Phone Cone

Phone Cone

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Kids’ Drawings of Their Grandparents Recreated in Photos


Yoni Lefevre has created “Grey Power,” a project that recreates kids’ drawings of their grandparents in colorful, sometimes surreal photos. Love this so much.

Drink Whiskey / Drink Coffee

Drink WhiskeyDrink Coffee

Which one gets your vote? Drink Whiskey or Drink Coffee? Both designs by Will Bryant.

Punch Bag Laundry Bag

Punch Bag Laundry Bag

This Punch Bag Laundry Bag made me laugh.

Laser Cat Aims to Project Your Art on The Moon

Laser Cat from Hungry Castle on Vimeo.

Last week I had the honor to meet the fine gentlemen behind Laser Cat: Kevin O’Callaghan and Hungry Castle. Their excitement over Laser Cat, a collaboration between them and ADC was refreshingly adorable. The project aims to get us creative types to submit personal art to Laser Cat so that he can show it to the world. We all got into this game because we loved art but many creatives have lost touch with their art because of the nature of the business. Laser Cat is hungry to change that.

Make Laser Cat happy by sending in Drawings, Ceramics, Sculptures, Paintings, Photography, Cat Photography or Film. The more art he’s fed the stronger he grows. 100 submitted artworks gives him the power to project on walls, 1000 means he can cover buildings and if he’s fed 1 Million artworks then Laser Cat will be able to project art onto the moon. (!!!)

You have until November 30 to feed Laser Cat. The launch of the biggest art show ever will take place on Miami Beach at the Bass Museum next April 7-9 as part of the ADC Annual Awards + Festival of Art and Craft in Advertising and Design.

Yes, this all is a bit strange. But that’s ok.

Dancing Traffic Cop

The Universe Salutes You

The Universe Salutes You

The Universe Salutes You, designed by James Victore. Made me laugh.

See The Beauty of Math

This video by Yann Pineill & Nicolas Lefaucheux is stunning. It powerfully illustrates the beauty of math, even if you don’t understand math. Make sure to watch fullscreen!

(via this FastCo article)

Tattly Cards!

The fine folks over at Mama’s Sauce created this fun Instagram video of our most recent product launch: Tattly Cards.

Panta Claus

Panta Claus Holiday Pants

Panta Claus Holiday pants. Made me laugh. #daymade

(Thank you Jen)

Reading positions

Reading positions

Reading positions. Made me laugh.

Tick To-Do App

FastCo Design wrote a blog post about a new To-Do App called Tick. I am fascinated how people organize their work flow and can definitely see the appeal of this one.

I use my own app called TeuxDeux.

No Place Like Home, GPS Shoes

Dominic Wilcox has created a fully functional prototype pair of shoes that will guide the wearer to any destination, no matter where they are in the world. Poetic.

Ball Socks

ball socks

Ball Socks! These would make my sock drawer so much more fun. Made me smile.


Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 11.44.32 AM

Ladies and gentlemen, here goes your day: Smileball – the first smile-controlled pinball game. Play it online.

(Thanks Daniel)

Looking Like Other People

Looking Like other People

Looking Like Other People celebrates that awkward moment at work when you realize you’re wearing pretty much the same thing as someone else.

Chalkboard Pumpkins

Chalkboard Pumpkins

Who says you need to carve a pumpkin? These chalkboard painted ones are supercool. Clearly, I didn’t see this DIY Tutorial in time. We went the old-school route this weekend at casa swissmiss.

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Skull Eggs

skull eggs

This made me laugh. Skull Eggs! Brilliant!

Superman 75th Anniversary

Tilo’s head will explode when he sees this animated Superman anniversary short. My son takes his Superman admiration seriously.

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various key tagsAIRBNB_lightgrey_1024x1024glossblack_aa3279f0-1f25-4e51-9c2c-c364f2e62927_1024x1024

Various Keytags made me chuckle. These would make for a fun gift. (Thanks Brian)

Boo Crew

Boo Crew

Everyone’s giving out candy on Halloween, be the cool kid in town by handing out the adorable Boo Crew. (Technically it is a candy, but just in form of a temporary tattoo!)


Kid President believes it is time we took back the internet and did something awesome. It’s Socktober!!

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Modern Day Snail Mail

Modern Day Snail Mail

Imagine you text your friend and a few minutes later you get a response, via text, but a handwritten response. Yup, that’s the incredibly poetic project called Modern Day Snail Mail by Cristina Vanko.

Grumpy Rain Cloud

Grumpy Rain Cloud

Grumpy Rain Cloud Pin Brooch. Made me smile.