Can You Hear Me Now?

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Net Neutrality Explained with a Whopper

This is a really effective way to explain Net Neutrality. Go Burger King!

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As Long As you Live

“As long as you live, keep learning how to live.”
– Seneca


Thank you Nayyirah Waheed!



People from around the world say cheers in their respective native languages.

Angst Is Easy

“Angst is easy. Doing anything, really doing anything, is harder. Nihilism offers nothing, and yes, I do realize that is its point.

This is a time for sharp edges. This is a time for ruthlessness. This is a time for taking sides. You cannot be neutral when you are under threat.

Do you think you are not under threat? Whose safety have you mortgaged for your own?”

Stacy-Marie Ishmael

Massive Suspended Tape Structure

Visitors at the Des Moines Art Center are invited to crawl and slide inside this massive suspended tape structure. I would love to experience this!

Björk on Work Relationships

“I think my blocks more have to deal with interacting with the world, or keeping sure that all my work relationships are flowing… you try to understand people and listen. Then to accept that sometimes, some work relationships have a clock attached to them. It’s just like a fruit. It’s harvest time, and then that’s it. It’s really sad, but that’s the way it goes. You just have to hope that you mature enough that you can let go when things like that happen.”
– Björk

Björk on creativity as an ongoing experiment

You would never know…

This illustration made me giggle. It’s taken from Shirley Glaser and Milton Glaser’s Childrens Book called If Apples Had Teeth.

I have just fallen into the biggest internet rabbit hole since ffffound. Please everyone, welcome, an online platform for collaborative research. Here’s how they boldly talk about themselves: “Think of it as a visual Slack, or Pinterest for smart people. It sits in a unique position between a productivity tool and social media platform. Launched as a side-project by a developer at Artsy, has gained significant traction amongst designers, programmers, academics, and agencies.” While the ‘smart people part’ might rub some people the wrong way, I am impressed by what they are building. It seems to be improving daily. Love seeing folks pulling their sleeves back, building a new platform by pouring their hearts into it, guided by a strong mission and values statement: I am impressed by their vision for 2018.

The Creative Independent

The Creative Independent is a resource of emotional and practical guidance for creative people. Published by Kickstarter. Love this.

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Own Your Content

“We are in the “Internet Two” phase as Steven Johnson called it. Internet One was an open network, open protocols, open systems. Internet Two is closed platforms that increasingly dominate the market and own and control our content and us. We need to get to Internet Three where we take back control of ourselves. It is high time for that to happen.”
Fred Wilson

I am so happy to see more and more folks are talking about how we need to be more thoughtful about owning our content. I predict blogs/personal sites will have a major comeback in 2018. The fine folks of iA put it like this.

Powder surfing to Debussy’s Clair de Lune

This is so peaceful.

Wink Eye Bath Mat

This Wink Eye Bath Mat made me smile.


“Life, well lived, is long enough.”
– Seneca

7 Erasers 8 Pencils

This Present and Correct photo from 2014 fuels my love for all things slightly OCD. Or in the words of my daughter, E: “So satisfying!”

Floyd Bed

I love everything about this bed: Modular. Minimal. Beautiful. I want a Floyd!

(I wrote about their table in 2014)

We cannot Retreat

“We cannot retreat to the convenience of being overwhelmed.”
Ruth Messinger

Email Charter

We would be all better off in our lives (and inboxes) if we all respected and followed these Email Charter rules.

(Yes, I wrote about this a LONG time ago!)



Women’s March 2018

Above are some of the signs that stood out to me during the Women’s March here in NYC yesterday. I marched with the remarkable Vicki Saunders, wearing my big red heart from last year.

It felt powerful and so poignant to me that I marched with Vicki, founder of SheEO, as she is single handedly changing the landscape for women entrepreneurs, but much more than that, creating a global support and mentor eco-system built on radical generosity. I am hopeful for the future my daughter is growing into. A world where women support women and where women will eventually get equal rights and respect. We will get there!

Interested in Vicki’s work? Watch her CreativeMornings talk.

Friday Link Pack

The Secret History of the Color Black

The New US Tax Law, Explained with Cereal

This jacket uses solar power to glow in the dark

Be Like Water: The Philosophy and Origin of Bruce Lee’s Famous Metaphor for Resilience/ (Tattly licensed his famous words and turned them into tattoos!)

A Sense of Appreciation Is the Single Most Sustainable Motivator at Work

– Stunning: A Top Floor Sprinkler Leak Creates a 21-Story Tower of Icicles on a Chicago Fire Escape

A Beginner’s Guide to Backing Up Photos (Thanks Ajay)

My mug is watching me.

– I own one of these Disco Ball Tumblers and it gives me a ridiculous amount of joy.

A Thermometer broke at -62°C (-80°F) in the world’s coldest village. Totally impressive photos.

– This hero bookend made me chuckle.

46 Women Who Are Changing the World

Let me interrupt your expertise with my confidence. LOL.

– This stop motion made me giggle.

– Love this geometric ring.

– Adam Grant and his wife share tips on how to negotiate your way to a better marriage

– What a treasure trove! 36 Ideas for Finding More Creativity & Meaning in Your Daily Work

Urban Camouflage Sweaters.

– “Your silence and amnesia are complicity

– I bought this pretty three minute hourglass and now my kids brush their teeth longer. It works.

– Come work with me: I am hiring a Community Coordinator at CreativeMornings and a Social Media and Marketing Manager at Tattly.

– See you at the Women’s March in NYC tomorrow, wearing these.

– Kai, the force behind Offscreen Magazine sponsored my blog this week. His labor of love remind us what’s good about tech. The world needs more publications like this.

Paper Breakfast Foods

Reina created 100 Paper Breakfasts. She is my hero.


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