A Life Well Lived

Fifty years ago, Jim Whittaker became the first American to summit Mt. Everest.

Paraplegic Duct Tape Surfing

This is one of the most moving things I have seen in a long time. Pascale Honore has been in a wheelchair for 18 years and recently went ‘duct tape surfing‘ on the back of her friend and experienced surfer, Ty Swan. Read more.

(via LaughingSquid)


Snore Stopper

The Snore-Stopper made me giggle. “One brief, yet resolute punch and you again reign over nighttime peace.”

Yay Internet!

yay internet

Last week I asked my studiomate Jen if she could draw a Yay Internet. Above is what she came up with a few hours later. Watch the animated version over on yayinternet.com. Made me smile.

(Thanks Rusty)

Vino2Go Wine Sippy Cups

Vino2Go Sippy Cups

I just laughed out loud discovering these Vino2Go Wine Sippy Cups. I am in sippy cup land with my 3 year old, so I definitely can appreciate the grown up version.

swissmiss = 8


Swissmiss is turning 8 today! I can’t help but wonder what that amounts to in internet years!

Thank you for reading and happy my blog birthday to you!

That birthday cake is a creation of Ella (7), Parker (8) and Jen (29+).

NYC Tattly Summer Randomizer Tour

tattly randomizer

To celebrate summer, Tattly is sending Vending Machines on a tour around the streets of New York City. Tattly partnered with some of their favorite spots to bring you an extra little surprise for just 25¢! Check the Randomizer Store Tour list for locations!

Hat tip to Rusty, for making this happen!

Ice Cream Roses


I couldn’t care less about roses, unless they are made of ice cream.

Pie with a Message

pie with a message

This pie with a message made me laugh. Quite ironic.

Humans of New York

Brandon takes photos of strangers in New York and then posts the images on Humans of New York. Simply wonderful.

Hashtag Banner


Yep, I am totally ordering one of these customizable Hashtag Banners. Perfect for our #Tattly birthday bash in July!

Pizza Compass App

Pizza compass

Here’s an app the world has been waiting for: Pizza Compass. As the name indicates, it guides you to your next slice of Pizza nearby. Brilliant.

Cloud-Shaped Tape Dispenser

Cloud Shaped Tape Dispenser

How smile-inducing is this cloud shaped tape dispenser, designed by Yu JuHyun?

(Thanks Jaime)

When I was Hungy

When I was hungry

I am sorry for what I said when I was hungry.

Hot And Cold Pack + Ice Pop

Hot And Cold Pack + Ice Pop

How adorable is this reusable Ice Pop gel pack ? Use it to soothe aches and pains or to cool your sandwich in your lunchbox.

You’re Officially Awesome

You're Awesome

Are you a creative person that constantly submits to competitions but never gets in? Are you over 30 and bummed that you missed your chance to be a 20 under 30? or a 30 under 40? or some other random number under some other random number? Well, Jessica Hische has an award for you. Then you can put “award winning designer” or whatever on your resumé.

thousandsunder90.com Please note the awesome cats in the background.

Brooklyn Derby

Did you get your ticket to this year’s Brooklyn Derby yet?

Shopify Build-A-Business Competition Winners


Shopify just announced the five winners of this year’s Build-A-Business competition!

During the 8 months of this year’s Shopify competition, over 10,000 entrepreneurs created Shopify online stores that sold more than $55 million in products. The five businesses that sold the most over any two months of the competition each win a $50,000 US investment.

But not only that, the fine folks over at Shopify are also sending each of the winners on a trip to New York City to meet with the industry experts who served as mentors to the participants throughout the competition (Tim Ferriss, Daymond John, Eric Ries and moi).

I can’t wait to meet and hug Debbie Sterling, the winner of my category, Art & Design! Debbie is a female engineer from Stanford University and created GoldieBlox, a construction toy that encourages young girls to get into engineering, develop spatial skills and hone problem-solving abilities. What’s not to like?


The other four category winners are: Freshtops, Game Klip, SinnyMe Tea and Canadian Icons.

Congratulations to all the winners! And congrats to team Shopify for making this comeptition happen! I am honored to have gone from winner to mentor! Yay, for e-commerce! Yay internet!

Read about the competition over on the Shopify blog.

(A year ago, the phone rang at Tattly HQs and Shopify’s CPO, Harley Finkelstein, told us that we won the Shopify competition in our category! Oh, the memories!)

The Last Bookshop

The Last Bookshop short film by Richard Dadd and Dan Fryer imagines a world in which only one bookstore survives.

(via explore)

Lunch Bag Gone Art Work

Sandwich Art

David Laferriere has been drawing illustrations on his kid’s sandwich bags since 2008. While he won’t win the go-green award, he sure deserves the creative dad of the year award. Made me smile! Make sure to see the entire Flickr set.

(thanks Keef)

Throw & Grow Confetti

throw and grow

Throw & Grow is eco-friendly confetti that grows into wildflowers. Woah!

To Do Cat

To Do Cat

To Do Cat made my day. Thank you internet.

(via Kyle Van Horn)

Zachary Smith

zachary smithzachary smithzachary smith

Who’s with me that these designs by Zachary Smith would make fab Tattly temporary tattoos?

Le Phant

Le Phant Elephant Tattly

Le Phant Elephant, by the talented Greg Pizzoli. Wrooommmm. Wroooommm.