Advice vs Feedback

“What advice does anyone have for me?”

How one little word makes all the difference in unlocking honest feedback. I need to remember and apply this.

How To Have A Good Conversation

We too often imagine that ‘good conversations’ are things we fall into out of luck. According to the School of Life it’s far from it, knowing how to have a good conversation is a skill that can be learnt – and here are the beginning of the rules.

Shape Shifting Pasta

MIT researchers designed a shape-shifting pasta that looks like a flat sheet when it’s dry but will transform into an array of interesting shapes when placed in water.They say this flat-packed pasta is cheaper to package and ship.

Ansel Adams and the Golden Ratio

Ansel Adams is one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century, and photographer Elliot McGucken may have discovered a reason why. While viewing some of Adams’ public domain work, McGucken realized the presence of the golden ratio in the compositions. Read more.

Michael Bierut: How To Design a Library

I could listen to Michael Bierut talking about his craft all day long. If you enjoyed the above talk, you might also want to watch his CreativeMornings talk from a few years back.

Ed Sheeran Carpool Karaoke

I love carpool karaoke so much. This one with Ed Sheehan made me smile.

Monument Valley 2

Ustwo launches Monument Valley 2, a sequel to the hit puzzle game. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend!

Velosock – Indoor Bike Cover

Not sure I would understand this product if I didn’t live in NYC. But here, you most likely have to store your bike in your smallish apartment and it scratches the walls and gets stuff dirty. Velosock makes totally sense to me. I am just wondering how annoying it must be to put on?!

(via Do Lectures)

Digital Stickers by Thoka Maer

One of my favorite GIF makers, Thoka Maer, just released a digital sticker set.

(Love that everything goes to the artist and GIPHY doesn’t take a cut. Classy!)

Oddly Shaped Scissors

Do not need but want these oddly shaped scissors.


An audiovisual piece made up of over four thousand still images pulled from Google Earth, individually edited, and then manually sequenced to Midnight by Caravan Palace.

(Thank you Amirah)


This modular furniture system is beautiful. It’s also light and eco-friendly. What’s not to love?

Meet Kowalski!

For a little over a month now I have been using my new Kowalski bag by FREITAG and I have grown to absolutely LOVE it! It’s made out of super durable truck tarp and weatherproof. It’s a backpack but a stylish one. Numerous folks have stopped me and asked about it. Kowalski gets two thumbs up!

My love for FREITAG bags is a deep one. They last forever, are Swiss made and are simply super cool.

We Are All Counting On You!

A few days ago I walked into the bathroom in our office building and saw the above situation played out. I took a photo and posted it on our internal Slack channel, expressing my frustration. My studiomate Jeff, took it to the next level and got quite philosophical.

“Dear person who thinks this is OK, I assure you that when you figure out how to break through whatever is holding you back from putting the roll of toilet paper on the axle, there is no telling what you can achieve in life. You can do it. We’re all counting on you.”

Made me smile.


Yesterday I posted on Instagram about the book “How Emotions Are Made” and multiple commenters said I should listen to this episode of Invisibilia. They were right. So good.



“Generosity takes effort.”

Read Seth Godin’s full post on The Right Effort of Generosity


My Life by Mr. Bingo.

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Friday Link Pack

See a decade of change in NYC thanks to Google Street View

It’s not healthy to spend too much time alone in the confines of your own mind

Extraordinary routines.

– A brief history of America’s shameful inaction on climate change

Noisli helps me focus.

– Damián Ortega’s Disassembled Art Installations

Take all of my money.

Warby Parker’s Prescription Check app lets you skip the eye doctor

– My kids would approve of this gigantic emoji beach blanket.

Body: Why do I feel terrible?

Nest’s latest home camera

– “Personal kanban”: a life-changing time-management system that explodes the myth of multitasking

How to track the smartphone apps that are tracking you

Minimal, geometric poster designed by Denmark based Wrong Studio.

– This Stay Warm Illustration made me chuckle.

I’m a woman in tech, and this is what I want in a company

– Oh, this retro desk clock is super nice. A bit pricy though.

Cooking hacks.

– This fish thermometer shows fahrenheit and celsius. Adorable.

– Made me laugh: Seven helpful tips on how to be miserable

– Summer is here! Tattly season.

May I Have This Dance

May I Have This Dance – Francis and the Lights feat. Chance the Rapper

(via Chris)

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Bracelet Flask

What? A Bracelet Flask?