a question for my readers…

My wonderful G has been using a service called LogMeIn for a while now on his PC’s. It let’s him keep all of his computers synced at all times. It also allows him to gain access to his home or office PC from any computer with an Internet connection.

In my dreams, my iMac at work and my laptop at home would be completely mirrored at all times. I just saw that LogMeIn also has an Apple feature. Are you familiar with the Mac Version of this service and have used it? I am not sure a service like this would work for me as some of my project files are h-u-u-u-g-e!

Dear swissmiss readers, how do you keep your data on your multiple computers synced?

cool feet


Seen these cool feet before. Time to get them. My laptop is HOT!

Kensington Battery Pack for iPod and iPhone


The Kensington Battery Pack recharges iPhones and iPods. Yes, please.

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Yes, Please. (Ouch, just saw the price, hmmm, maybe not)

BatRest iPhone stand


A folding stand for the iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPod Touch to fit in your wallet. BatRest.

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iPhone GUI psd file


Michael discovered an iPhone layered psd file. Excellent!

Five best iPhone tricks

If you’re one of the seven million people (and counting) who have bought an Apple iPhone, you might be finding the transition from a physical keyboard to a virtual one a bit tricky to get to grips with. To make life a bit easier, Telegraph has chosen their top five keyboard shortcuts and iPhone tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your iPhone.

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Ever need to carry your iMac around?


Ever need to carry your iMac around? Reinda bag is here to solve the awkward carrying problem. Nifty! I guess this would work for any apple monitor as well?

chocolatize your iphone with the homade chococase


This chocoholic iphone case had me laugh out loud!

Investing Strategies for iPhone Customers


“It’s certainly not as steep a trend as my iPhone’s devaluation, but it’s significant. In the year since I bought my first iPhone, AAPL has gained roughly 50% in value. If I’d spent that original US$599 on Apple stock instead, I’d be able to buy a new iPhone 3G and have about US$599 in assets to my name. Oh well.ll.”

Investing Strategies for iPhone Customers)

Freitag F84 Mac Sleeve Air Case


Freitag F84 Mac Sleeve Air Case

Keyboard Shortcut Skins for Macs


Keyboard Shortcut Skins for Macs for Photoshop, Aperture, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, After Effects, or Logic Pro. The Photoshop one could definitely come in handy at casa swissmiss…

Apple Mac Music Video

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Top 100 Mac Apps


Chris compiled a list of his top 100 Mac apps.

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Appleised Jobs


This is cool. A Portrait of Steve Jobs, made from sort of Apple products.

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1993 Steve Jobs interview about working with Paul Rand

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Making an itouch or iphone stand

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apple, google and you


Apple, Google and you

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blue lounge spacestation



An extended desk organizer for laptop users with internal coiling pins conceals all the cords that usually sprawl over the desk. Hovering just 5mm above the desk, cords are free to enter or exit the hub at any point – on the side to connect a scanner, the front for an iPod, the back for a laptop or camera. An internal 4-port USB hub will keep all peripherals connected. One USB plug exits the station right where needed to connect a laptop. Just tip the front of the SpaceStation up to access the hub and cords.

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song made out of Mac OSX sound effects

A little song made from the sound effects in Mac OSX. All sounds are completely unmodified. Free free to download and play wih the GarageBand file from this link.

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Leopard is better and faster than Vista NOT

This Apple banner ad campaign made me laugh.

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giant earbuds


Desktop speakers that look like giant earbuds. Made me laugh.

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Create a WebClip Bookmark Icon (for iPhone and iPod Touch)

Create a WebClip Bookmark Icon (for iPhone and iPod Touch) 57×57 pixels : To specify a bookmark icon for all pages of a web site, place a PNG image named “apple-touch-icon.png” at the root directory of your web server – similar to the “favicon.ico” for site icons.

(great find chris!)

CreativeTechs Tip: Play almost any video file on your Mac.


If you are not yet a subscriber to Creative Tech’s Tips then I would highly recommend to sign up asap. Here’s one of their latest tips:

There are two essential (and free) utilities that will solve a host of video incompatibility problems with Apple’s QuickTime utility. They are free to download, and easy to install. CreativeTech recommends installing these on most Mac creative workstations.

Perian — Billed as the Swiss-Army knife for QuickTime. This open source plug-in for QuickTime includes a wide number of video codec files that enables your Mac to play most cross-platform video formats.

Filp4Mac WMV — Provides support for Microsoft’s Windows Media files (WMV) — one of the few video formats Perian doesn’t support. The free version allows you to play most WMV files. You can pay to unlock additional options for exporting and converting WMV files into other formats.