Freezing soap bubbles

This is stunning.

Embroidered Portraits


Stunning embroidered portraits by artist Cayce Zavaglia.

How Stamps Get Designed

Learn what goes into designing a stamp for the U.S. Postal Service. (But wait, that FOREVER stamp, wasn’t that designed by Jessica Hische? Doesn’t it sound like he’s taking credit for it in this video?)



Love the analog and very visual, always present idea behind the HabitStrap. Backed the project on Kickstarter and will give it a try!

Primer and Twin Primer Machine

Primer and Twin Primer

Weirdly intrigued by this simple looking hand made machine. Press the button and it spins up to the next prime number. That’s it. Nothing else. So nerdy and refreshing. See it in action here.

German Words We Need In English


German words that the English language desperately needs given the current political climate.

The year in photos 2016

the year 2016 in photos

This photo offers some much needed perspective. From Kottke’s post The year in photos 2016.

Herbert Leupin – Swiss Poster Artist

Herbert Lupinherbert Leupin

I have fond memories of seeing these posters as a kid growing up in Switzerland. They are designed by prolific Swiss designer Herbert Leupin.

One Day At A Time

One Day At A Time

Love this simple day planner notepad. Would make a good analog addition to my digital to-do list called TeuxDeux.

Career Crisis

Career Crisis

Are you in a career crisis? You might want to pick up these cards by The School of Life.

Man Tears

Man Tears
The product description made me chuckle: Man tears are too heavy for kleenex.

Phone-Home Xylophone

Phone-Home xylophone

The Phone-Home Xylophone is an eight-key handheld instrument with built-in looping, pitch control, and delay. Looks like fun!

Feather Star

Els Van Den Eijnden managed to film the bizarre swimming motions of a feather star in Thailand.

Help Aleppo

Help Aleppo

The news coming out of Aleppo is ripping my heart into pieces. Here are seven real things you can do right now to help.

Disco Ball Cement Truck

Disco Ball Cement Truck

Thanks to French artist Benedetto Bufalino, you can now dance the night away at a construction site turned night club with the help of his new Diso Ball Cement Mixer.

NO! Poncho

NO! Poncho

This poncho expresses how feel about the current U.S. politics.

Women Who Draw

Women Who Draw Website

Women Who Draw is an open directory of female* professional illustrators, artists and cartoonists who take freelance work. YES!

Over 25,000 Paper Flowers


This stunning installation of over 25,000 colorful paper flowers by Emmanuelle Moureaux made me look.

Interesting facts about every country in the world

This video, with interesting facts about every country in the world, is *so* great!

Acts That Amplify

Ann Hamilton, Untitled (body object series, 1984–1993

This photo caught my eye. Discovered in a post over on Brain Pickings: Acts That Amplify: Ann Hamilton on Art, the Creative Value of Unproductive Time, and the Power of Not Knowing

Drake on Cake


Drake on Cake. You’re welcome.

All World Maps Are Wrong

Fascinating video explaining why all world maps are wrong.

Muemma Bluetooth Speaker

Wow, Muemma is a beauty of a Bluetooth speaker. Incredibly decorative! Definitely #wishlisted.

The Well

The Well is a sleek, simple wooden container for boxed wine. I am totally ok with this on my kitchen counter.