Blueberry Pancake recipe. The result? Hungry!

(thank you Daniel)

Chef Sleeve

(Photo via the green head)

As the iPad has become my regular companion in the kitchen, I give the Chef Sleeve my two thumbs up! Slide your iPad in it and voila, it is protected from spills and greasy fingers.

(via Fab)


These breakfast/cutting boards made out of melamine made me look and smile. They are by Anstalt, a Zurich based design studio. Order them here. (site is in German only)