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With The Converted you don’t only get the answer, but the bigger picture too.

It’s a radical new way to convert currency and other units on the iPhone and iPad. Perfect for quick, at a glance conversions. Like when shopping abroad, or to get a sense of it all when foreign units are used in films, books and recipes.

Download The Converted now from the App Store or visit ideon.co/theconverted to learn more.

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The Bluelace Project

The fine folks behind Flint and Tinder are currently running a Kickstarter campaign that I couldn’t be more excited about: The Bluelace Project is trying to proof to US retailers that customers do in fact care about domestically produced goods.

Lacing up blue lets retailers know that you’re willing to give a second look to domestically produced products. Lacing up blue lets American manufacturers — the men and women fighting to innovate and bring better-built products to market at a time when their competitors undercut them by cutting corners abroad — know you appreciate the war they’re fighting daily.


To Live To Learn To Love

To Live To learn To Love

Really excited over today’s new Tattly launch. Designed by Lila Symons: To Live To Learn To Love.

Pencil Stylus

The folks behind the wonderful Paper app just launched their very own stylus called Pencil. Looks stunning!

Pop Music Wisdom

Don't Eat Yellow Snow

Love the idea behind this pop music wisdom book by Markus Kraft. It lists 250 of the best pop songs for those times that solid life advice is needed. The songs represent all popular music styles from the last 50 years, from rock to folk and from punk to hip hop.



Type nerds, check out this Adjustable Clampersand. Brilliant and amazing, right?

(Thanks Allan)

Designers Touching Their Faces

Designers Touching Their Faces

This Tumblr made me laugh. It is entirely dedicated to Designers Touching Their Faces.

(Thanks Fosta)

Freitag Tough Business Bags

F301 Freitag

In this wonderfully absurd product video Freitag introduces their F301 Moss and F302 Roy tough Business Bags. Definitely made me smile.

As if that wasn’t enough, this takes product videos to a whole new level:

Nothing beats the durability of a Freitag bag. I own 4 and one of them is 14 (!) years old and still going strong. And I will now add the F302 ROY on my wish list for santa this year.

Sugru Fixer’s Manifesto

Sugru Fixer Manifesto

Fixing is the unsung hero of creativity. And it really shouldn’t be. It’s the most common, humble and beautiful form of creativity. Sugru wants us to wear that belief proudly. Let’s notice and celebrate these little everyday triumphs, and help others see their value. Sugru made this Fixer’s Manifesto to fuel the conversation about why a culture of fixing is so important.

You can buy a poster of this manifesto here. And there’s a plaintext copy on Github.

Rainbow Pencils

Rainbow Pencil

Made from recycled paper, rainbow pencils let you create beautiful paper rainbows when you sharpen them. Congrats to the designer Duncan Shotton.

Max Temkin

In this CreativeMornings talk Max Temkin explains why he thinks the often heard advice “do what makes you happy, follow your dreams” is complete BS.

Max is the co-creator of the hilarious and beloved party game for horrible people, Cards Against Humanity. Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends.

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Timelapse

Friday Link Pack

- The Bootstrapper’s Manifesto by Seth Godin. So good. So so good. (PDF)

- I know a few folks who should rock one of these Space Explorer Badges.

- Fake binder, made for office power naps.

- Nerdy parent alert: LittleBits and Korg teamed up and made a modular analog synthesizer.

- I am in love with this analog gif player: Giphoscope (via)

- Photo nerds, look: LOMO Diana Camera Bag Felt Purse. Fun!

- Essential Thanksgiving Guide.

- This IKEA lamp stopped me in my tracks. Stunning.

- Who wouldn’t want to wear a T-Shirt with Lionel Richie on it. Exactly.

- Keep kids busy on Thanksgiving with these cute holiday crafts.

- What could be better than a female neuroscientist explaining the science of body language and empathy with a passage from Anaïs Nin? Here.

- NaNoWriMo: Punctuation Tips. How to properly use dashes, hyphens, parentheses, quote marks (double and single), apostrophes, ellipses, brackets, slashes, question marks, and exclamation points.

- Want a portrait of your family made of custom dolls? I do!

- Pool Bedding. Fun.

- This Papercraft Bear Trophy is stunning. Simply stunning.

- “I believe ultimately that great education is self education especially in the arts. The students are not empty bottles waiting to be filled. They’re full. What is needed is to get the stuff out. An ideal education develops confidence, ego strength and a thirst to discover one’s possibilities.” – Louis Danziger

- Alexis Ohanian wore a “Swacket” while discussing his new book on ‘The Colbert Report’

- Restoration Hardware has a beautiful Stocking Stuffer Section.

- Less But Better Poster.

- Evernote in Austin is looking to hire an UI/UX Designer.

Phone Cone

Phone Cone

(via Joanna)

Kids’ Drawings of Their Grandparents Recreated in Photos


Yoni Lefevre has created “Grey Power,” a project that recreates kids’ drawings of their grandparents in colorful, sometimes surreal photos. Love this so much.

Fairy Ring Cushion

IKEA Stool Pillow

We have these IKEA kids stools at home and I love them. I just discovered these Fairy Ring Cushion pillows that are made for them. Adorable.


Love that the beginning of the Coin product video was filmed at Poketo. Also, cool (1st world problem) product.

DIWire Bender

Pensa’s DIWire Bender transforms drawn curves into bent wire that can be assembled to make just about anything. #Want



During our parent teacher conference at my daughter’s school today I discovered this poster. Can someone please turn this into a typographic-letterpress-printed masterpiece? I’ll buy it.

The Record Breaker

I am completely charmed by this mini documentary on Ashrita Furman, the man with the most Guinness World Records of all time. Film maker Brian McGinn follows Furman as he prepares to climb Machu Picchu on stilts. (!)

(via booooooom.com)


Sure I like Fun Print

This print by Will Bryant made me smile! Sure, I Like Fun!

Drink Whiskey / Drink Coffee

Drink WhiskeyDrink Coffee

Which one gets your vote? Drink Whiskey or Drink Coffee? Both designs by Will Bryant.

PA1 Mountable Bluetooth Speaker

PA1 is a minimal mountable bluetooth speaker. Two thumbs up!

Punch Bag Laundry Bag

Punch Bag Laundry Bag

This Punch Bag Laundry Bag made me laugh.