Banana Split

YES to this Banana Split Poster.


Turn on sound. Go fullscreen. Heart is full watching this.

(Thanks Amrit)

DIY Rainbow Balloon Hat

This DIY rainbow balloon hat made me smile.

This Made Me Laugh

That Wholesome Feeling…

Bike Powered Elevator

This Bike Powered Elevator made me smile. Love the concept.

That Time of The Year

It’s that time of the year again, here in the U.S! Happy 4th of July everyone!

Current Status

It’s So Simple:

Be Nice Tea Towel by David Shrigley.

The Internet, So Glorious

House Powerstation

This House Power Station Cable Holder made me chuckle.

The Chromatic Typewriter

A typewriter that writes with paint. My heart!

(Thank you Cathy)

Skyline Chess

Skyline Chess brings the iconic architecture of New York City to your chess board. Made me smile.

Current Status

Wood + Rope Tree Swing

My kids look at this simple tree swing and see happiness.

The Creature Garden

The Creature Garden App by Tinybop is delightful. It lets you create incredible, fantastical creatures with 100s of different hooves and horns, wings and beaks, paws and claws, and more. So much fun!


Last week I had the absolute pleasure to meet Vicki Saunders, the founder of SheEO, a global community of women radically transforming how we finance, support, and celebrate female innovators. SheEO’s goal is to reach 1M Activators, 10,000 women-led Ventures and a $1B perpetual fund to support women for generations to come.


Yes to radical generosity and women supporting women!

Real Words as HEX Colors

Love this playful site showing real words as hex colors. Made me smile.

(via Chris)

Happy Monay!

Rainbow Pool Float

Rainbow pool float!? Made me smile!

Desktop Letter Board

Love this playful desktop letter board. Oh, the possibilities.


Toio, Sony’s new toy for kids is designed to inspire a future generation of robotics engineers.

I Feel You Cat

Totally feeling this cat.

Ed Sheeran Carpool Karaoke

I love carpool karaoke so much. This one with Ed Sheehan made me smile.