My Favorite Interview Questions

When I talk to my friends who run companies or are in hiring positions, I usually ask them for their favorite interview question. Here are some of mine that I collected over the years:

  • – Why do you want this job?

    – What do you know about us?

    – What did you like about your last job? Why did you leave?

    – Tell me something about yourself that I can’t find out on Google!

    – Who do you admire?

    – What’s a reason why I should not hire you?

    – What do you do when you’re not working?

    – What’s something you’re bad at that you really wish you were good at.

    – What’s your favorite part of your current or previous job?

    – What’s your secret superpower?

    – When was the last time you wore a costume? And what was it?

    – What’s the shittiest job you’ve ever had?

    – What are you learning right now?

    – How do you organize your closet?

    – What would the title of your autobiography be?

    – Tell me about some people you’ve helped in your career.

    – I’m going to give you 5 minutes. Teach me something new. Anything!

    – If I was to ask your friends 3 words to describe you what would they be?

    – When is the last time you went out of your way to do something nice for someone?

    – What are the biggest values you think your parents taught you?

    – When is it okay to break the rules?

    – Give me a single sentence to tell our CEO about you when I see her later today.

    – If you weren’t getting paid for what you do, would you still be doing it?

    – How does this position relate to what you really want to be doing?

    – What do you dream of?

    – What is the thing that breaks your heart?

    – What do you want?

  • Do you remember being asked an interesting interview question? What was it?

    Friday Link Pack

    Artist Serene Teh created a brilliant page-flipping live animation of Assassin’s Creed with ink on paper

    A short history of global living conditions

    – I want this Courage pin!

    This post makes me want to buy a pool noodle!

    – Wow. Buffer has a completely transparent product roadmap. (via)

    We Don’t Meet Anyone by Accident

    – I work with wonderful humans: Guggenheim Friday Lego Winedown

    – These are helpful not just in a sales environment: 23 Email Sales Lines to Spur Action.

    LinkedIn Is Testing A New Feature That Matches You With A Mentor

    – What the what? Pollock chocolate bar?

    – This made me smile: The three cleaning graces

    This cat bed!

    11 ways that I, a white man, am not privileged, by Matt Caron

    An inflatable tent.

    – These amphibious adventure sneakers are made from Algae

    A planter with a face on it!

    – This cactus car charger is cute.

    – I love love love classic Turkish towels.

    – I can’t handle the cuteness of this ‘walk-bike‘ for little ones.

    – I just dealt with a seriously clogged toilet and this article on how to fix it was helpful. I didn’t realize it was about moving the water back and forth, not air. Doh.

    – The big whale in the Natural History Museum is my favorite. Here’s how he gets cleaned.

    – This jetpack backpack is pretty darn adorable.

    – This is one beautiful Glass French Press.

    – Honored to be speaking at the AIGA Design Conference 2017 this October in Minnesota.

    – Put an Avocado on it.

    John Maeda’s 4 Rules

    1. Don’t speak ill of others.

    2. Avoid passive aggressive behavior.

    3. Listen broadly, but don’t waffle on decisions.

    4. When in error — admit, apologize, move forward.

    – John Maeda

    Read some of John Maeda’s explanations on his Four Rules

    Fog Linen Tea Towel

    This minimal Japanese tea towel won my heart.

    Grilled Peaches

    Grilled peaches? Yes please!

    Beach Canvas Tote

    Love this minimal Beach Canvas Tote.

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    Cobalt Pretzel

    I find this Cobalt Pretzel Print quite charming.


    Grid Washi Paper & Envelope

    This letterpress grid paper and envelope set made of beautiful Japanese traditional washi paper made me look.

    Yours Truly on the Clever Podcast

    Jaime Derringer (of DesignMilk) and Amy Devers, the charming forces behind the Clever Podcast interviewed me a few weeks ago and the episode just went live. This is certainly the most vulnerable and personal interview I have ever given. Gulp.

    Alpha build

    If my kids were still little, I would totally get these magnetic Alphabuild blocks.

    Banana Split

    YES to this Banana Split Poster.

    Love All

    “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”
    – William Shakespeare

    Fireworks Filmed With A Drone

    Somebody flew a drone into a fireworks display and this is what happened. Wow.

    (via Paul)

    Cerco Espresso Cup

    This is one good looking and surprisingly designed espresso cup.


    Turn on sound. Go fullscreen. Heart is full watching this.

    (Thanks Amrit)

    DIY Rainbow Balloon Hat

    This DIY rainbow balloon hat made me smile.

    Lands Rug

    Be still my heart! This Rug!

    As Soon As I Saw You….

    “As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen!”
    – Winnie The Pooh

    360-Degree Videos

    This watercooler looking device lets you watch 360 degree videos on your walls and ceiling. Way cool!


    SmartHalo is a GPS navigation system for your bike.

    Friday Link Pack

    A Yawning Kodiak Bear Slowly Takes a Seat Next to a Group of Riverside Photographers in Alaska

    – Absolutely stunning paper sculptures.

    – I realize I am late to the party but I absolutely love the iPhone 7 Plus Portrait mode.

    – Oooooh, love the bookchair.

    Millennials’ Favorite Brands.

    People Are Sharing Photos of Real-Life Places That Belong in a Wes Anderson Film

    – Continuously impressed by some of Target’s home accessory lines. Apparently they are launching some new home and apparel brands.

    – This is wonderfully weird: Exercises in making poster designs move to music (via)

    – You can get anything printed on this custom swim suit.

    Muista could make me consider getting a standing desk.

    – Interesting: The Difference Between Tylenol, Aspirin, Advil, and Aleve

    This camping cutlery tool set speaks to my Swiss heart.

    – These blue grey bed linen look beautiful.

    This Coat Hanger Will Deodorize Your Clothes

    – This wall hook is beautiful.

    A unicorn diffuser? Made me laugh.

    Amazon’s Alexa now has more than 15,000 skills

    – With Internet privacy disappearing, here’s a useful guide on how to go invisible online.

    Google developed a school curriculum to help kids fight trolls and hackers (via)

    52 Research Terms you need to know as a UX Designer

    Feelings in a jar.

    – 101 books to dive into this summer: a massive reading list

    Recently turns your camera roll in a monthly magazine.

    – Facebook introduces workplace.

    – Tattly asked: What Does Being An American Mean to You?

    This Made Me Laugh