Hanabunko Flower Vase

Hanabunko Flower Vase

How lovely is this idea of a vase in the shape of a book to put between books on a bookshelf?

NY Train Project

NY Train Project

Adam Chang created the NY Train Project, an online gallery of 118 subway stations in Manhattan. Pick a line and discover the various signage styles.



Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 8.34.15 PM

Today Jason Fried and his team at Basecamp launched THE DISTANCE, an online magazine that celebrates interesting private businesses that have been in business for 25 years or more.

Read Jason’s blog post about it and the first issue of THE DISTANCE featuring Chicago’s Last Tannery.



Canopy is a design-y way to browse products on Amazon. The beautiful site lets you find and share the most useful and well-designed products Amazon has to offer. Love.

(Thanks Gabrielle)

It’s Your Life

“It’s your life — but only if you make it so. The standards by which you live must be your own standards, your own values, your own convictions in regard to what is right and wrong, what is true and false, what is important and what is trivial. When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

271 Years Before Pantone

book of colors

271 years before Pantone, an artist mixed and described every color imaginable in an 800-page book.

What is Alibaba?

What is Alibaba? It is China’s — and by some measures, the world’s — biggest online commerce company.


Relics of Technology


Relics of Technology by Jim Golden

A Shelf-Table

Shelf Table

It’s a Shelf. No wait, it’s a table. It’s both!

♥ / Siteleaf

A big thank you to Siteleaf for sponsoring this week’s RSS Feed.

Siteleaf is a new, simple content management system for web designers.

Develop locally, write in the cloud, and publish to your favorite web host. There is no database to worry about or server software to install.

Best of all, your clients will love it.

Try a free developer account at siteleaf.com.

The New 10 Commandments

1 Laugh.
2 Read.
3 Say please.
4 Floss.
5 Doubt.
6 Exercise.
7 Learn.
8 Don’t hate.
9 Cut the bullshit.
10 Chill.

This guy said it.

Link Pack

We Are The World is my personal antidote to get Frozen songs out of my head! Fellow parents, what is yours?

A System For Email Productivity, by George Kao

Get Back To Work!

– Well known design peeps share their current top 3 favorite typefaces

– What is that? Oh, that’s my banana purse.

– Wow, how futuristic: 1945’s General Motors reception

– Ha! Boombox Butter Dish

Leica T. What a stunning camera.

– Love this take on a diamond ring.

Gifprint turns your animated gif into a flip book (via)

Keynotetweet is an Applescript utility which automatically tweets from Keynote during a presentation. Cool.

6 Superpowers That Really Exist

– In preparation of my 99u talk (today!) I rewatched Jane ni Dhulchaointigh’s 99U talk from last year. She got a standing ovation for it. The first in 99u history. She is the founder of Sugru and I am her biggest fan.

– Sorry Jimmy Fallon but Emma Stone rules this Lip Sync Battle.

Lots and lots of internet hugs. (thanks Jen)

What Is Nothing? A Mind-Bending Debate about the Universe Moderated by Neil deGrasse Tyson

– This warms my heart: Albert Camus Wins the Nobel Prize & Sends a Letter of Gratitude to His Elementary School Teacher (1957)

Writers and their typewriters. Cool poster.

– Fascinated by this potrait.

– Squarespace is looking to hire a Template Designer. Great company to work for!

Look Birdy

Look Birdy is a simple photo app that makes kids look! Made me smile.

LIX a 3D Printing Pen

How stunning is this 3D printing pen? It allows you to doodle in the air! Imagine the possibilities!

UPDATE: My studiomate Jen just pointed me to another 3D printing pen already available at the MoMA Store. Different brand. Same concept.

(thank you Fredrick!)

♥ / Travel Staying In Beautiful Homes for Free

A big thank you to Behomm for sponsoring this week’s RSS Feed.

@SwissMiss: “How often do you come across a website that makes you jump out of your seat of excitement? I just did: Behomm is a house swap website for designers and visual artists only. The homes featured on the site are stunning, absolutely breathtaking. I am a big believer in house swaps, we do it every year with ‘friends of friends’ in Switzerland. You know: I stay at your house while you stay at my house.”

@ElleDecor: “A New Way to Travel: Behomm, an invite-only site for designers & visual artists offering home exchange worldwide.”

@SilviaGalluzzi: “Living in a beautiful home anywhere in the world for free and meeting people with shared interests is a dream for those who love the aesthetics! Thanks Behomm.”

Behomm is a travel revolution for creatives. A fast growing community. In 1 year we’re more than 700 members from Bali to New York. For security reasons we’re a by invitation-only community, we avoid anonymous registrations. Small homes are more than welcome. Aesthetics has nothing to do with luxury.

Apply for an invitation and try Behomm for free at Behomm.com


“Celebrate what you want to see more of.”
– Tom Peters

Traffic at the world’s craziest intersection 

Watching traffic moving trough this intersection in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia makes my heart race a bit faster.

Current Status

Working Hard

Current status: working on my talk for Friday’s 99u conference.

30 Second Habit

“Immediately after every lecture, meeting, or any significant experience, take 30 seconds — no more, no less — to write down the most important points. If you always do just this, said his grandfather, and even if you only do this, with no other revision, you will be okay.”

The 30 second habit with a lifelong impact, by Robyn Scott

I Will Survive!

I willl survive

This plant pot made me laugh. (such a great idea, but sad choice of typeface)

Link Pack

– Love this: Sheep & Stitch is all about learning how to knit beautiful patterns through step-by-step videos. But its larger purpose is to bring people back to creating, to the magic of making things with their own two hands.

Are Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hours of Practice Really All You Need?

– Wow! Mailchimp Merge lets you send emails directly from Google Docs and Sheets.

Endless app – brings you great hand-picked content from Wikipedia. It’ll amaze you, inspire you and stay with you forever.

10 Crucial Lessons From History’s Greatest Graphic Designers

– I know what I am trying this weekend: Brooklynite

Deskcamping: A new way for freelancers and startups to rent desk space.

– 43) If you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, don’t say it to them on Twitter. Twitter Tips.

– Wait, what? Instagram Marshmallows?

– Wow! Google Street View Now Has a ‘Time Machine’ Feature

– Love these wooden kids plates.

– Yes, the world doesn’t need this product, but it made me laugh: Fixie Pizza Cutter

– Wonderful conversation between Brené Brown and Chase Jarvis.

Vintage Movie Archive on YouTube.

How to Take Control of a Difficult Conversation

– Sleep! The Doctor Who Coaches Athletes on Sleep

– Before you speak, THINK!

How to make ketchup!

Knitted Comfort Food. Made me laugh.

This looks like a long pom-pom gone necklace.

Duolingo lets you learn languages by dueling people around the world!

Fixed vs. Growth – the two basic mindsets that shape our lives and how to cultivate the one that predicts success

Eyebombing in Madrid.

– Colorful, washable tote bags made out of recycled materials.

– The fine folks at Harvest are looking to hire a Customer Support Person.



Noisli is a background noise generator ideal for working and relaxing. (Plus Text Editor for distraction-free writing with plain text and Markdown support.)

So simple. So neat.

Like Knows Like: Helena Price

The latest installment of Like Knows Like is on the wonderfully talented photographer Helena Price. Enjoy.

(Love the Jessica Hische cameo at the end.)

A Permanent Tweet

Permanent Tweet

Now your favorite Tweets can become a lasting work of art: Permanent140 immortalizes great Tweets by laser etching them onto wood or metal.

What a fun gift. Two swissmiss thumbs up.