Pioneer Rayz Rally

Pioneer Rayz Rally is a pocket-size speaker with a built-in mic and lets you turn your iPhone into a conferencing system. It claims to be good enough to fill up any conference room with sound, allowing you to enjoy professional-quality conferencing without the expensive hardware investment. Hmm…

Pinky Promise

This week Tattly launched Pinky Promise by Tea Leigh. The design directly benefits Planned Parenthood of New York City (PPNYC). With each sale of the design, we donate 80% to the organization.

The Tattly Does Good collection connects artists and their designs with meaningful not-for-profit organizations to raise awareness and raise funds.


“An ideal approach trusts others enough to not demand trust in return. It acknowledges the importance of trust without trying to commoditize it. It promotes good decisions, not fear.”

What’s your Uber rating, by Yancey Strickler.

Leather Camera DSLR Adjustable Wrist Strap

Oh, I like this Leather Adjustable Wrist Strap to keep your DSLR Camera from slipping out of your hands.


The Internet is Under Attack

(via Hiut Denim)

Big Brains and Tiny Hearts

“A child has no trouble believing the unbelievable, nor does the genius or the madman. It’s only you and I, with our big brains and our tiny hearts, who doubt and overthink and hesitate.”
― Steven Pressfield

(From the book titled Do The Work)

Print Rack

Oh, this is a modern, good looking magazine/newspaper holder.

(via DesignMilkEveryday)

Colorize by The Seaweed Sisters

This video makes me happy.


DIY Mini Rosemary Wreath Garlands

These Mini Rosemary Wreath Garlands are delightful. And most likely will make your home smell lovely. I figure you can probably substitute the mini embroidery hoops with a wire…

(via Red Tricycle)

Tier Side Table

This Tier Side Table by Design by Jonah Takagi is visually interesting. I’d adopt it.

Scott Belsky on Decision Making

“When we make a decision, whether it’s good or bad, at least it’s motion. That motion is what moves us forward. Ironically, whether that motion is in the right or wrong direction, at least it’s giving us some better visibility of the terrain around us and helping us learn.”
– Scott Belsky

Taken from the fantsastic Hurry Slowly Podcast Episode with Scott Belsky.

Small Business Saturday

Today is considered #SmallBusinessSaturday! Tattly is a small business and while it looks all shiny and easy, it’s not. Running a small business is a consistent cash flow battle. Small businesses like us don’t have marketing budgets to spread the word, we rely on happy customers to tell friends and for social media mentions.

Here are some of the small businesses I’d like to highlight and that deserve our support. (Please leave a comment if there’s another small business we should support this holiday season.)

We are Closed Mondays | Brooklyn made rope products by Bekka Palmer.

Gift items such as pins, patches, pencils etc by City of Industry.

Pipsticks | A Sticker Subscription Service. (I love their new Stationary Advent Calendar.)

Quiet Town | A husband and wife, Brooklyn run business selling beautiful shower curtains, bath rugs and more.

The Sill | An online plant shop, run by the charming and visionary Eliza Blank. They also take care of your NYC office plants, if you let them!

Various Keytags | Stock up on ready to go funny and punny keychains, or make your own.

Tinybop | A small, dedicated Brooklyn based team that makes the most beautiful educational apps for kids. Mammals is one of their latest launches.

Flavorpaper | The Flavorpaper team makes your wallpaper dreams come true. You will never look at a blank wall the same way again.

Recently | Your camera roll in a monthly magazine.

One Girl Cookies | The best small delicious cookies in all of Brooklyn. Their assorted boxes are a favorite go to gift of mine. Also, the owners are delightful humans.

Slowfactory | 100% clean and fair trade clothing, best known for printing high-resolution digital images from NASA on the highest quality natural Italian silks

Art by Nic Miller | Brooklyn based, Utah raised artist. Her birds grace my living room and her grizzly bear is watching over my office.

Paper Jam Press | The coolest letterpress posters and apparel.

Hit Denim | Remarkable, generous people making high-quality jeans and reviving an entire town, doing so.

Boerum Frames | This is where I go when I need something framed. Jeff, the owner is a super kind and impressively talented human!

Please leave links to other small businesses that deserve our support in a comment below.

♥ / Fair UI

A big thank you to Fair UI for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week.

How might UI design help counteract racial and gender-based discrimination in online platforms? Are there UI patterns that could make a difference in this area? If so, what are they and how should they be used?

We don’t have the answers to any of these questions yet, but we are trying to find out.

Fair UI is a new Samhæng research project to look into these topics. The objective of Fair UI is to create evidence-based resources for UI professionals aiming to deal with these issues. This survey is our first step in that direction. It aims to get an overview of some of the issues that designers are currently facing and an idea of how we can begin to build better support materials.

Take the 10 minute survey for a chance to win a design book.

Friday Link Pack

– OMG, Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot can do an f-ing BACKFLIP!

The Types of Friends You Need To Be Happy In Life

Owning a dog makes you live longer, says science

– Who wouldn’t want to hang a timecapsule ornament on their tree?

This makes me want to own a truck.

– The Potemkin Village By Gregor Sailer

Disney Animators Share Their ‘Nine Old Men’ Inspiration Stories. We always need to remember and honor the masters that came before us.

This made me laugh.

– What the heck?! An Inside Look at the World’s Only Private Boeing 787 Dreamliner Jumbo Jet

Over 400 of the world’s most popular websites record your every keystroke, Princeton researchers find

– I want the cat and the catbed.

– This stackable bed by IKEA makes for a good kids room bed alternative instead of a Trundle.

– I want one of these rechargeable Nomad Lanterns.

– The sweet spot between absolute narcissism and crippling self doubt is ART.

– I am going to make one of these with my kids.

Stubborn Homeowners Refused To Move, And Faced Unexpected Consequences

The holidays are approaching fast.

Amazon Black Friday Deals.

– These are good questions, for any serious relationship: 13 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

– Psst… take 30% off over on Tattly until Monday with discount code BLACKFRIDAY2017. They make the best stocking stuffers, no matter what age!

See what it takes to run MoMA

At the Museum is a new video series by MoMA in NYC that offers a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run a world-class modern art museum.

Most of you probably don’t know this but I used to run my own design studio and my first client was the MoMA. I had the honor to design and build their Intranet 12 years ago. It was an incredible opportunity and it gave me a thorough glimpse into this prestigious museum.

Who You Really Are

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
– E. E. Cummings

(via Maria)

What Is Net Neutrality?

The F.C.C. is set to repeal rules that require internet providers to give consumers equal access to all content online. Here’s how it works. Yikes.

Make your calls to Congress to Save Net Neutrality.

Threadless Customization

I haven’t visited Threadless in a while and am amazed at their custom one-off printing offerings. From T-Shirts and Apparel to Home Decor and Accessories. I had no idea! Check it out!

(via Chris)

Tattly Gift Guide 2017

Tattly make for a perfect stocking stuffer or fun small gift for the holidays. There’s a design for anyone, from kids, to foodies, to fashionistas, techies, designer, tween or animal lover… Check out our 2017 Gift Guide.

A-Z Printing Set

Make a poster using these old printing sets which have never been used. Each set consists of the full alphabet in lower, or upper, case. The plastic blocks have a foam letter applied to them, which can be dipped into paint.

An Unexpected Way to Inflate A Balloon


Rainbow People

Rainbow People by Eleonora Aorsio. Her Instagram posts continuously put a smile on my face.

Gidon Bing Citrus Juicer

Love the simple shape of this Citrus Juicer. Beautiful enough to always leave out.

Media I Consume

Love this list.