Brooke DiDonato

This photo by Brooke DiDonato made me laugh.

Mixed Emotions Club

I am feeling this new Mixed Emotions Club Tattly by Tuesday Bassen.

Kay’s Fudge

This post made me laugh but also think about what I’d would want to put on my tombstone one day. Kay’s fudge must have been something else.

Library Stamp Sweatshirt

Express your love for libraries in this vintage library stamp-inspired long sleeve.

House Ourem

This house by Filipe Saraiva Arquitectos made me gasp!

Leaf Print

I’d hang this Floating Leaf Print on my living room walls.

Library Card Mug

This Yellow Library Card Mug makes me feel nostalgic.

Friday Link Pack

I spoke at Adobe MAX last week!

The TBH app: What parents should know about this hot new app for kids

Humblebragging just makes you look like a fraud.

Why is it you can sense when someone is staring at you?

The Silent Rise of the Female Driven Economy

This rain poncho!

Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant Is Also Going To Purify Sea Water

How to Power Dress Like History’s Greatest Women

Lego builds life-size Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 car

– Photographer Spends Almost 10 Years Photographing the Most Beautiful Libraries Around the World

Google and the resurgence of Italian Design

– Some of the design fails in this post made me laugh out loud.

– This sloth pillow made me smile.

– These Fiber Art Rainbows are charming

– This made me laugh: Walk On The Wild Side – Funny Talking Animals

Every IKEA Product translated. FUN! (via)

– This is a beautiful planter.

Rainbow kitten makes everything better.

Finding Your Mission

Above and beyond having a job, what we really need to power our professional future is a sense of mission. A film by The School of Life that discusses what a mission is.


A big thank you to Monotype for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week.

Attention designers & type lovers: #FONTACULAR — the legendary font event—has officially landed on MyFonts! We’ve partnered with over 50 type foundries to bring you the year’s most impressive assortment of deals on best-selling fonts—plus some wild, limited-edition swag you just have to get your paws on.

#FONTACULAR runs October 23rd – 27th. Join us for the week’s festivities at

Humans Matching Artwork

Stefan Draschan spent countless hours visiting different museums in Paris, Vienna and Berlin where he would wait for visitors to match with a piece of art. Beautiful.


A Portable Toilet Kit

A Portable Toilet Kit Designed for Disaster Preparedness.

Rainbow Waterfall

Cascade: A huge rainbow waterfall of dripping paint by British artist Ian Davenport. Wow.

I Want My Attention Back!

I always enjoy hearing or reading Craig Mod‘s take on the world. I am glad you interviewed him, Jocelyn!

Hurry Slowly is one of my new favorite podcasts. Subscribe here.

Closca Bottle + App

Closca is launching a highly functional water bottle that is easy to clean, easy to attach to your bag, bike, scooter.. and comes with an app that shows you where you can refill your bottle. LOVE! I totally just backed their Kickstarter.

My Adobe MAX Talk

What an honor to have been invited to speak at Adobe MAX last week! And how delightful to find the talk already available online! In this talk I cover some of the values I base my companies on, my approach to being a leader of multiple companies and 9 of my favorite interview questions. This is by far the longest, most honest and personal talk I have ever given. I hope you enjoy!

You can watch all of the other talks here.

Political Lamp

A “>lamp that reacts in real time to the tweets from Donald Trump, and other political events on Twitter. More about this lamp, if you speak French, here.

Laser Cats Stickers

My friend sent me an animated laser cat sticker this morning and it made me laugh out loud. It scanned the entire text message with its laser eyes. Hilarious!

You Are Magic!

Sometimes we need a reminder. You Are Magic Tattly by Yellow Owl Workshop!

Fine / Not Fine

Life is never a straight line, that’s for sure. Fine / Not Fine print by Marc Johns.

The Void Rug

Scott Jarvie’s Void Rug creates the illusion of a gaping black hole. Fun.


Inner Peace

Fighting Off Telemarketers

Jolly Roger are artificially intelligent bots that keep telemarketers on the line for as long as possible. Listen to this example. OMG!

Job Alert: Part-Time Studio Manager

Come join my team! I am looking to hire a part-time studio manager for my wonderful co-working community Friends Work Here. The ideal candidate has a big heart and enjoys making people feel welcome and connected, loves keeping a space tidy and being surrounded by creative minds. As the studio manager of FWH you set the tone, are the soul of this community.