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Made me smile.

The Town Mouse

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Loving the branding of this Melbourne bar/restaurant called The Town Mouse by design studio A Friend Of Mine.

(via Chris)

Museum Recreates Van Gogh’s Bedroom Painting and Puts it on Airbnb


So good: The Art Institute of Chicago created a 3D replica of Van Gogh’s famous Bedroom painting, making the room available for rent on Airbnb for only US$10 a night.

(Thanks Dominie)

OK GO | Upside Down and Inside Out

This. Video. Just. Blew. My. Mind. And here is the behind the scenes.

Zun Lee | Visual Storyteller

InFrame – Zun Lee from InFrame on Vimeo.

Love these personal mini documentaries Format is producing in collaboration with Bas Berkhout. They just released a new one on Zun Lee, a Toronto based self-taught photographer.

Read By Famous

Read by Famousread by famous

Read by Famous sells books that were owned and read by people who have achieved high levels of recognition in their particular fields. Not copies of titles they have read, but the actual books that these people owned and read. The proceeds from the sales benefit book and literacy focused non-profits.

I love this!



Behomm, the “Airbnb for design-minded folks”, just opened up their home exchange platform to anyone that considers themselves a creative type. Behomm started out strictly for people working in the creative industry: The homes they feature are stunning. Here’s how you can join: Get an invitation from an existing member or apply for an invitation.

How To Live Like A Creative

How to live like a creative

Format teamed up with illustrator Sam Island to visualize the daily habits of creative types. Made me smile.

(via CreativeMornings)

850 mL French Press


I know nothing about French Presses but this one is a beauty.


SledLegs are wearable snow sleds. I am having all the feels watching tis video. This looks terrifying and amazing at the same time.



Songbird by Brooklyn based tattoo artist Tea Leigh is my new favorite Tattly.

Learn Piano Interactively


Pianu is a website that teaches you how to play the piano interactively. I just love the internet so much!

Alfie Douglas Backpack


This minimal, hand-made leather backpack by Alfie Douglas just won my heart. (It comes in three sizes)

11+ Mini Humidifier


How cool is this mini USB powered humidifier?

(Thanks Amrit)

15 Ways To Manage Stress

15 ways to manage stress

15 ways to manage stress according to scientists. Yes to #14.

Kodak’s New Super 8 Camera


Kodak will be releasing a new super 8 camera designed by Yves Behar. The camera has the ability to shoot in a digital format as well as traditional super 8 film cartridges.

Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment

Wow, think of the possibilities of this Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment. Also, I will never trust any video conference call again once this becomes mainstream! If you’re into this stuff, try the FaceSwap Live App. My kids an I haven’t laughed this much in a long time.

Ampersand Trivet

Ampersand Trivet

Type nerds unite: The Ampersand Trivet is here.



Passweird generates weird passwords for you. Nothing else. So good!

(via Chris)

Composition in Cinematic Storytelling

This video by Lewis Bond beautifully illustrates The Importance of Composition in Cinematic Storytelling.



Truebill helps you find and track your paid subscriptions, fees, and other charges and cancel unwanted payments. Definitely giving this a try.

(via Amrit)

Missions for your little one

Screenshot 2016-01-27 05.50.35

The folks behind Red Paper Plane believe that “Missions” are a whole new way to learn and play for little ones. They created mission based design challenges for the whole family, based on a creative process – 20 minutes per day for several days. This is fantastic! Especially for snowy winter weekends!

I’ll totally try the Spaceship Mission with Tilo (5) this weekend.

Icon Diary

Screenshot 2016-01-27 05.44.01

Rachel Berger created Icon Diary, a collection of daily memories, each captured in writing and in a simple animated illustration. Beautiful.

Andrew Faris


Loving this piece tittled DEEP by Andrew Faris.