Boo Crew

Boo Crew

Everyone’s giving out candy on Halloween, be the cool kid in town by handing out the adorable Boo Crew. (Technically it is a candy, but just in form of a temporary tattoo!)


Kid President believes it is time we took back the internet and did something awesome. It’s Socktober!!

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Modern Day Snail Mail

Modern Day Snail Mail

Imagine you text your friend and a few minutes later you get a response, via text, but a handwritten response. Yup, that’s the incredibly poetic project called Modern Day Snail Mail by Cristina Vanko.

Grumpy Rain Cloud

Grumpy Rain Cloud

Grumpy Rain Cloud Pin Brooch. Made me smile.

Designer, Maker, Thinker

Designer Maker Thinker Pin

Quite charmed by these Designer, Maker and Thinker pins by Skinny Vinny.

Body Anatomy Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt - Body Anatomy Science Teacher

Incredibly odd yet fascinating Body Anatomy Sweatshirt.

What To Do When Lost in The Woods

What to do when lost in the woods

Love these 7 Lessons on the creative life from the U.S. Forest Service. #6 #5 is my favorite: Don’t yell, don’t run, don’t worry, and above all, don’t quit.



Animated gifs for the win.


The Moo Luxe Project

Paper jam Luxe Project

My friend Arianna Orland teamed up with the folks over a MOO and created these stunning Moo Luxe Cards. The Luxe Project is a brand new initiative that teams talented creatives with Luxe by MOO. Their designs will be showcased for a month, and 100% of net proceeds will go to the designer’s charity of choice.

I have MOO Luxe business cards both for CreativeMornings and Tattly. Couldn’t be happier. I heart MOO.

Looks familiar? Some of Arianna’s designs are also available as Tattly! And she also sells them as beautiful posters over on Paper Jam Press

Superman Onesie

superman onesie

Superman Onesie. YES!

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Filter Fakers

Filter Faker

Filter Fakers is a collection of Instagram photos tagged #nofilter, revealing what filter they did in fact use. Makes me think a lot of people don’t know what #nofilter means.

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♥ / Craig Frazier

A big thank you to Craig Frazier for sponsoring this week’s RSS Feed.

Pretty good illustrations.

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NYC Subway Tattly

MTA Subway Tattoos

Team Tattly is giddy over today’s long-awaited launch of the New York City Subway Set. We are working on collaborations with brands we love and we figured, since we are based in NYC, it would be lovely to start with a homage to the beautiful subway signage. If you want to know a bit more about the history of how the signage system came about, AIGA has a great article on this. And if you want to sport a Subway Tattly, head this way.

Friday Link Pack

(via The Kid Should See This)

- Try this IFTTT Recipe to add a random Wikipedia article to your Feedly every day to increase your knowledge. (via)

- BrooklynBeta is one of the best conferences I have ever attended. The tickets for this year’s conference in October just opened up. Check out the amazing folks attending and get your ticket. (as long as you still can)

- Fantastic post by Kellan, the Etsy CTO, on Surviving being senior (tech) management.

- Zkipster looks like a fantastic service for event organizer that work with guest lists. (not ticketing services) I attended an event organized by the Swiss Consulate here in NYC last week and the staff used their software on their iPads. Looked slick.

- Toothpaste Pete. My kids would sure love this little guy.

- I bought one of these foldable camping tables with chairs and my kids love it. Folds down to a small suitcase.

- Wow! Super lightweight shoes made from Tyvek.

- Craig Mod launched hi, a website that lets you attach a snippet of text and a photograph to a location.

- 275,000 dominoes toppled toward a new Guinness World Record.

- What time is it? Party time!

- Safe Search Engines for Kids.

- A beauty: Mika Bag

- Google Maps 2 for iPhone/iPad is out, with live accident reports, indoor maps of malls, airports, etc. Free. (via)

- History of Mac, Minimalist Illustrations of Mac Computers

- “A deadline is a beautiful thing.” – Maira Kalman

- The fine folks of Happy Monday interviewed me for their podcast.

- The One Thing These Crazy Successful People Do Every Morning

- These Metal Boxes have my name written all over it.

- Anil Dash’s post on 10 Rules of the Internet, made me chuckle. I’ve sure learned my lesson with #2.

- Moment in NYC is looking to hire an Experience Designer.



This cooler designed to look like a vintage Mac computer circa 1984 made me laugh.

Tattly = 2 (Birthday Sale 50% off)

Tattly Birthday

Exactly two years ago, I launched Tattly aiming to fix the broken aesthetic of temporary tattoos. Never in a million years would I have expected it would grow into what it is today. We started with 15 designs and now look at a roster of over 300 and 80 contributing artists. In the past two years we have shipped to over 90 countries and are represented in over 400 stores worldwide. Needless to say, growing Tattly has been quite a learning experience for me and my hardworking team: Rusty, Yoko, Bekka, Jen, Julia, Sarah, Natalie, Brad, Nic and Kate. I am incredibly fortunate to work with such a smart, hardworking and fun group. In the end of the day, a company is nothing else but a group of likeminded humans, making it all happen. And boy, they do make things happen! I heart my team!

We are celebrating with a 50% (!) discount from now until Sunday midnight (EST). This is our one and only sale for the year.

Confetti Toss! Happy our Tattly birthday to you!

40 Yearbook Photos, 1 Outfit

teacher wears same outfit075716-dale-irby

Dale Irby, a retired physical education teacher from Dallas, Texas wore the same outfit in every yearbook photo for forty years. Check out the full slideshow over on

Stories like this one make me happy. So happy.

Superhero Caped Socks

Superhero Caped Socks

Superhero Caped Socks. Made me laugh.


VW Bus Tent

VW bus tent

How wonderful and smile-inducing is this VW Bus Tent? It actually makes me want to own a tent. But then, maybe not, I just looked at the price tag. Ops! Maybe I’ll stick to the toiletry bag.

A Life Well Lived

Fifty years ago, Jim Whittaker became the first American to summit Mt. Everest.

Paraplegic Duct Tape Surfing

This is one of the most moving things I have seen in a long time. Pascale Honore has been in a wheelchair for 18 years and recently went ‘duct tape surfing‘ on the back of her friend and experienced surfer, Ty Swan. Read more.

(via LaughingSquid)


Snore Stopper

The Snore-Stopper made me giggle. “One brief, yet resolute punch and you again reign over nighttime peace.”

Yay Internet!

yay internet

Last week I asked my studiomate Jen if she could draw a Yay Internet. Above is what she came up with a few hours later. Watch the animated version over on Made me smile.

(Thanks Rusty)