Constructing Childhood

If you’re a parent, you most certainly will enjoy this CreativeMornings talk in which Raul Gutierrez speaks about the last 100 years of childhood through the lens of his family, how children see the world, and Tinybop’s approach to designing mobile apps for children.



I am a Designerd. Are you?

Time Enjoyed Wasting

Time enjoyed wasted

I agree with Patrick Cabral: Time Enjoyed Wasting is not Wasted. Yes!

Rebel Wisdom

Rebel Wisdom by SHutterstockShutterstock-CM3

Shutterstock, our official CreativeMornings partner for visual inspiration, created a set of beautifully illustrated posters based on CreativeMornings talk quotes. They totally made me smile. See them all here.

F1 Pit Stop Ballet 

Watch Ferrari’s F1 pit crew do a pit stop in a bit over two seconds. Crazy impressive.

Cosmic Tote


This limited edition Cosmic Tote made me look. Love to discover more and more products made in the USA! YAY!

Saprotrophs, Mesophiles, Psychrophiles and More…

growth thingy

Melissa Easton’s blog is one of my favorite corners of the internet. She always manages to dig up some interesting finds, celebrating the seemingly mundane, just like these Saprotrophs, Mesophiles and Psychrophiles.

Sunlight Pills

sunlight pills

I think we could all use some Sunlight Pills just about now. Which ones would you like? Bahamas, Seychelles or BoraBora?

(Waving to you Australia! Enjoy that summer!)

Could You Close that Door, One More Time?

I love it when people question and re-invent something that is seemingly not broken, i.e. the mechanics of a door. Congrats Austria based Klemens Torggler for this stunning door concept.

MOO Cards


I remember what a hassle and expense it was to get business cards printed when I got my first design job in 1999. How the world has changed! MOO has completely redefined the landscape of business cards and notecards for that matter. They have made rich looking, full-color printed business cards affordable and accessible for anyone. I get so many compliments when I hand out my CreativeMornings card (see above). I love my cards so much, that we teamed up with MOO to send all of them a set of CreativeMornings Luxe Business Cards. Needless to say, the surprise was a success.

But my love for MOO goes beyond just the beauty and affordability of their cards. It’s the level of detail they put into everything they do. If you have ever received a MOO package you know what I am talking about. From the YAY sticker on the outside to the beautiful (!) business card box they come in. MOO cares. They care about good design. They care about delighting the customer. Consider me a fan.



Michelle Jewell makese these adorable stuffed animals called Finkelsteins.

(Thanks Wesley)

Pour Mason

Pour Mason

Pour Mason is a pour-over coffee maker attachment made specifically for Mason Jars. Love the old-school look and feel of it. Also, they’re sold out. (womp womp)

Quick Fit – 7 Minute Workout

Quick Fit looks like the perfect app for busy people – based on the 7 Minute Workout popularized by the NYTimes. Download the App or check out the free web version.

(via LifeHacker)

Thoughts on making things & the internet


Thoughts about “making things” & the internet by Adam J Kurtz.

For Everyone in Doubt

The Gap: A new typographic interpretation of Ira Glass’s iconic quote about the creative process created by Daniel Sax.

(via Colossal)

Ostrich Pillow Light

Ostrich Pillow LightOstrich Pillow Light

I just had the pleasure to meet one of the co-founders of Switzerland based Studio Banana. Key Portilla-Kawamura is one of the forces behind the wonderful Ostrich Pillow and now it’s smaller brother the Ostrich Pillow Light, pictured above. These pillows are made in a small town in Spain and revived a dying factory. What is not to love?

Key also gave a CreativeMornings talk in Geneva a year ago. Yay for smart creative people making cool stuff. And yay for the internet connecting us all.



I just discovered the biggest (video) rabbit hole of all time: Consider it your personal concierge, delivering a never-ending stream of well curated video. And the next thing you know, a few hours went by. Yes, it’s that good. (And, it’s free!)

This is Not a Conspiracy Theory

This is Not a Conspiracy Theory is the first installment of a brand new documentary feature by Kirby Ferguson. You can view the first installment above. Always amazed at Kirby’s skill of connecting the dots.

And I love his experimentation in how a release of a documentary can work. If you want to see the upcoming installments, you’ll have to subscribe. I am all for supporting independent film makers.

I can also highly recommend his Everything is A Remix Series.

Say Hello to Somewhere

Screenshot 2014-01-23 14.35.51
Screenshot 2014-01-23 14.34.08

During my stay at DLD in Munich earlier this week, I had the pleasure to meet Justin McMurray, founder of Somewhere, a brand-new service to share the story behind what you do and how you work.

Everything Justin told me about Somewhere, got me incredibly excited and reminded me a bit with what we are trying to achieve with the CreativeMornings profiles. Linkedin profiles feel sterile and cold. What I want is to see how someone works, what side projects they work on and what super powers they have. I think Somewhere is about to offer that.

Team Somewhere was so kind to create a custom sign-up link for swissmiss readers, so you don’t have to request an invite. (YAY!) Voila, use this link and Go Somewhere!

What do you think?

ps: Justin McMurray gave the November CreativeMornings talk in Berlin. Watch it here.

Love Necklace

Jessica Hische NecklaceIMG_4260

Over lunch today, the mighty Jessica Hische told me about her brand new collaboration with Caja Jewelry! Check out the stunning, typographic LOVE Necklace. Available in silver and gold. Well done, Jessica!

The Intouchables

On my flight from Munich to NYC today I watched The Intouchables. Based on a true story, the movie seriously touched me. To the point where my seat neighbor handed me tissues. My favorite scene? This one.

Chopsticks Reinvented

chopsticks reinventedrassen01_akihiro_yoshida

Chopstick manufacturer Hashikura Matsukan asked Oki Sato from Nendo to redesign the chopstick. Read more here.

How To Eat A Cupcake

(via The Kid Should See This)

The World’s Most Photographed Places

world's most photographeed places

This Google-generated “heat map” showing the most photographed locations on Earth made me look.

(via Wired)